The brilliant fighting game community 2 -

The brilliant fighting game community 2

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It’s been 6 years.
Sources & full matches:
1:24 Wolfkrone Vs. K-Brad (2017)
1:45 Scar Vs. Buffalo (2019)
2:19 Punk Vs. 801Strider (2020)
3:03 Poongko Vs. Smug (2015)
3:31 Doctor Stabs Vs. Redthrills (2017)
3:41 Wolfkrone Vs. K-Brad (2017)
4:35 RealLaw Vs. PokChop (2016)
5:13 Poongko Vs. Onisan (2015)
6:05 Devil Vs. The Phantom (2015)
7:21 Sonic Fox Vs. Tweedy (2018)
8:31 MikeAndDike12 Vs. Punk (2017)
9:29 LAkram Vs. Feilong86 (2016)
9:36 Wolfkrone Vs. K-Brad (2017)
10:46 The Phantom Vs. Ghirlanda (2017)
11:58 Infexious (2019)
12:17 Aris (2017)
12:25 Dabuz Vs. MVD (2019)
12:44 Big Ol Guy Vs. Sune (2018)
12:51 Dabuz Vs. ESAM (2019)
13:08 K9SBruce Vs. Falln (2016)
13:21 Leffen Vs. Plup (2018)
13:35 Jesus Vs. JFK (2016)
13:41 Carso Vs. Nox (2016)
13:43 Tweek Vs. Venia (2018)
13:46 RunItBlack Vs. FGCTim (2018)
14:03 Ogawazato Vs. Woshige (2015)
14:49 Gosain Vs. Kkokkoma (2018)
15:05 Shine Vs. Sanford Kelly (2014)
15:36 Filipino Champ Vs. Kane Blueriver (2016)
16:21 Kane Blueriver Vs. Filipino Champ (2016)
Intro song from Tekken 2


  1. I don't know if it's the music or the reaction from the competitors but it makes me want to get into fighting games kinda of gives me '80s vibes

  2. 1:24 that Cammy skin mod makes fucking hilarious cause I know where it comes from and who use it has big balls to show everyone who remembers the skin mod from not-so-safe game

  3. Some of these players need some professional help and kept locked up for public safety and in name of lord raiden 🤦‍♂️🤮

  4. Man this intro is epic I love the way they blended all these moments into a perfect tekken 2 like montage, I remember when tekken 2 1st dropped so this intro hits hella different

  5. What is this side of humanity, bruh??? 😂😂😂

  6. This is how it starts. It will go from players being actually good and competitive to beings something the events can sell to draw fair weather fans looking for the next viral antic they can post. Was wondering how long it was going to take.

  7. Yeah I remember being like this when I was 12.

  8. some are too cringe to watch…. literally…..

  9. The video of the year, I glad to see this piece of art lol.

  10. bro k brad living a dangerous life if he would stand like that in front of me xD his legs wide open bro you bet i would kick your nuts if you would go in my face like that

  11. What are all these Smash clips doing in a fgc video

  12. Dude in the gray hoodie is the biggest dick rider I've ever seen

  13. 13:50 might be the funniest nonchalant rage I've ever seen. Bro knew as soon as he won that controller wasn't gonna work anymore.

  14. god the intro to this video will always be a cinematorgraphic masterpiece to me. the cuts, the selection of clips, that bassline in the tekken 2 intro… wonderful

  15. First off, are we not gonna acknowledge that the intro perfectly mirrors Tekken 2's intro? Lol Plus I've watched this like 20x. I need more of these.

  16. 8:57 hearing some nerd gamer saying “I gotta show him who’s the alpha” is making me ascend rn 💀

  17. Ahh yes. The tourment of seeing who the best man child is

  18. Reaffirms my feeling that meeting people from online is a terrible idea.

  19. I miss Mai Neenja when he made these SALT videos. Hope he's doing alright 😞

  20. Notice how the smash ones are the most immature ones while the rest are enjoying it despite all the trash talking without taking as personal

  21. Ngl the millia player on the xrd clip was chill, he took it well when he knew he messed up by celebrating too early

  22. These tournaments taught me one thing you can get all your fancy fight sticks and controllers but you will never be better than a black guy with a ps4 controller

  23. Shout out to these black brothers playing the game we win our fair amounts

  24. Exactly why I fell in love with FGC back with SF4 09! The best community !

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