The Big-Time Ideas of Small-Time Fighting Games -

The Big-Time Ideas of Small-Time Fighting Games

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Indie Fighting Games build the path to the future of the genre. See what I mean by watching this video.


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  1. Getting into fighting is a little difficult if you don’t have a PS4 or a PC. Xbox and Switch never get the games I really wanna play

  2. Those were some very interesting fighters, Beatdown Dungeon especially looks really cool!
    Aerial Raver's gameplay reminds me of those old Flash games where you would shoot something out of canon and try to keep it in the far for as long as possible lol

  3. Hehe I participated in the making of this video and no one knows how

  4. Skullgirls is still the king of indie fighting games.

  5. The likes of Fraymakers, Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends, Cereal Killiaz, & even GigaBash to name a bunch are making waves into the genre with ease!!!

  6. 3:14 Damn, I literally cooked a steak over that roast. Thanks, now I have dinner for tonight.

  7. Some of these titles do look pretty cool. It's always nice to see indie stuff for fighting games and platformers since they get creative or are at least visually interesting.

  8. I appreciate that a lot of indie game devs want to experiment with new ideas but I'm just starting to get tired of almost every indie fighting game trying to reinvent the wheel, I wish more people would just make a traditional fighting game.

  9. BigYellow showed off a fighting game called Nair that seemed really interesting. I haven't played it personally, but you might want to check it out.

    Also interesting is Yomi, a card/fighting game hybrid made by the same people who made Fantasy Strike. It's more card game than fighting game, but it's a really interesting take on how to make a genre hybrid with the fighting game as one of its two genres.

  10. I think I'll add in a small idea I had for a fighting game, so basically imagine a game like dbfz but instead of spark you choose a 4th character (that is probably confined to a few master type characters) that has buffed up stats, can't use assists, and only comes in once a 3rd character dies. This isn't the most creative or insane fighting game mechanic but I think it would be cooler than seeing some make a sparking or lvl 3 x-factor comeback

  11. Amazing video! I subscribed your channel to receive all news.

  12. I'm absolutely gonna recommend these at my fight night group i know a few people these would appeal to because all my friends have different playstyles and I could see them enjoy this. I sure as hell am gonna try beatdown dungeon cause that is my dream game a rpg mixed with a fighting game. Sign me the hell up.

  13. Glad the algorithm understands me enough to know this video is my exact shit, especially since I was already in on Beatdown Dungeon. I guess I have something to do with my time until DNF's next beta, cheers.

  14. Wow this video was amazing, as someone working on a Fighting game this was very helpful, hopefully I can contact you one day to check the game out, thank you for this one

  15. Thanks for shouting out these games! might have to try some of em

  16. Taking issue with 'open world fighting game' when it's clearly analagous to system freedom is the most pedantic shit. Oh my goodness gracious

  17. I feel like the Guacamelee franchise has shades of fighting games in it with single direction inputs for throws

  18. Man, a fightikg game rpg is such a cool idea, i love it

  19. 11:06 You mean Schwarzerblitz?

    That aside, always glad to see fighting games do something truly unique. Interesting mechanics can bring so many new people to the genre, relight veterans' interest in it, and highlight its community's creativity on both the dev and player side with mindblowing stuff people didn't think possible. I personally can't wait for Buck Up And Drive! to come out on Steam in just over a week!

  20. This is SO GOOD, thank you for giving these games a chance!

  21. I've had an idea for an RPG/Fighting Game hybrid (think FF2/3 SNES style, but where random encounters are fighting game matches) since I was like 12 (aka 25 years ago). Seems like you could easily have story driven game with RPG-esque character mechanics that replace the stop and go style of RPG battle with actual matches. Surprised it's never been done, let alone done by a major studio in a AAA title.

  22. Open world fighting game = allow alot of player expression without limitation = alot of them is KUSOGE

  23. So instead of actual open world, you meant an open dynamic with the combo system that really frees players to experiment and chain their own combos together? That's pretty cool.
    However the idea of an open world fighting game gives me a sense of more like a combo based Beat Them Up open world, like Yakuza. Or maybe when fighting does happen, that's when the fighting game aspect swoops in.

  24. bruh every vydia it is a rpg game, you take the role of the entity on the vydia
    go learn some vydia dude, genres on vydia are not good

  25. I want to create games like them, especially beat-down dungeon.

  26. “mvci’s open world is about going outside because you not playing the game.”😆

  27. What ever happened to Fighting Games also being Beat-em-Ups? seems like the easiest and most fluid inclusion to the format

  28. Soul Calibur and DFO are kinda open world? Soul Calibur has an old school map with random encounters.

  29. It was probably an overlook, but I think Andrea's list really deserved to be linked as well. The guy is really doing a great service to the genre

  30. Aerial Raver is basically the dev taking one of the most random and barely not nauced enough mechanic from Tasunoku vs Capcom where you get damage boosts the higher you take your combo and how all air combos are called Aerial Raves lmao.

    The whole community collectively went ???????????? when we learned that vertical height affects your damage lmao.

    This game feels like a macrocosm interpretation of that one mechanic.

  31. That's definitely not the dumbest thing Fchamp has ever said.

  32. Wow I’ve got to get on PC so I can try these games out. So cool thanks for the recommendations

  33. (10:52) I didn't hear the title of this one. Can you repeat that one more time?

  34. Yea pretty much everything you've described in Heatwave is in my mod Smash UltiMEX, and I'm also currently making that for Dragon Ball FighterZ

  35. Such a nice and well done video, it really gave me a lot more insight and things to think about since im developing a fighting game myself.
    Just a question, why you hate down down inputs so much? XD

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