The Biggest Underground Platform Fighting Game - Brawlhalla -

The Biggest Underground Platform Fighting Game – Brawlhalla

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Brawlhalla is a popular free-to-play 2D platform fighter developed by Blue Mammoth Games featuring a unique roster of characters, weapon mechanics, and innovations to mechanics such as wall scaling that set it apart from other titles in the genre.

In today’s video, we take a deep dive into the world of Brawhalla esports and the passionate player base that makes up it’s massive yet still relatively underground competitive scene.

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  1. Finally someone talks abt Brawlhalla I’ve been cimbing the leaderboard

  2. poor Addymestic got a clip of him dying when he talked, why you do him like that 😂

  3. The fact that boomie hit diamond in 50 hours baffles me.

  4. I've been wanting to download Brawlhalla on my Switch, but I can't for some reason. The Switch store keeps saying I already purchased it, despite the fact that I haven't, so I can't get it on my Switch. Maybe it says this because my nephew downloaded the game on his Switch. He has his own Switch, but his account is on my Switch as well, so maybe it considers the game "purchased" on my Switch because one of its accounts downloaded it somewhere at some point. It's super annoying that it works that way. I don't know how to fix that. It would probably work if I log into the Switch eShop on my switch using his account, but it needs a password and neither of us actually knows what it is, so I only know how to get into the eShop with my account. lol

  5. Brawlhalla is cool, and the combat is fun, but I honestly don't like it's art style. The characters just look weird to me and so do the same-y proportions among the cast. I still like watching top competitive play though. It gets pretty hype

  6. Brawlhalla had very fun off stage gameplay but everything else about it was kind of trash. I hate that it is literally the biggest fighting game and this shitty has more money than both melee and ultimate put together.

  7. okay now here me out, Brawhalla on arcade machines

  8. FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONS THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME GAME (not really but its really good)

  9. I remember playing Sandstorm a lot in the Sm4sh days. He was a sick ass Ryu.

  10. Even though I quit brawlhalla, I’ll always love what it has become. I would often watch the end of an EVO to see James Chen crying passion tears.

    I would often get motivated to open a can of woop ass on brawlhalla because it was the only fighting game available to me at the time.

    Kor was the coolest character, and the streamer named double_hashtags. He always described Kor’s grabs as taking your lunch money XD.

  11. I stopped playing brawlhalla a while ago but I kinda wanna get back into it

  12. Imagine in a tournament the guy who won is a mobile user

  13. Thanks for making this video! The reviews from casual player who are super salty on steam turned me off of this game, but now I plan to try it.

  14. I hope this gets recommended to a lot of people. I love this game. Easy and fun with a high skill ceiling. I don't know a lot of people who play Brawlhalla in my country.

  15. I used to play this game a while ago and just seeing the intro and name addymestic already makes me happy lol

  16. When he said an amazing community kinda made me chuckle. Because post game chat exist

  17. Ew Brawlhalla fans trying to defend their dumpster fire

  18. The game is a joke tho. Id rather player slap city.

  19. I have been playing this game since I was in middle school I cool to this video now that I am out of school

  20. Brawlhalla is fun to play, but boring to watch

  21. This is like the opposite of a Hi Rez game. They actually handled it right!

  22. Not a single word was spoken about lame developers removing their previous game!

  23. I can’t get past the absolute trash art direction

  24. i might have to get this game it looks fun.

  25. That cringe comment reel at the beginning.
    These item throwing F2P baffoons should probably play good games like Rivals before tugging on mommies apron like that.

  26. I like how the video that actually takes a look at the variety and creativity of the game is actually watchable without making me want to correct everything I hear

  27. Let’s go alpharad was used as the items example!

  28. One of the few games that doing the IAP right. One time payment for unlocking all heroes. Not even RIOT can do that.

    I wish there are more developer like this.

  29. this is hands down one of the most addictive and fun game ive ever played but
    in pure honesty, this game frustrates me the most in all my life

  30. Looks like somthing i would play in a browser in 2005

  31. Maybe Brawlhalla can have event matches like Super Smash bros Melee. A bunch of fun relatively easy matches could hook casual crowd.

  32. 2021 brawlhalla on Steam is 6 digit the whole time

  33. I don't think Brawlhalla is great but I'm glad it's still around

  34. I feel like Brawlhalla took the platform fighting formula just like how league of legends took the MOBA formula, they are derived from a successful game and made it super easy to learn but extremely hard to master.

  35. The biggest problem with brawhalla for me is the unappealing style of the game. It's honestly looks like a game for kids, and low entry level somehow make it worse. I didn't try the game myself, maybe i will in the future, but all this time i look up to it, the style just pushed me back everytime

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