The BEST NEW Sonic Fighting Game.... -

The BEST NEW Sonic Fighting Game….

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SUPER SONIC IS HERE! Today on the channel we are playing the best new sonic game. Sonic Smackdown! With access to legendary characters like Sonic, Shadow, tails, and pretty much everybody else this fan made sonic fighting game is actually a blast.

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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  1. Idk why hearing someone else laugh makes me laugh🤣, coca cola chaos

  2. 7 chaos emeralds and 7 dragon balls and then the golden super forms theres a resemblance to DBZ right there!✊🏿

  3. I just love the SFV animations for some of the characters

  4. oh my fuck theres a pumpkin hill stage thank god

  5. Marvel Vs Capcom looks real different…

  6. I just realized Might is Mii Brawler from Smash

  7. Doto is a master at any and every game he play LET’S GOOOOO

  8. This man really just made a SMBZ reference when Mecha went super

  9. Needs to see Doto be an Isabelle main in Smash for some more bass pro fishin

  10. Hmm…Silver vs Shadow…isn't that basically Trunks vs Goku Black

  11. Everything about sonic adventure 2 is nostalgia for me. My first ever sonic game and my god it’s soundtrack is top tier

  12. Lol the Rouge vs knuckles fight was brilliant. Imma just chip you away

  13. They should put nights into this game. So we can have balan vs nights

  14. 14:36 anyone else never notice shadow straight up clips through silver in this cutscene? cause i only just now noticed that

  15. Goku: Sonic
    Vegeta: Shadow
    Trunks: Silver
    Piccolo: Knuckles
    Krillin: Tails

  16. Silver got that female energy…. Like if you get it.

  17. My mans really started the video we all expected too lmao

  18. Doto needs to play more sonic and maybe even fan games. Cause this was fun to watch.

  19. We not gonna talk about how Mighty’s moveset is just Mii Brawler from Smash

  20. I'm actually upset you didn't say "It's no use" while playing as Silver.

    How disappointing Doto…

  21. 7:36 I will at least admit with that music choice for that moment.. You, Doto, had a cultured youth to give homage to that amazing series.

  22. I just want proper netplay in sonic smackdown 🙁

  23. My Boyfriend is fucking scary as Big the Cat

  24. 0:10
    guess I'll just have to take liking Shadow the hedgehog to the grave then.

  25. "pushes Glasses up condescendingly" actually it was a reference to their duel on the Ark in Adventure 2, not the movie die hard. Thank you very much

  26. Imagine getting fuckin' mixed by Balan. 10/10

  27. OMG
    I need this game 🤤

  28. this game is 20 years old this is not new

  29. mb it said it was sonic adventure two made in 2001

  30. Doto now you've made me wonder if you've ever played Sonic the Fighters?
    If not, please try it, its wonderfully broken!

  31. Mighty is just a Mii Brawler from Smash

  32. This moron said not even a minute into the video as I see sonic and eggman standing in front of the master emerald. “Ahh right infront of the chaos emerald” I stopped the video and said “he is not a true sonic fan” and turned it off

  33. welp just waiting for Infinite to appear next

  34. Back in my day we used to play Sonic Smash Brothers 😪

  35. "Right in front of the Chaos Emerald"
    Sir, that is the Master Emerald.

  36. Imagine blaze trying to flex like Akuma your not that guy pal your not that ghy

  37. Has anyone else noticed that Mighty actually sounds like Yamncha?

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