The BEST Fighting Game of 2022 Is... -

The BEST Fighting Game of 2022 Is…

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There’s a TON of fighting games coming out in 2022!! Recently, Rooflemonger made a video detailing ALL of the new updates to the FGC this year. We then got some of our FGC PROS to react. Which game are YOU most excited for? Let us know below!

Make sure to check out Rooflemonger’s video:

0:00 – Video Teaser
0:16 – Intro
0:45 – KOF XV
2:20 – Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
3:27 – Phantom Breaker Omnia
4:14 – DNF Duel
6:42 – MultiVersus
8:16 – Blazing Strike
8:55 – Die by the Blade
9:40 – Coreupt
10:32 – Guilty Gear Strive
10:53 – Dragon Ball FighterZ
11:42 – Skullgirls
12:14 – Street Fighter V
13:03 – Melty Blood: Type Lumina
13:39 – Street Fighter 6?
14:51 – Project L
15:55 – Ending

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  1. So many new games…what are you excited to try FIRST?

  2. I never heard of Blazing Strike and Die by the Blade but they seem fun, and I will stick by P4AU until the day I die.

  3. Man what a year this month has been…it's really tough to choose between all of the great releases that never happened.

  4. Cucklemonger steals tons of tech from others

  5. Guilty gear currently is the best by far. But I believe that DNF duel will take the lead for sure.
    EDIT: I didnt suggest project L because it ain't coming out anytime soon.

  6. Guilty gear currently is the best by far. But I believe that DNF duel will take the lead for sure.
    EDIT: I didnt suggest project L because it ain't coming out anytime soon.

  7. How do u join an esports team like panda 🐼 id love to have a career as a fighting game player

  8. DNF Duel was a blast with my boy Crusader. Can't wait for the summer.

  9. Video Idea: If you name the game can you beat Justin?

  10. As a Brawlhalla enjoyer, I'm most excited for the potential of Multiverse. Y'all think Brawlhalla makes dumb amounts of money for a F2P crossplay game? Wait.

  11. DNF and Project L my current Games in waiting list

  12. The only fighting games I'm mostly excited for
    The king of fighters 15 release early this year
    Dnf duel releases during the summer of the year
    And finally the rereleased version of persona 4 ultimax coming to the switch and playstation 4

  13. So much enjoyable content…
    Panda really knows who to hire!!

  14. Blazing Strike made my Pee Pee feel funny… In a good way. Looks like Garou on Steroids.

  15. kof15 is definitely the most anticipated game

  16. The hell is this totally unprofessional shit? Not one mention of the NFT monkey game? That games gonna be SF killer

  17. Without even talking about how fun the game is, DNF with its billion dollar franchise and hundreds of millions of players, it's potentially going to be the biggest fighting game of the year, maybe only getting beat by KoF15 in sales as it's an established fighting game.

  18. KOF15 and Strive, with a side of VF5 and some Granblue. Now if I can just get Cygames (and Sega) to shell out for rollback…

  19. I'm still waiting for Tekken X street fighter 😞

  20. Melty Blood was released last year so I don't think I could say that…

    If I had to choose for this year specifically, I'd say DNF Duel.

    However, Melty Blood Type Lumina will forever be the greatest game I have ever played. That will never change in a long time.

  21. The next Under Night in Birth game is in development which is great however P4AU is what I'd like to try out for 2022 but delay based netcode… I at least hope DNF Duel doesn't turn out like Melty on release with chaotic system mechanics. Guilty Gear Strive might still be the best game of the year but only time will tell.

  22. I’m sure the next Capcom game is SF6, but I wouldn’t be against them making Alpha 4 instead. Time will tell.

    DNF will be pure kuso kino and I’m looking forward to season 2 of Strive. Lotta good content on the horizon.

  23. Is there no link to the source video?!

  24. The King Of Fighters is about to dominate.

  25. I want to see the Panda team have tournaments with random unconventional fighting games like def jam, fight night, & ufc. I'd also like to hear their input on how they could be made to appeal to the arcade fgc crowd!

  26. So hyped for king of fighters this year. And also very hyped for project L whenever it comes out as well.

  27. Im honestly not a big fan of the competitive scene at all i just love fighting games.

    So shout out to kizzie for being excited for almost all the fighting games. No discrimination. Really makes me feel like he just genuinely loves Fighting games.

  28. I’m looking forward to Strive’s ongoing support. Recently picked up Happy Chaos, and he is so much fun to play as. I’m also upgrading from playing on keyboard to a button box.

  29. I suck and even I want a sponsorship when Project W drops

  30. Aww shitt a Rooflemonger + Panda Crossover!

  31. King of Fighters is aptly named as it is the king of fighting games.

  32. King of Fighters 15 for sure, I'm a relatively new KoF fan going back and playing some of the older ones ('98, '02, XI, XIII, & XIV) and became infatuated with series. Can't wait to be a part of a new game from the series and coming out with rollback from the get go.

  33. All I know is that whatever the best or most popular fighting games there may be for 2022, none of the ones I like will be among them.

    I've had a terrible track record with getting into weird, niche fighters that end up either getting entirely dismissed or, worse, actively derided by the FGC. It just gets a bit demotivating after a while.

  34. That Jiyuna persona face needs to be a thumbnail

  35. Coreupt just need a better name… Whats the meaning? Corrupted Core?

  36. What we really need is another Killer Instinct game 😤

  37. I love Kizzie's segways to the subscribe button

  38. Guilty Gear Strive sucks ass. I can't believe that game sold. All these new fighting games are horrible. I'm hoping KOF15 will be good.

  39. Knowing the league community I'm looking forward to project L about as much as a colonoscopy

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