The Core of Fighting Games: How Do You Deal With Throws? -

The Core of Fighting Games: How Do You Deal With Throws?

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streamed Jan. 5, 2021

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  1. just play touhou fighters with no throws but your guard breaks the moment you block too many projectiles

  2. I was wondering when uni was getting brought up

  3. I heard from someone once that regular throws were for positioning and command throws for damage and combos.

    I kinda like that line of thinking because it helped me to understand where throws kind of fit into my gameplan rather than simply thinking of them as counters to blocking.

  4. What are your thoughts on proximity grab vs button grab

  5. I prefer when throws are a button input instead of a proximity command, makes them easier to execute and sometimes easier to punish too.

  6. Option select is the most underrated satire site ever. All of their headlines crack me up

  7. Can't believe we still need this to be explained or that ppl still complain about throws has being a cheap mechanic.

  8. How i deal with all throws… i just act like i didnt just get hit by that lmfao. i play ken most even though Lauras my main

  9. I love this sort of video where you explain how a partiicular mechanic works in general, and how different approaches affect different games. I'd love to see one about metre systems.

  10. you can't get thrown if you mash on defense.

  11. I have a good friend who complains about throws all the time… I am also guilty of this from time to time, but this really changes my perception of the whole genre in general and how all offense and defense revolves around throws

  12. having "I TECHED THAT THROW" messages on fightcade never gets pld

  13. Ah yes, high/low/overhead/throw. The main concept behind "smash is not a fighting game"

  14. IMAGINE TECHING THROWS! HAHAHA -this post was made by the NO TECH GANG

  15. Just take the throw. – Alvin Heath, 2020

  16. there is an actual example of people who didn't like throw being unreactable getting their way and the game becoming a turtle fest. In for honor throws had a ton of start up and were easily teched. On top of that strikes were simple to defend and the only guaranteed hit was after a parry. The result was the strongest option being to block until you parry. Parries were baitable, but also cancelable, meaning it was entirely possible to sit on defense and go1 your way to victory.

  17. But its not the core of the Touhou fighting games, where grabs as a universal mechanic doesn't exist and command grabs are highly scarce.

  18. in SFV there is a pretty similar meta-game bases on the OS for dealing with throws, insted of crouch tech there is a delay tech, an option beats both meatys and meaty throws, so you would delay your attacks so you would punish their throw or simply shimmy them

  19. If you complain about throws…. just admit your adaptation skills are terrible.

  20. I swear i subscribe and unsubscribe #SaJam please make a fundamental. Ch. I like strategy talk i hate news like this is very good talking about netcode is boring

  21. Have him play Samurai Shodown 1 against an Earthquake player, only then he will understand why throws are necessary.

  22. the fact that you’re getting hit by throws is not because you’re opponent is picking a cheap option or hard reading you, it’s likely because you haven’t recognised your defensive habits and need to realise when you block and mix it up

  23. i be trying to tech command throws in dbfz. i truly hate myself

  24. I hate when the opponent is over using throws when he doesn't even tech throw mines, they should slightly reduce the damage of throws IMO

  25. NRS: I have an idea, how about neutral duck?
    Also NRS: How about a character that can tech your tech? Just kidding, better nerf that into oblivion.

  26. If anyone has ever played For Honor, throws(aka guard breaks in that game) shaped the entire game for its first years. It's a medieval style 3rd person melee combat game where throwing people off terrain or into hazards means instadeath. You could guarantee a throw if you parried any of your opponent's attacks which at medium to high level people had the reactions to do. Results were that the game turned into a cheesefest meta of spamming only moves that can't be parried because using the rest of your hero's moveset could lead to you just dying. Defensive staring contests of both players just blocking and trying to out-gouda eachother

  27. Every character should have overheads to make it fair and stop people from spaming throws

  28. I love throwing in UNI because it’s so satisfying to break predictable shielding patterns with them. That GRD break when you throw their shield is so dang good, and scaring people into shielding less makes it easier to win GRD fights and push harder with your pressure.

  29. 6:08 You can definitely hover around the throw range for the opponent to make them guess if they should try the wakeup throw or not. Just step out of range right before they fully wake up. Some characters that have throw invincible moves can mixup in a similar manner between using the throw invincible moves or other normals to start an offence.

  30. I actually learned so much about fighting games from this explanation.

    Im still gon be trash tho

  31. Oh god, BlazBlue and it's damn throw reject miss system

  32. back in 91' some players dealt with throws with fists, kicks, slamming heads into the ground, ladders and coffee machines thrown across a 7-Eleven, car chases.. lol. I'll avoid the more graphic stuff… All true stories, those were the good o' days.

  33. How do you deal with Aegis shield in third strike? I know how to tech throws. I also know how to deal with Aegis, but parry is hard. . .

  34. If someone keeps throwing out the same shit, and it keeps working, you're spamming a mistake

  35. You talking about people just staring at each other and not attacking reminded me of early for honor lmao

  36. Odd that characters centered around throws are never that good. I guess devs prefer well-rounded characters.

  37. Very interesting topic. I wonder how much will GG gameplan change with the 2 button throw input.
    Are we gonna se shimmies like in sfv?

  38. "Just take the throw"
    *gets thrown 6 times
    okay i guess i'll tech once
    *gets meatied into death
    i'm quitting all games forever

  39. You dont need throws if you have block damage
    In the old MKs throw was sooo unreliable no one used them. But because of block damage offensive pressure, even if blocked was still usefull. Same for every tekken before 7, T7 is the first one to have blocking damage "off" by default.

  40. street fighter player complaining about throws sounds like "ME AND THIS GUY PLAYED ROCK PAPER SCISSORS AND HE KEPT PICKING ROCK. WHAT A DICK ROCK SO OD".

  41. Don't forget if your opponent is good at teching throws you can always whiff the throw which will cause them to whiff the throw tech giving you a full punish. This literally gets me every time and I hate it.

  42. I legit don't play fighting games where a basic universal grab is a fucking mixup. You either both start mashing grab in a scramble, or one of you doesn't and gets thrown. Scrub opinion I know, but having to guess tech a throw just has never sat well with me and it's the reason I only played tekken and then dbfz

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