the best fighting game ever -

the best fighting game ever

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  1. Tilted towers is back in fornite get on you bumb bum

  2. Bro ya dont understand that im to nice at this game

  3. yoooo havent plyade this game in sooo long but all I know is absolver is a great game

  4. Brysen those two players were just npcs my guy

  5. Brysen I really hope you can revive this game if even only a little this game deserves so much

  6. ive never heard of this game but this shit is dope af

  7. Bro thanks I really miss this game I'm coming back all the hours I put in this game I swear

  8. What’s the music during the promotion? It’s so damn catchy

  9. Hey Brysen, can you try remnant: from the ashes next?

  10. I played this game like 3 years ago it was pretty fire

  11. It was fun wen it was free for ps plus but I had the free roam wth thar map

  12. This game is a favorite of mine. It takes a bit to get used to the combat because your instincts tell you to button mash when you're getting your ass handed to you but once you do find your playstyle it's pretty much easy sailings… until you go into PvP and learn that your one dimensional playstyle only works on bots and that you'll have to go through another training arc. One of the best and most underrated games ever.

  13. Dodge button: exists

    Brysen: "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that"

  14. I hope you come back to this or play Sifu. Absolver is truly amazing and prolly some of the most fun you’ll have throwin hands!

  15. I said “oh brother this guy STINKS!” Right before he it happened

  16. play single player campaign games like assassins creed

  17. Brysen tilted tower is back can’t wait for your video bro🎉

  18. Imagine not being subscribed to both his channels.🤡

  19. In Absolver you go around beating all the masters the npc come from all the different clans or so. When they hit you the circle with the fighting style shows you if you keep fight that certain person you’ll learn the move. But Rysen gonna slam your shit though best bitch that ever done it!


  21. I love when Nordvpn allows people to talk about how they actually use their service lmao

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