The Duality of Fighting Game Music -

The Duality of Fighting Game Music

Rad Chad
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They are both bangers tho.

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  1. 0:49 does anyone know the theme/song of the following outro? Please, it sounds so good….

  2. You are assuming alot about neco acrs song, pretty sure it just means,

  3. Its funny to imagine Potemkin's theme plays every time he has the missfortune to fight a zoner

  4. Welp now i onow neco arc, there is no going back

  5. Mortal kombat just has guts and shit everywhere constantly shattering every bone in your opponent’s body and then you can get shot in tekken and blue sparks come out of you

  6. Potamkin we all know that feeling in one way or another

  7. I got an another good example of this, Anyone who wants it search up MHFU data install theme or Mil & Caty’s proof of a hero, both of from a game about hunting literal species to extinction lol

  8. Does anyone know what the the ending song is called?

  9. Brooo you really had to give me flash backs to yakuza with that outro song 😂

  10. I would like to place a bet

    I would bet a good chunk of people do not know that Neco-arc is based off an actual character.

  11. Yakuza 0 Cabaret music as the outro is 😘👌

  12. that was so good I could feel neco arc coming inside of me

  13. Ah yes, the fight against depression and feeling like you're a failure vs Death itself.

  14. i only found out that neco arc was actually a fighting game character because of this video

  15. Bro removed the tune, which is imo the best part of her theme, no.. It's theme. The theme of the creature.

  16. Nothing with the words silly clown in it should slap so hard

  17. Is it a natural sensation to want to violently bludgeon Neco Arc with a metal pipe?

  18. This should be titled the difference between AAA fighting game music and shovelware indie fighting game music.

  19. The best line in the whole song is "I'm a fool, I know nothing, I play the role of a silly clown"

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