The Fighting Game Community Is HILARIOUS! -

The Fighting Game Community Is HILARIOUS!

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xQc Reacts to The brilliant fighting game community 2 (Crowbcat)
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  1. everytime xqc reacts to melee i am reminded of the fact that he and leffen are the same person. god bless

  2. What's the music playing at 12:27 with the dude's entrance and no high fives?

  3. lol how were people in chat making fun of the fgc, you're literally an xqc chatter 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  4. The FGC gamers are some of the best gamers IRL

  5. all the ignorant comments about being stinky having no clue its just smashers lol

  6. bro there's no more arcades in the cities….. lol go out and touch grass

  7. whenever you were in the arcade both sides were one verbal reaction away from a full brawl. but it never comes to that, it is just cursing back and forth (or one party staying silent smiling) or smashing the cabinet.

  8. just like the games rooster fighting games are way more diverse.

  9. Holy Shit, red nike zipup with dreads thats fucking SCOTTPOPULAR the guy who runs Final Round Bats in Japan.

  10. Better than league guys or cod guys thats for sure.

  11. The FGC is full of character and characters. So much personality and liveliness. People who hate from the outside are just jealous they can't be on the inside of it.

  12. 10:43 man chat is next-level dumb. This guy is literally just giving an explanation of his opponent doing a strategy that he did not know how to handle, literally just giving a breakdown of what his opponent did that did him in. Then his opponent just starts interrupting and won't shut his immature man-baby mouth, then chat says he's "malding". ffs you aren't even allowed to be mature and analyze your own mistakes in the gaming community, everyone is too busy acting like man-babies throwing insults and "LOL MAD" "LOL MALDING" and sht.

  13. This is giving me vibes back when i was a kid going to arcade and spam SF2 with other students, the acrade place was like 10 minutes walk away from my school, so you will find majority of people play mostly SF2 back in 1993

  14. Its just the smash players that are smelly 😂

  15. You have to understand that half of these guys have been playing together for 15 years or more. It's all love at the end of the day.

  16. This guy saying anybody is dirty is wild. Clean your room.

  17. Woshige standing up will never be forgotten

  18. merci d’avoir couvert se sujet de facon positive

  19. What i love about fighting games is that you can be rivals in the game and still be friends out the game.
    When youve fought someone for so long (ive been playing since street fighter 2) you can really go all out and talk trash to your friends when you are winning and they have no choice but to take it because they lost. But its the same for me when i lose, i have to take all the trash talk and humiliaton they throw ad me, and i cant say anything because i lost. this only motivates me to go be better at the game and keep learning so i can fuck them up next time. And so we go on and on hahahahahaha

  20. i'm confused, why is there smash footage in this video?

  21. This js not personal but damn Xqc talking about smell but he looks filthy himself💀

  22. FGC is literaly the oldest and the most underrated gaming community

  23. It tends to be the smash tournaments that have the stank.

  24. This video didn’t add anything to the original video. 😂

  25. If anyone wondering, the FGC is one of the best gaming scenes to be apart of. That’s why things like taking your shirt off and putting it on your opponent is allowed. Everyone is having fun and enjoying the game.

    The Smash community are the ppl you see breaking controllers and rage quitting 9/10 times in this video. The FGC doesn’t like to be included with them fr but we often do 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. 0:16 Just Wong slips and falls in front of everyone. Attempts to turn it into a roll to make it less embarrassing
    1:16 Low Tier God loses to Gllty. She picks him up and hugs him
    1:43 Wolfkrone beats KBrad
    2:10 Buffalo (age 14) beats Scar and pops off during CEO 2019. Scar smirks and gives the finger.
    2:44 PunkdaGod is the f*cking best!
    3:29 Smug vs Infiltration. Infiltration takes his shirt off. Still loses.
    4:01 KBrad pops off at Wolfkrone during rematch
    5:07 These guys are long time rivals for several years. This is normal for them and it’s gold.
    5:46 Poongko vs Onisan (Pepperoni battle)
    9:16 PunkdaGod shows the kids who the Alpha is in a beta voice
    12:44 Announcer accidentally reveals surprise announcement early. That announcement was Tekken 8’s first reveal

  27. xQc has a uncle that started in Teenage Mutant Ninja Twurtles as Casey Jones.

  28. the FGC is the best community out of all gaming communititties.

  29. Did this goof just say its "diverse" ? You know fighting games are world wide right? You know the world has many races, right? By diverse you know you mean, less white. You sound like a doofus

  30. The FGC and Smash community shall be considered two separate entities, for one, the rest of the fgc don’t break their controllers in uncomfortable rage and molest children

  31. Bro has a YouTube video of him watching a youtube video, can they just cut the internet off already

  32. 16:45 the way dude just shook his hand after all that was ice cold, unironically alpha as fuck

  33. i dare to say , the FGC is even more hilarious than any other gaming community XD!

  34. The fighting game community = When socially awkward people have massive egos

  35. Mvc3 is the best one to watch. The history and rivalries are so funny and hype lol

  36. I'd take the fighting game community over any other gaming community. Except for Smash Bros players. They can take a hike…and a shower.

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