The Fighting Game Every Developer FEARS! -

The Fighting Game Every Developer FEARS!

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The Upcoming Fighting Game that has Developers Terrified! Created by the Most Popular Studio on the Planet with Iconic Characters and Free to Play? Here is the Fighting Game that Ever Developer Fears! Which Fighting Game is Your Favorite? Please Post in the Comments!

*MUST WATCH* The Most Overpowered Characters in NetherRealm History!

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  1. 12 days later, how is the hype going? (Legit question. I am not trolling. Thanks)

  2. It would have been best if it started as a 1v1 fighter and could possibly release the game earlier. This will help players master characters and just prep season 2 for tag battle.

  3. Good thing I was exposed to fighting games before playing in the MOBA genre. Personally, I always know my flaws every match whenever I play and not take it out on strangers online.

  4. Surely the game will be free. Riot knows how to play it well. They know that the game needs to be free to play to attract people and later on they can monetise it by selling cosmetics like skins

  5. On prize pools and events:
    Riot has shown with valorant that they don't like to unnaturally grow eSports by dumping money into them early on. Prizes will most likely be paid out by individual tournament hosts for a while before riot comes out with the big bucks

  6. I loved Marvel Infinite too. I have a good feeling about Project L.

  7. Just a reminder this game isn't even in an Alpha stage right now do not judge it by its quality right now. The game is more than 2 years away from release

  8. The only thing to be worried about are the esport scene. Their scene in League are a snorefest and they don't allowed pop off and every words needs to be monitored and censored. Evo is hyped by their players making a scene.

  9. They're basically making the inputs like Power Rangers Battle for the Grid and that's fine because that game is sick

  10. I dont get what you mean by the animations are choppy, they don't have unlimited frames to work with. The animations should look impactful not smooth.

  11. i have 0 concerns, plus you forgot to mention who the devs are

  12. Remember this is not a finished game. They might add more transition animations between moves. When the first gameplay of Valorant came out, it didn't look as good and polished as it looked on release eight-ish months after

  13. Chill out lol. Netherealm might be in danger tho NGL. Their games have been dog shit ever since MKX. When I say dog shit, I just mean downhill. Anyways, Arcsystems however I don’t see having a hard time. While every game they drop may not be a smash hit, they certainly push out high quality games. Dragon Ball Fighterz, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Guilty Gear Strive. To me, they have been pushing the industry forward but competition is nigh. I’m sure league of legends fighting game will be big but idk if big enough to make everything “change forever”.
    Edit: if as a result of it being “free” comes down to it being online only, then I don’t see it being a game a stay on long term. Offline is still VERY big for fighting game players.

  14. This man just explain what a game being feee means??

  15. i just hope that it will be free with paid cosmetics and can run on modern potaoes.

  16. People sound so surprised that riot makes good shit, no one says league is a bad game, mostly that the community is toxic and it’s hard to get into.

  17. It seems that the FG devs's biggest problem is how to bring in new players to try the game. They keep on doing stupid shit like dumbing down the game and all that crap when all you had to do was look at Brawlhalla. That game has an unknown roster and yet they're doing extremely well. It turns out all you had to do was make it free to play. With Riot embracing this fact and their experience and track record with free games. this isn't even a question, this game is gonna change the landscape for good.

  18. Dude there's no way they aren't investing big with this. They're pooling in huge support just for the netcode alone i mean what fighting game dec does that? It seems that netcode is just an afterthough to these guys and Riot setting a new standard for FGs is super huge already. Stop doubting people this is the future of fighting games we've all been waiting for. It's time for the FGC to take the spotlight

  19. Note – their card game top notch, and that's coming from someone who played MTG since the release of revised edition. That are NOT going the Warhammer route, licensing to anyone for money. They are really expanding the source material popularity in a clearly laid plan, including the new high quality anime.

  20. 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗 says:

    Imagine playing as Arcane Vi or Sevika.

  21. Project L will 100% be F2P but will have paid content like all of RiotMs big IPs

  22. Every online game that Riot will release will be free to play.

  23. With the "easier-to-perform specials", I hope they could have them as an option and then have a more traditional command-system option if that's more your thing. I'm thinking sort of like Guilty Gear Xrd's Stylish and Technical button styles.

  24. NA probably gonna get their first Worlds from Sonicfox lol. they are probably the most talented esports player in the US and probably top 5 in the world.

  25. Considering that they took rising thunder and reskinned it to be league of legends, I'm not too hopeful that it will be complex or deep. On the flip side, it did take a while for the game to have any sort of existence, so I'm hoping they actually remade a lot of it and only bought it for the engine.

  26. Aahahah this? This is called moba is dead we fuckd up lets copy dragon ball figherz now . riot sucks, league is trash,valorant is csgoverwatch so nothing inovative,shown footage has almoat identical combat as fighterz,btw nice vid about bad games developer, i liked to support ya ,but i dont like game nor riot

  27. Not that its very interesting and incredible… ITS ALSO FREEEEEEEE

  28. As a Riven main, I cant wait for project L, prob will drop league for it if it is good

  29. I'm hyped about this game just because riot's making it. They made Valorant too and you know how popular it is.

  30. If anyone is worried about direction button specials then I suggest you spend some time playing/watching Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. That game gets pretty nutty and has no motion inputs and no cooldown system. I wouldn't be surprised if project L is very similar to this game aside from moving from 3v3 to 2v2.

  31. Riot is really spreading out from league to valorant to arcane to now project l

  32. the people working on this is enough reasons for me to know this game is gonna be Good. Rito doesnt Miss.

  33. cooldowns are the only way they champions can be translated over the project L it is one 100% gatekeeping to say "if you cant even do a…" thats pushing away casual people who dont actually learn super combos and prefer to just learn the timing of cooldowns its much easier to remember thats what i do, im casual as hell with fighting games, and will half the time button mash until i see my cooldowns up, and not every ability must have a long cooldown transition moves can have very low cooldowns like .5 to 1 sec or none maybe, complex motion inputs are hard to learn and do consistently and know when to use it

  34. I don't share the same concerns that Under Dawg fact..I have no concerns I love this game and can't wait to play it…🤷🏾‍♂️

  35. i have to be honest i never heard of this game

  36. my hype level for this game is a 6/10 while my hype level for dnf duel is a 10/10 while my hype level for kof 15 is a 8/10

  37. reason its 1# on twitch is bechause nobody wanna play but watch it

  38. I will get into Project L because I've been playing League for years and my favourite characters will be in this game.
    I think what you predict will be happening when Project L gets released in about 2 years.
    Maybe not with these huge payouts in the beginning, but if the game gets as much attention as I am guessing, then it might become a possibility.

  39. You did not just compare a qcf motion to a 360 no scope. Most people can't do that and yet they still play FPS's.

  40. if it has the simplified controls similar to smash, I think that would really benefit it. it would make ANYONE able to pick it up and play it, and get combos and stuff in, which is a level of accessibility most fighting games lack. I think it would be a genius move for riot. but the cooldowns don't sound as good they sound like they'd limit the skill expression of the player and slow down the game quite a lot, so it's a fine balance

  41. Riot is literally trying to take over every single industry

  42. Only one thing will matter for people to play it online…
    Will it have rollback?

  43. Well, it will be the first actually new fighting game, albeit based on an existing license, in a very LONG time.

  44. it will be free, it will be accesible, it will have good online and probably less gatekeeping and most def bigger cash prices judging by company record for competitive tournaments. What they fear is what they whould have implemented years ago, especially japanese developers.

  45. u never played league. no they are not imitating league in the sense (freeze frames). freeze frames are usually a fighting game thing, not a moba thing edit: its a alpha build its normal thta frames arent good, and no you already saw in the dev vlog there are no one button inputs with cooldowns like in rising thunder :/

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