The BEST NEW Sonic Fighting Game.... -

The BEST NEW Sonic Fighting Game….

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SUPER SONIC IS HERE! Today on the channel we are playing the best new sonic game. Sonic Smackdown! With access to legendary characters like Sonic, Shadow, tails, and pretty much everybody else this fan made sonic fighting game is actually a blast.

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. I don't have to tell him mighty isn't based off of Yamcha

  2. It lacks polish but fck me it was made for free as a project from.sonic fans
    Its good enough

  3. 15:05
    Seven Dragon Balls = Seven Chaos Emeralds
    Goku = Sonic
    Vegeta = Shadow
    Trunks = Silver
    Super Saiyan = Super Form
    False Super Saiyan = Dark Super Sonic

  4. More fun than actually playing this game is pointing out where the animations come from. All the attacks and anims are straight up ripped from smash, sfv, mvc3 and more. Big's dp is just peach's up b. You can even see him daintily descend with a girly pose

  5. The Nero FUCK YOU on the Mecha Sonic install is next level lmao

  6. Surely you'd play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  7. Hey I like Grapplers so who comes closes to one in this game?

  8. I want to play others in this game. AI is trash

  9. for anyone asking you can play online but you need parsec to do so

  10. Oh, I thought it was something new for a moment.

  11. your videos on a summary: "damn i walked on that one" " *combos/loops/switch sides* " and fun

  12. 7 chaos emeralds 7 dragon balls user sonic super sayen

  13. Waiting for doto to play sonic the fighters

  14. casual sonic games be like "i have to build up speed! i need to get all the coins! i NEED to beat this boss first try!"

    street fighters sonic games be like "combo pls combo pls combo pls combo pls"

  15. Tails looks like he's based off Cable, so of course he's top tier.

  16. As much as I liked the development vidfrom this game. It's heavily inspired from mvc series and I already don't play those so…. xD

    But it does look cool. UwU

  17. Yo doto if you got any interest in star wars should check out the fan-made fighting game Star Wars Force Combat

  18. It's creepy how their faces don't move like at all

  19. this isn’t even new it’s been around for like 2 years

  20. Sonic fans seem to make better games then the official developers 😂

  21. 8:00 Does A N Y O N E mention er even S A W that Mighty plays like Mii Brawler? How he walks and everthing? I mean- think about it and just look at him.

  22. Seriously F**k Sega they don't know how to make sonic games. This game is awesome


  24. I like that doto being doto if the first raw level one don’t work raw level one again always works

  25. The game is sonic smackdown but all I see is dbfz

  26. Less then 2 mins into the video and you already probably triggered a sonic fan cause ya Boi called the master emerald a chaos emerald 😂

  27. oh wow I love these mechanics, dropping rings on damage, and have a limited recovery on pickup so cool.

  28. Now I just want to see doto play sonic the fighters

  29. They should have used the coins as a combo counter

  30. I love how much this game copies Capcom vs marvel

  31. I never realized mighty is also mii brawler

  32. Emerl is from Sonic battle he's pretty much got everyone's moves

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