The brilliant fighting game community -

The brilliant fighting game community

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The fighting game community is a collective of video gamers who play fighting games such as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Soulcalibur, Blazblue, Marvel vs Capcom, Super Smash Bros, and many others.
Low Tier God vs BT Viscant
Leffen vs Liquid Chillin
Pokchop vs Real Law
Professor Pro vs Rolex
Perfect Legend vs KIT Forever King
LF Dr PP vs CT EMP Mew2King
KIT 15 ShinBlade
Westballz vs Fly Amanita
Bizzarro Flame vs Eikelmann


  1. can somone send that full gulitey gear match

  2. I wouldnt have even fought him in the game at that point lmao. How you let someone disrespect you this much and then be mad after you play their game. Just whoop his ass irl XD

  3. The way Low Tier Bitch got owned was just legendary.

  4. What happened to the Mentos part? I'm guessing it was copywrited. 😑

  5. Truth be told, Lowtier God is indeed a bitch.

  6. You can tell this is slightly different from the minecraft video

  7. Luckily the FPS community doesn't have his members shoot eachother.

  8. Bruh, PorkChop is so entertaining to watch..

  9. dude in thumbnail looks like james mcavoy in Wanted

  10. This got edited recently. The Mentos clip is gone

  11. What happened to the Mentos clip? It got cut out.

  12. I don't know if anyone commented on this, but the thumbnail is inspired by the street fighter alpha 2 ps1 cover

  13. 3:00 i have never seen so much rage in one battery disconnect lmao

  14. I don't know who the dick wearing the hat is, but he seriously needs to chill out, or got gud before talking shit.

  15. losers vs losers. whoever wins, they're still virgin

  16. Still more entertaining than KSI vs Logan Paul.

    5:25 Are they in a church? I'm not judging but they haven't paid their respects to goddess Palutina at all.

  17. Much better and superior than speedtranny community

  18. What happened to the clip for "Fresh mentos"?

  19. Bruh I'd make that screen grab a t-shirt it even has Valle in the middle🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏿

  20. came back for nostalgia, episode 2 of this is great too

  21. Anyone else watching to recap before the sequel ?

  22. Come back from sequel 2, completely forget such 1 exists where it all begins

  23. seriously, what a bunch of losers

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