The End of Fighting Games -

The End of Fighting Games

Majin Obama
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even in the most mundane and forgettable places (who cares about credits?), a game with passionate people behind it find a way to bring STYLE.

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  1. smiles at SFA3 ending theme

    The most memorable ones for me have a lot to do with the music coupled with imagery. Honestly, Street Fighter 2 Ryu's ending blew my mind the first time I saw it (80s kid here). Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom vs SNK endings are still in my top 10 to this day. The minigame ones were fun too.

  2. Do more of short pieces like these
    These are dope

  3. Coney sent me here, thanks for letting him stream your shit.

  4. Title is very misleading, no mention of umvc3 or mvc1s endings which were basically comic strips of the character you won with. No mention of games like children of the atom, X-Men vs street fighter, or most verses games which had probably the best endings for their games. What threw me off was when you were talking about fighting games and then switched to movies like what? Wrong genre man. You didn't even mention sf2- that had decent endings for the times they were made in. Like how in the world do you mention sonic fighters but not fucking street fighter 2? I'd thumbs down if it mattered

  5. It doesn't have directly anything to do with credits, but I really loved the little segments of interviews with the VAs of the cast and even Daisuke himself which were included as extras in Xrd.
    Even though a lot of the context is the usual japanese formal 101 "We all worked really hard and did our best. Please support us!" kinda talk, there is a certain out of game experience where the cast and even devs can share additional background info adressing the player directly.

    When I went back to Rev2, and frankly just listened to those for the first time even, it felt like a trip back to the past and gave a feeling of pleasent nostalgia and a sort of intimacy which I really appreciated.

  6. A game that did it well, in my opinion was "Evil Zone" on PS1. It rolled the credits while giving you snippets of hand drawn animation demonstrating the character's story after defeating the big bad. Pretty neat way to do it.

  7. Sticking with motion inputs will destroy fighting games

  8. I just wanna quickly mention the beaten up game you get to basically play during the end credits of street fighter EX 3

  9. One I always remember is Bloody Roar (I think 2?) arcade credits where they show gameplay footage during the credits. I think there are different versions but I remember seeing wild juggle combos that me and my friends had no idea were even possible, really eye opening stuff at the time when you didn't have internet to see combo videos.

  10. I spent way too many continues getting bodied by that Psycho Crusher before seeing Blown-Up-Bison…

  11. Cool video actually. My favorite is Bloody Roar 1's Staff Roll, because of how visuals are integrated into the awesome music that's playing. I think that's the ending credits that left me the most emotional.

  12. Evil Zone had a really simple ending credits scene but the music and tone for it is so nice. Feels like the ending of a long journey

  13. honestly the street fighter 4 credits with the shots of the characters doing their moves in the back really stuck with me idk why

  14. megaman 8's ending and end credits left a strong impression on me.

  15. I loved Bloody Roar doing combo demonstrations! Felt like – hey you finished the game, but here's some awesome stuff you COULD be doing! A huge deal in the pre-youtube era.

  16. The Real Bout Fatal Fury ending to me is maybe my favorite, only because that song is a banger. Also love the announcer telling you the game is over and to sit back and enjoy the credits.

  17. Credits is a tricky issue. For multiple reasons. Across any place they appear. One of the HUGE reasons it's tricky: Company logo vs. staff credit.

    Companies don't want to share branding. Companies want clear and total branding for themselves. Street Fighter II isn't an Akira Nishitani (gameplay design lead) or Akira Yasuda (character design lead) or Noritaka Funamizu (producer) game, it's a Capcom game.

    Players are customers. Customers use product info to make purchasing decisions. Companies want people to specifically use the company name and logo to make that decision. Not some specific staff members. It doesn't help Capcom if Akira Nishitani leaves Capcom and people think the magic is gone, and customers follow Akira to his new company and stop buying Capcom.

    Employees are not IP (intellectual property). Companies don't own employees. They can't stop them from leaving the company. They have to negotiate what the employee gets paid. They have to divert power from the company to the employee. The more essential that employee is and the more customers know them, the harder it is to replace them, the more PR $ it takes to cover losing them, and the more the employee can negotiate for the company to pay them while still employed there.

    Consumers know that in movies, that if a popular movie series changes staff (Director, actors, writers, etc.), then the next movie might stink. Cause it's a different team. Just like people know that if a successful sports team changes staff (players, coaches, managers, etc.), then the new team might stunk. Again, it's a different team. Same thing for a music group that loses key members. But in games? Companies have conditioned people to ignore (in most cases) the team behind a game. To trust in the company logo to carry the product quality.

    All most people see of game credits is a flurry of names spamming the screen in some sort of billboard graffiti. When they should be seeing it as the secret recipe and chef name for the cookie they just ate. If they liked that cookie, then they should make sure they're getting the same recipe the next time they want it. Or checking out what else that chef is making.

  18. What's the outro song? I'm trying to remember where I've heard it from.

  19. The bad ending outakes of rival schools. It's what I loved the most

  20. Glad you saved the literal best for last. Greatest song I’ve ever heard in a game. I get chills still. Must’ve beat that game 500 times

  21. For a second I thought the title meant you'd have given up on fighting games lol

  22. Not gonna lie, the title of the video made me think that this was about today's era is the downfall of fighting games.

  23. Undertales credits scene after a pacifist route was tough 🤣

  24. One of the most popular games in the world is a fighting game. Can I see your research? Was there any research?

  25. I sense a HIGH level of media education here that is soooo satisfying. The history, the understanding…this is Great. But then to apply it to video gaming… Nostalgic and Brilliant! New Fav YT!

  26. I just spent more time listening to a guy talking about credits longer than I have ever watched them.

    Am I stoned?

  27. I always felt good when I saw "Special thanks to all Capcom staff… AND YOU!" After beating a tough Capcom game, especially from the X series.

    MMX3 PSX version had an animated ending that was very gratifying to watch.

  28. Fighters' Megamix had notable credits because each course you cleared in arcade mode had music and artwork unique to the course you played through.

    It also did the AM2 thing of saving your replays to play throughout the credits in-between the artwork they showed off.

  29. I can't think of any credits sequence that really struck me off the top of my head, but I will never forget the time I stayed up late with my cousin through the ending of MGS4 and we just saw
    "Voice of God – Hideo Kojima"

  30. Bloody roar 2 end credit was my first combo MAD

  31. Obama content is always enjoyable to watch. A lot of good analyzation of the things put into these games.

  32. it's crazy how far we have come from Felix and the cubby, to the production value of today. Great stuff as always mr. Obama

  33. I personally liked Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution's credits because they were replays but holograms on a table…kinda like they were being watched and their data collected by the clandestine organization that makes the final boss. Good tune too.

  34. Nobody even makes new original fighting games. Except for those terrible anime fighters

  35. The credits for FUC are great too. Practicing parries as Illya against the dragon bone warriors as a literal “dragon punch” is such a fun and useful minigame.

  36. One ending that stuck recently to me was the one used in Jojo Allstar Battle. Its basically the main Jojos and Villains moving and posing to iconic moments or covers of the manga.

  37. i remember the bloody roar combo showcase during the credits. That was awesome!

  38. End of fg beginning maybe. Probably for the best lol.

    Thanks for letting me engage with your content

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