The Duality of Fighting Game Music -

The Duality of Fighting Game Music

Rad Chad
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They are both bangers tho.

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  1. Very little goes quite as hard as the end of Armor Clad Faith

  2. I can't believe a game has a song about one's own impact on society and the faith they have in creating change for the future generation knowing full well they won't be alive to see it… And a song about crippling gender dysphoria.

    Truly an amazing game with an A+ soundtrack.

  3. Wow, so epic, both equally tearjerking and sad yet impactful songs, 10/10

  4. Meaning: this really IS true love we're making

  5. My favourite fictional communist. ❤
    Talking about Neco Arc of course! 😤

  6. I was gonna clown this dude for never hearing I wanna take you for a ride but then I heard the Yakuza dress up music and I couldn't

  7. everyone talks about neco arc, but can we take a sec to talk about how HARD armour clad faith goes?

  8. One's a super in depth breakdown about the characters life, beliefs, fears and struggles while the other is just Potemkin singing about society or some shit.

  9. I like how Potemkin is one of those characters that seems like the purest form of unga bunga, but he has one of the deepest and most emotional backstories aside from maybe Zato or Baiken, but I feel like everyone can relate to some of these characters in some way
    I'm sure some people can relate to Chipp Zanuff, since he's a recovered addict
    I've seen what that shit does to people, and what they can do to others, and it isn't pretty

  10. This one video has set thrown me deep into a Guilty Gear music rabbit hole and I have yet to crawl out

  11. One is a song about fate, hopes for the future, and dreams, it’s such a perfect song, it deserves to be called a masterpiece.
    The other one is simply a song about a fool or something, I dunno, it seemed kinda boring.

  12. And then there’s Tekken where highland yodeling plays while and old man with godlike durability and a raptor with boxing gloves fight in a sheep ranch in the middle of the Scottish countryside


  14. man made saved the world when the cats dance bc he go save by him if he did welp

  15. same thing with Bedman?s theme.
    Bed theme: I died and I can see the cycle of reincarnation, I am a candidate to reach nirvana, but I cannot go for my dying wish was to ensure the safety of my beloved little sister. Now trapped on the border, I watch my bed complete my unfinished business.

    Neco-Arc: holy shit look its a fuckin kitty!!!!

  16. Let's be fair…second one suppose to be comedic:)
    But i still have question…what is purpos of melty blood because Blaz Blue is simmilar, have tits to, have cool cat to:D

  17. One of my favorite things about the new neco-arc sprites is that she consistently stares directly at the player

  18. Fighting game music is either:

    “I bare my sins on my back while my regrets crawl!”


    “I’m popping like popcorn and you can’t stop me!”

  19. Potemkin is a raging W, always and forever

  20. Mortal Kombat was enough for me.

  21. Let Me Carve your way: I am blind, apparently I was dead, and my weapon is something that literally killed me and possessed my dead body. But the one thing I can remember was someone who I loved very much, so maybe I should move forward and let go of the past.

    Hellfire: My time in the war has left me with survivors guilt and I believe that I must atone

    Alone infection: I Have worked to undo what I did when I was an insane serial killer but that part is still a part of me

    Disaster of passion: Johnathon

  22. I'm a GG addict today and this is literally the start of it all

  23. Potemkin at first glance looks like a character you can so easily figure out. Big dumb strong guy, right? Then you look into his lore and hes actually just a big teddy bear who likes to draw and is literally the sweetest thing to ever exist. Man canonically has the power to fight Gears without his limiter, but he keeps the collar on for the safety of others.

  24. You got

    depression and happy

    then you got cat

  25. "Why grab people, if you can't grab society?"

  26. Neco-Arc's dance literally screams "cry about it"

  27. God, Potemkins theme gives so much motivation to be strong and pick people up and jump 20 meters into the air then jump off of air then do a back breaker

  28. As someone who have read all the tsukihime visual novels. I can confirm that. "Nya nya nya nya" means "this is a cat"

  29. This fucking video has primed me to hear Neco arc’s theme every time I listen to Potemkin’s and it won’t stop

  30. This ain't cat my friend, that's a terrorist..

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