The esports Moment that Changed Fighting Games Forever -

The esports Moment that Changed Fighting Games Forever

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Daigo Umehara parrying every single kick of Justin Wong’s Chun Li super in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike at Evo 2004 is one of the most iconic and impressive feats of video game skill ever caught on camera. But it’s enduring legacy is more than just being a viral internet video.

To find out just how important this moment, Evo Moment 37, truly is in the big picture of the fighting game community, we talked with three FGC pros: James Chen, LI Joe, and Justin Wong himself. This is Pros React to Evo Moment 37.



  1. Lol why didn’t they just come out and say “we reached out to Daigo and he didn’t respond/ declined”

  2. Lol you guys put games in the title. Everyone knows ign employees can't even do the cuphead tutorial.

  3. Also props to the technology to even allowing the guy to execute what he wanted to do with the controller responsiveness. That kinda surprises me more.

  4. Wow. Only word that can describe this. Just…WOW.

  5. Don't know much about other genres but the level of strategic thinking, anticipation, pressure overcoming and otherworldly technical skill involved in this moment is so enormous that I doubt anything can compare so far in the whole history of competitive gaming

  6. Justin Wong had another Evo moment in MvC2 where he was down 2 players vs a full team. His lone Cyclops took out Magneto, Storm, and Psylocke. It's one of the craziest comebacks in MvC2.

  7. My cousins would do that way back when they were kids lol

  8. The beast is the greatest because he made us believe and still give us so much to learn from, not for his championship wins, not for anything else but performance. He is the real Ryu….. always looking forthe meaning ofthe challenge and not giving up

  9. Whe you see this is the momment when you stop joking about Ultra Instinct

    And beging to believe that actual it really exist in so much different ways, this is one of them

  10. "the most prolific fighting game tournament"

    Prolific don't mean what you think it means

  11. Nice thumbnail 💀 Anyway these gamers have some special tricks on their own, that's very nice

  12. That thumbnail tho…
    Almost touched the "gold", a few centimeters lower…

  13. It gives me the chills every time

    I might catch a cold just from watching this video

  14. I played Dudley against my brother's Ibuki. Got him down to two hits of health. He did Ibuki's shuriken super and he's a masher. The super would have killed me so I tried to dodge under neath the super, but instead parried every shuriken only for him to land and I get a hp but no uppercut and spent the next 20 chasing. The hypest moment I ever had was a huge let down and disappointment. I know everyone has their own story, but mine was quite devastating cause all my friends and the girls were watching.

  15. Personally my favorite e-sports moment is either hungrybox winning evo or se-jun park winning VGC worlds with a pachurisu. Games can really show that anything is possible.

  16. A friend sent me the clip via MSN Messenger in 2004, in Brazil…. shit went around.

  17. Most crazy insane iconic parry in histories!

  18. That's exactly like that Neo moment when he reached and surpassed the speed of the Agents.

  19. Few people remember that he didn't win the tournament after doing that parry…reminds me of a footballer who humilliates a couple of defenders with a fantastic dribble just to step on the ball and fall down afterwards…
    Still it was cool

  20. Hello from the Philippines! Yes I do play third strike for the ps2 still!

  21. Lol this was already being done in arcades and tournaments! It’s just that it happened on such a scale and helped thousands of people see why street fighter is amazing! This was actually a scrubby mistake by Jwong (although easy to say that to someone who got to evo finals.)

  22. This Epic Ass moment inspired me to complete at a higher level. A year later i would be playing 2005 where I eventually lost against Aris’s crazy ass Vildo in Soul Calibur 2.

    They were good times. Playing at satellite tournaments at Best Buy’s, Video Game stores and of course Cal State Pomona. Been going to Evo ever since.

  23. Thumbnail looks like the dude bouta give her that shocker yo! ✌️

  24. This parry mechanics is one of the best elements in fighting games

  25. Man i hit this ONCE! in the remaster on ps3 after my 2000th try. Diago is insane hitting that in tourny. that pressure hits differently.

  26. why did this made me loose one tear? What a perfect moment …

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  28. It’s also important to mention that you can’t start your parry after the super flash of chun li’s super. You don’t get to just react to seeing that and start parrying. Gotta guess and parry beforehand.

  29. My favorite moment in esports HAS to be when the kid not only won the tournament, but saved the world with the powerglove. Most kids alive don't even know the NES powerglove is the reason they even exist. Many mothers got finger in the back of a closet to a kid wearing a powerglove.
    What was the question?

  30. Favourite moment in e-sports when NIP- Heaton kills entire 4K team starting with no weapon. Classic. Circa 2005

  31. Fighting games I pass
    Horror games my favorites from age 6.

  32. It's not that impossible to learn. What made it impressive was that Daigo did it on the first try when everything mattered the most.

  33. of course the jwong daigo moment is legendary. it got me into fighting games, the trailer for 2004 evo is legendary

  34. Shit title moments?? only one is here WTF man??

  35. The "expertise" come from the video editor itself putting usefull information in the screen, all the "pros" just keep telling how cool it was, nothing more.

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