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This is the only CORRECT 2023 fighting game tier list.

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  1. Hideaki Itsuno needs to return to fighting games. It’s possible he’s doing that Power Stone remake after Dragon’s Dogma 2 comes out. But it would be nice to see him do more.

    With Street Fighter 6 taking mechanics from Devil May Cry 5 it really seems like he should return to do a fighting game. It’d be interesting to see him do Capcom vs SNK 3 with the renewed talk of Capcom and SNK crossover games from the companies last year.

  2. Bio Freaks, Rival Schools, Ergheiz, Bloody Roar?

  3. Uhhhh, where is the first Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast?

  4. MK11 is not trash, the breakaway system is crap tho.

  5. I daydream of an FGC "client" that has all these games on rotations and sheparts the entire community from game to game to ensure they stay relevant. Street Fighter 4 Thursdays, Darkstalker Tuesdays, etc. Like FightCade but with modern developers participating and gamified systems rewarding engagement.

  6. Its funny …. I hated the mk1 remake. Felt more like injustice to me which was alright but nothing I needed to play again. I loved mk 11. I havent seen this time of divide on a game in a min. IN this mk fb group people either love mk11 and hate mk1 or vice versa.

  7. Agree with most of your list there.
    Tekken 3 has to be top list for me,
    Killer instinct 94 is a game I really wanted to love but like you I find it broken.

  8. this guy just looks like an ideal fighting games guru. he just cannot be wrong.

  9. That was masterful trolling with that Ultra SF2 thumbnail😂
    Curious on your thoughts about HD Remix. Seems like the only people who hate it are those whose Balrog or Dhalsim got nerfed from the broken original versions.
    I personally love it. Probably because my main got buffed. 😂

  10. good list, i wanted to see what u thought of GBFVR

  11. Capcom va snk 2 is such a classic. I played this one probably thousands of hours same with sf 3 which is still my favorite of all time.

  12. third strike and ULTRA SF4! I definitely, definitely agree. Nailed it!!

  13. You should try Guilty Gear Missing Link. The game is so broken that is what actually fun to play.

  14. Injustice 2 is a solid fighter. Def not trash!

  15. Killer Instinct 2012 is goat goat fighting game. fun play, amazing to watch. why has there been no sequel?

  16. Is mk1 really amazing? I play only NRS games and was very disappointed with MK1, i hate cameo system

  17. Strive in trash but bbtag in not my cup of tea is offensive man

  18. I will say the latest releases for the main fighting franchises have been great. Tekken, sf, mk

  19. Vanilla SF6 needs larger roster and more content. Its very bare bones. Even with drip feeding its not like a full 32 man roster that Tekken 8 is putting out with a new character on release and 3 more after that this year. Capcom needs to drop more content instead of having us pay for the content that should've already came for $70. period.

  20. Vanilla Mk3 and Umk3 are both trash. I played both a lot back in the day, but both are dumb games.

  21. You look identical to Pro player Goichi xD

  22. Tobal series and what about Rival schools?. We need remakes

  23. I was about to have a heart attack bc i didnt see cvs2 in the goat thumbnail. But after seeing the video all is well in the world.

    Btw, im honored to also have KoF XIII. Didnt even know it was considered a goated game

  24. Great list but brawlhalla should've been on the tier list

  25. Only me missed Blood Roar 2 in the list? Anyway, the big surprise is Justin consider SF3 better than SF4 and SF2 not the GOAT (because he is). The last surprise is KOF 2002 just appear as a good game.

  26. putting injustice in trash tier is a crime

  27. Sf x tk was amazing but never got the attention

  28. I dont understand the strive hate, such a good game

  29. Mk1 needs To be moved to trash lol… its not in a good place now

  30. The problem with skull girls isn't that people couldn't get with the characters it's that it was a 3 person tag game with like 8 characters

  31. As a Tekken player, I'd put T3, TTT1, and T7 all in GOAT status, along with T5. All for very different reasons, too.

  32. Other than Alpha 3 not being GOAT I am liking the tier.

  33. T3,TT2,brawl & fighters def goated I’d reorder some

    Overall solid list indeed though bro👌🏽

  34. When you put the Guilty Gears in the right spot i smiled. 😊

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