The End of Fighting Games -

The End of Fighting Games

Majin Obama
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even in the most mundane and forgettable places (who cares about credits?), a game with passionate people behind it find a way to bring STYLE.

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  1. See, for a fighting game I haven't really had many end credits that stuck with me super hard…

    Which is what I would say if I was a LIAR who didn't witness the masterpiece ending of Dong Dong Never Die where they revealed Truth, The Sony PSP, and Streets of Rage 4 (thank you super best friends). But on a bit more of an emotional note, I can't stress the beautiful simplicity when reaching the endings in Last Blade 2. They're so, modest, and usually quiet. It's the weird sequel that also serves as a real ending despite it only being really 2 games. And one of the characters that doesn't get a conclusive end, Hibiki, happens to be the one that keeps showing up outside of her original story.

    You know, I get that they're social, multiplayer games first and foremost, but I'm hoping for the day where we get a cohesive atmosphere, series of themes, and a story that takes advantage of fighting games structure and pre-established notions to make something that's super special with a credits that floors my expectations. Like KoF NESTs saga game or a Tekken 4 with the NieR: Automata ending E credits moment. At the very least, I think it's worth talking about

    Edit: I'm a fucking fool and have forgotten how genuinely touched I was when going through Type Lumina's arcade mode and doing Vlov's. Getting suddenly hit by this rather somber and melancholic ending that had clashed with all the weird or funny ones I had been seeing up go that point, and the SONG playing at the end with the main mans singing once again for this special end credits theme. It got me real good and I value how just changing the ending credits theme to match the vibe did something like that for me.

  2. Something I noticed recently was how KOF XV has a little "post-credit scene" if you finished the arcade mode with a certain team. Just thought it was kinda neat but funny, like "oh they doing the MCU thing now huh?"
    Anyways, dope high-quality vid as always.

  3. Alpha 2 staff roll.

    Ace combat 2 staff roll

  4. Great video dude, sounds like something i think about too when playing some of my fav fighting games, also marvel vs capcom 3 (the original version) had some decent music in the credits! 😀

  5. Skullgirls, the song carries it too lol, but man seeing that old as fUCK concept art from Alex Ahad and that empassioned americana song while patreon supporters like the Super Best Friends scroll past really sends it all home that Skullgirls is and was a labour, not Just of love, but of adoration and commitment.

  6. The ending of Dr Mario (NES) is my favourite of all time. Every evening my mum would beat the game and let the music play all through the night just so I could fall asleep.The console didn't live long as you can imagine, and sadly neither did my mum, but the memory lives on. Thanks for making me reflect on it.

  7. Idk how these vids are doing, but I like this new direction of style.

  8. Billy and Mandy's End Credit in their game Billy shouts destroy us all! Where you unlock something if you destroy all the credits names.

  9. Dark Souls 1 ending credits have the most beautiful heartbreaking song ever. Haven't skipped it once in dozens of playthroughs

  10. when esports universities become a thing, the fighting game professors are gonna Obama videos on in class

  11. Not fighting games but still CAPCOM so I'm not straying too far from the nest, but my favorite credits sequence in any game has always been the DMC series credits where you get to beat ass once more. Hell, I'm pretty sure most of them, if you manage to beat a certain amount of demons before the credits end, you get a secret cutscene as a reward. DMC5 somehow iterated on the concept further, by making the credits of your first playthrough a literal fucking tutorial for your character's full power, which is only unlocked after you finish the game for the first time. That, to me, is the best use of credits in any video game. It's both a conclusion to a fan favorite series with the main character finally realizing his full power, and an invitation to the player to play again with the new tools he has finally unlocked.

  12. Custom Robo does the end credits amazingly. You get to play a battle (unlimited HP) while the credits scroll by, except instead of playing third person overhead style like normal, you control your Robo in first person. It's awesome, and the music is really cool too. Overall amazing game.

  13. I can really feel the effort you put into these, I can feel the heart

  14. damn, i guess i gotta "beat" guiltygear and see what they got cookin'

  15. The Soul Blade end credits song stays in my head because they actually sing about the end of the journey with a poignant, melancholic, but hopeful serenade that made you reflect on the adventure you just went on and the trials you just overcame. I know, carried by the music, but DAMN that was good music.
    I feel similary about the Tekken Tag credits roll. Such good work from classic Namco.

  16. It’s not exactly the credits but kof 97 has a credits snub where if you played team Japan and won right when the scenes about to fade out and the credits are about to begin iori shows up and you get an exclusive post game 1v1 with iori just because.

  17. I got into blazblue over a character's design. Tao's. I fell in love with the series before I even knew what the hell the fgc was

    Idk, its weird to the fgc but I like the lore of BB. So after finishing up I was excited for the next entry. Playing arcade after and beating it

    For some reason the arcade credits hit me hard. Just seeing the fine clean sprite work of the whole cast scroll past in the credits next to the names of many who made this game, along with a somber yet heavy rock version of stardust memory playing had me feeling sad yet happy.

    Back then I didn't think I would be so heavy into the blazblue series but nah, I'm sitting there listening to the credit songs and looking over the many characters scrolling past feeling like my fav series just ended in front of me

  18. KOF 97's ending is amazing. After defeating a chaotic god and watching each special team's ending, you get a classic credits screen with a great and relaxing jazz song. I think that the contrast between this and the previous battles is what makes this game's ending great.

  19. DMC always have the best endings in any medium

  20. Nier automata for the secret ending unlock mini game where you can offer up your save file to help offers beat it

  21. I know this isn't a credits sequence but the Ryu's ending in Street Fighter 2 makes me want to cry that song is too good

  22. Earthbound/Mother 2's credits is definitely the most memorable for me, showing off the entire cast of characters and NPCs one last time and then having the actual credits scroll while the pictures you took during your adventure show up, which I will be frank, I totally forgot about by the time I was done with the game. It was a nice surprise.

  23. Not a fighting game but Fzero X had a unique one.

    If you finished in 1st, 2nd or 3rd your car would be seen zooming along to the finish line with that awesome soundtrack in the background

  24. This is the most clickbait not-actually-clickbait title I’ve ever seen lol
    You drew me in before I figured out what you meant by “the end” of fighting games. That earns a like right there alone, wish I could easily give 2 likes.

  25. Your attention to the subtle details and nuances of the genre always remind me of why I love it to much. Thanks man

  26. I knew you had to talk about melee credit rail shooter. Awesome content again Obama

  27. Street Fighter Alpha 3 staff roll gives me chills and a weird feeling of FGC nostalgia every time i listen to it. Also the title "Daybreak" is very fitting imo. And so does the Tekken 2 one. There is also a beautiful piano version of Landscape Under The Ghost ~Kaminano~ on Youtube

  28. a credits roll that I often think about is in Devil May Cry 3 where if you kill 100 demons before the credits are over you get a secret cutscene.

  29. Who clicked on this video thinking it was another sad talk about fighting games

  30. Awesome vid! Reminded me that in the Ehrgeiz credits you basically have until the end of them to fight the last boss, and if successful you win items.

  31. Super Monkey Ball’s End Credits involve the credits dropping onto a continuous stage where the player takes control of the Monkey they cleared the game with and having to actively dodge the credits letters as they land on the stage, while collecting bananas. I believe you also get a rating based on how many bananas you collect at the end as well.

  32. The nostalgia of Melee's end credits just hit me so damn hard, I forgot all about that. Also shout out to Smash 4's end credits where you had to attack the names to knock them backwards and complete the picture. It was honestly a super fun way for a casual like me to get better with arials and timings.

  33. talking about the end credits, makes me think of Guilty Gear, especially Xrd and Strive

    Those 2 games have full length credit songs with vocals and meaning which makes sitting through the credit worthwhile. Icarus, Let's Talk About You, and The Name of Heaven to name a few are my favorites

  34. when i read the title first, i thought the FGs is dead until i saw the end of this video

  35. I know its not a fighting game, but I loved the ending credits to FF6. Kind of showing off all the characters, even showing their last names you never knew the entire game. Sharing how they sort of lived their lives after Kefka

  36. This was a fantastic video! The best part about any media is that they take time and effort from a like-minded collaborative effort.

  37. They should play the credits while you're fighting the final boss. It'll be a challenge to fight while the credits are blocking your view. lol

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