The Best FREE Fighting Game You Never Played -

The Best FREE Fighting Game You Never Played

Rad Chad
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This took a wee while to make, hope you enjoy.

Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2:

Harama Self channel:

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0:00 Introductioning
2:36 Harama Self
10:07 How to play
12:50 The Roster
16:16 K I N O K O
19:01 Goodbai

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  1. 10 mins to start talking about the game
    What a fucking joke

  2. Thank you for telling more people about this gem of a game

  3. Harama must be the true Rad Chad the Mad Lad who could possibly be my mother

  4. Kyanta meus be like: DOoOoOOoOoOooOoOoouuuy

  5. "never played" my ass, the second you gave a flashing colours warning i already knew what game you were talking about!

  6. Embrace the rumors. All those allegations can be projected upon some dirty masher who isn't going to pay for the therapy I had to go through because of them anyway.

  7. The lore of part 2 in the saga requires a prequel which gives his audience the agency to interpret clues laid out in the unreleased fanfiction I'm writing.

  8. I really do appreciate you making the videos you make, even if I'm not getting paid for it.

  9. a fighting game thats just a whole ass shitpost sounds like a wet dream to me.

  10. I play Kyanta 2. I've known about this game for at least a year, it's great and I wish more people played this online.

    I'm gonna go to the wiki and actually look up all the advanced tech now

  11. How in the heck did you get the game running at 60fps? mine's stuck at 20

  12. ワサビおにぎり
    the japanese text is just 'wasabi onigiri'…

  13. whats the music called that plays when you introduce…

    h e r 🍄 ?

  14. Great video king, creation should sometimes be its own own reward.

    And remember, you are Kinoko

  15. That is not how you spell Among Us Ultimate Arena

  16. I remembered that watashi is a female pronoun but sometimes used by men that see themselves above people so its probably a girl and not they/them

  17. Legends say Let me solo her once saw the knight in the manga and attempted to replicate his majesty in elden ring

  18. I need this to boost my self-esteem for other harder fighting games

  19. Right now online requires port forwarding. Hopefully they will make rollback and make it work. I tried doing steam remote play but the game has to auto detect a 2nd controller on startup.

  20. I got insulted so many times in this single video…respect.

  21. I got insulted so many times in this single video…respect.

  22. I have a lot of respect for you; keep up the sincerity

  23. this game is like if the mangakaka one took ten lines of coke and just decided to make a fighting game
    and it's great

  24. Twitter, I think you mean X my naïve friend from 5 months in the past.

  25. as a games development student this is the person i want to be the most

  26. Wow i really love this guys art style

  27. Harama self is the most game developer ever

  28. it's too bad i can't play fighting games on a satellite connection

  29. "There are people who refuses to play a game if there's a French character on it".
    Wait, really? Been playing all genres of games for decades and it's the first time I've heard of that XD

  30. Kinoko has the perfect design for a Vtuber.

  31. Wait, wait, wait.
    Is I Baba or am I Kinoko?

  32. I'm going to download without watching the vid. This better be good
    (edit) I had no idea this game was a joke.

  33. I was discussing the topic of strange yet unique videogames and remembered this video, which I showed to the boys.
    Now I am the coolest kid on campus, even cooler than Johnny Hitler.
    Thank you Rad Chad.

  34. i have fallen in love with this game.

  35. Come to play Kyanta 2
    we got :
    -bipedal shiba inu
    -bipedal shiba inu with rabies
    -bipedal shiba inu with katana
    -doctor bipedal shiba inu
    -a girl who's been controlled by alien
    -katsuhiro harada

  36. wait wait wait harama SELF he made the game by himSELF so he was destined to make the game kinda

  37. " I A M A K N I G H T T O P R O T E C T T H E P R I N C E S S ! "

  38. bro how are you underselling yourself that hard mb dad i said bro sorry
    youre amazingly funny

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