The Best Naruto Fighting Game of All Time -

The Best Naruto Fighting Game of All Time

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The Ranking of Naruto Games. Today we’re ranking Ninja Destiny 2 and Clash of Ninja Revolution 3




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  1. when you ran out of naruto games, try out the ones in roblox 😂

  2. Where is Naruto To Boruto Shinobi striker huh

  3. Storm 1 should be b only game witch clashing which was fun in my opinion

  4. Could u rank Shinobi striker please

  5. Forgot the absolutely banger Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

  6. Who here knows JUMP ULTIMATE STARS

  7. Who here knows JUMP ULTIMATE STARS


  9. can you review "KurtzPel"? That's a free to play game on steam
    -Anime look
    -Different combat styles
    -Dungeons (Main gameplay)
    -There's a pvp either and its co-op

  10. naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impactant

  11. So globku, in your opinion which is the better game, Super GNT 4 or Revolution 3?

  12. Globku you need to rank ultimate ninja impact

  13. revolution 2 & 3 were my childhood it's actually how I got introduced to Naruto oddly enough. I, My brother, and his friends would play match's whenever they'd come over. It was a blast probably one of the fondest memories I have. So I have a lot of nostalgia for the revolution games.

  14. React to rengoku in the demon slayer game

  15. "By my calculations… that's most of them!"
    Dumb joke. Instant laugh. Great job. Love this channel

  16. more super naruto gnt4 vids, even just casuals if possible!! love your channel btw, consistent genuinely good content and great ideas, thx for all the vids man 🙂

  17. Would you be willing to review fan translations for a lot of JP only games?

  18. Man I used to main Kiba back in the day just because he was my favorite and now I’m learning he was banned. Insight I can very much see why.

  19. If I remember correctly there is a game named ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

    Edit note: yeah I was remembering right

  20. 8 games? i don't know which one he's gonna pick but i'll try listing some i know

    -ultimate ninja impact (psp, i highly anticipate this)
    -kizuna drive (psp, eh)
    -ultimate ninja heroes 3 (psp, has a unique twist to the ultimate ninja formula)
    -the new era (3ds, haven't played this)
    -dragon blade chronicles (wii, this will be funny as hell if he does include it)
    -powerful shippuden (3ds, haven't played it but the art direction is like the rock lee spin off, cute i guess)
    -ninja destiny 3 (ds)
    -shinobi striker (maybe? it's technically still a naruto game right? we haven't fully transitioned to boruto yet)

    are there even more games left other than those? i even looked up the wikipedia for naruto games and those are the only 8 western games that they released, soo i guess he MUST play dragon blade chronicles…

    i pray for his poor soul

  21. There is a few Naruto shippuden games up should rank Naruto impact it is a really good game still play it to this day

  22. Time for Gekito Ninja Taisen Special?

    Time for Gekito Ninja Taisen Special.

  23. Still waiting on naruto ninja impact on the psp

  24. Did you do ultimate ninja impact

  25. You're telling me that Deidara is considered OP in CONR3? Dang and here I thought I was just good at my main due to all the practice I put in 🙁

    It's been a long time since I played CONR3 but I always felt like Hiruko was the most busted character in that game.

  26. Why does naruto look like slender man in ninja destiny 2…

  27. Problem of losing hair? Boy I got a problem of gaining hair

  28. Yo fuck that deidara fight that shit made me rage as a kid so frikken hard

  29. I can’t believe I remembered this game purely from the deidara clip. Legit gave me ptsd

  30. I put so many hours into destiny 2 to unlock every single character and then my friend managed to delete my file…

  31. I had no idea people still played Revolution 3, much less that it was considered one of the best. The wii was pretty much my only console before I got my own pc for a very long time and I pretty much just assumed that people thought of this series as a skeleton in the closet when compared to the Storm games, given how much content they had. I remember it covered up to the Deidara fight which was weird because Kakazu and Hidan are unlockables.

  32. Ultimate ninja heroes is the only one I’ve played – and seeing it get an E hurts lmao

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