The Broken Beauty of Flash Fighting Games -

The Broken Beauty of Flash Fighting Games

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When Nostalgia meets Fighting Games, who comes out on top? You, that’s who!


Games in the video by order of appearance:
Fancy Pants Adventure
Alien Hominid
Final Fantasy A+ (Animation)
Spongebob Boating Bash
Jurassic Fight Club Turf Wars
Gates Vs. Jobs the Game
Mass Mucha Lucha
The Tom Green Show
CC Fight Club
Final Slam
Supernatural Fighters
The 12 Fighters 2
Powerpuff Girls D: Battle in Megaville
Stick Fighter
Crank Deathmatch
Spike MMA game??
Super Fall Brawl
American Dad Vs. Family Guy Kung Fu II Turbo-Hyper Mega Edition
Dragon Fist 2
Bullet Time Fighting
Fight of Animals
Bleach vs. Naruto
Color Fighter
Ultimate 2ch Fighter
King of Fighters Wing
Transformers: Protect Sam!
King of Fighters 13
Flash Bash
Street Fighter 4
Creetor Animation Fighting: Luffy vs. Naruto
3D Fighting Heroes
Hakuto No Ken: Flash Version
Super Smash Flash
Super Smash Flash 2
Chaos Faction 2
Friday Night Funkin’
Tough Love Arena


  1. Superbrawl was one of the first fighting games i ever played, RIP flash

  2. My friend and I would play smash flash 2 everyday in high-school. We'd have competitions to see who could get the most wins by the end of the school year. Good times man, good times

  3. For me it was the Cartoon Network's Teen Titans game

  4. There was a game on Miniclip that I enjoyed, simply called Pencak Silat

  5. The intro made me feel bad (my name is Kevin) F

    And i remember a flash game that was an almost perfect version of puzzle fighters (i dont remember the name of the fighting gane that had those characters) and i remember that it almost was a perfect emulation

  6. I've always enjoyed playing Chaos Faction 1 and 2 as a kid and got fascinated by it's soundtrack so much I discovered Newgrounds because of it. Wouldn't have been the best if it weren't for ParagonX9 lol

  7. I honestly dont know How you dont have a 100k plus subscribers, your videos are great!!

  8. So I remember your video on mobile fighters and I found a new one that has a somewhat large amount of depth. You should really check it out, its called, "Vita Fighters".

  9. Late, but I recommend trying Rumble Arena. It started as a flash game, but the devs are still working on it on other platforms like mobile and on Steam.

    It actually does some unique stuff for a Platform Fighter that we would later see in Rushdown Revolt and Slayers For Hire.

  10. Capoeira Fighter 3, King of Fighters 3 and Chaos Faction 1/2 are my favorite Flash Fighters… Thanks for giving my memories a good brush up :')

  11. Anyone remember Political Duel? Me and my sister always used to fight each other in it. I went back as an adult and labbed for a bit, and discovered Osama Bin Laden's blockstun infinite.

  12. The only bad thing about your channel is that you don't upload more often .

  13. You should do a video about the Star Wars characters of SoulCalibur IV.

  14. (creator of Flash Bash) thank you so much for uploading this and giving mention to all these nostalgic games. This video made me very emotional, even more so now that Flash is over. I didn't think the impact these games had would last this long. Thank you to all the people here who played. It was a pleasure entertaining you all.

  15. The one with the powerpuff girls on the 2:47 mark, anyone has the name? I remember playing it a shit ton when i was younger

  16. super brawl was the best on the nickelodeon website. i remember being 7 years old and my mom letting me on the family computer after school. good times

  17. The Teen Titans flash fighting game is underrated and way too good!

  18. What is the name of the fighting game that said, she's wearing my dress?

  19. 0:55 oh god, flashbacks to the friggin spongebob driving game. Just getting over that first hill was impossible.

  20. Bro you can't play the Winnie the Pooh Homerun Derby song without giving me a trigger warning first

  21. Jigglypuffs rest has like 10 seconds of recovery lol

  22. whered you go even your twitters blank you good?

  23. Can you make a video about custom cahrcters in fighting games ?

  24. bro, i was looking for a few years for chaos faction 2 (obviously i didn't know the name) which is my favorite flash game so i just have to thank you man, it made my day better

  25. man, as an ssf2 and smash fan I genuinely forget sometimes that super smash flash 2 was made on the same platform as copyright-infringement-farming weird fever dream surgery or driving games. It's kind of insane how much is truly possible in flash. Something that was originally intended to be an ANIMATION software. In fact, even flash animations can sometimes be really cool! I still remember some of the great sprite-animated flash wonders that pitted famous video game characters against each other. and don't even get me STARTED on Super Mario Bros Z. It was WAY too good for the sheer amount of crossovers and references it had; and it's time.


  27. 3:20 fricking beautiful redraw
    but actually you nailed the mona lisa smirk, it’s actually a very difficult thing to get right for artists that try to redraw it

  28. Does anyone know what the game at 14:15 is called?

  29. 7:18 What transformers fighting game is that? I never knew that game existed.

  30. I thought street fighter online was a flash game for some reason

  31. Capoeira fighter 3 took over all my computer lab time

  32. I would pay money for a port of Capoeria Fighter 3 with online and controller support

  33. Never understood horny jail. I mean putting all the horny people together in jail…. I’d hate to be the one who has to clean

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