The Best Controller For Fighting Games -

The Best Controller For Fighting Games

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  1. I'm a psychopath that uses the analog stick on my controller for fighting games.

  2. Pads are superior now, play at any position lol
    Also Punk and Sonicfox are both pad (DS4) players and have the highest tournament wins, etc.

  3. nice music from cyberpunk bartender I love that <3

  4. I would destroy people on the Donkey Kong bongo! >:)

  5. Being left handed I instantly took to the stick. All I've used for fighting games since 2015

  6. “Most people use the D-pad to play fighting games.”


  7. What specific box do you use? I keep seeing the mpress and snack box micro pop up but they are always going In and out of stock

  8. Is it better to play right handed on a fight stick?

  9. best video on this subject. i was kinda on the fence about the hitbox but i think im gonna go for it. thanks

  10. Isn't a hitbox much more expensive than a controller?

  11. Foolish you. I use a keyboard because I can't afford anything else! Hahahahahahhahaa


  12. Keyboard really is the best input method. Cheap, all the advantages of hitbox and never break. Fuck controllers, always fucking breaking

  13. What is the cheapest hitbox? I was looking for a stick or something but now I really wanna try a hitbox, but it's $200 and not even in stock. Do others exist and at a better price?

  14. Your argument is convincing…But the thing is currently out of my budget (Specially since the cheapest model is out of stock), so I guess my keyboard can be an alternative while I save money

  15. Me getting ready for riots project L
    (Don't have much experience in fighting games)

  16. I play on keyboard and for some reason whenever I do a half circle motion it reads the diagonal downs but not down/S so the move doesn't comes out.Does the hitbox also have this issue?

  17. u can't do shit with this in MK11. factor in the fighting game that's being played

  18. Has anyone ever won a big game tournement using a hitbox? I own all three and the hitbox has just as many down falls or more, CA/Super inputs for me just don't come out for me no matter how much I use it.

  19. Idk back when I was playing sf4 and kof13 I couldn't do shit till I got my stick I'm never going back

  20. Decreasing specials on single buttons would be too boring. They need to give new players something, to learn the game easier.

  21. The problem of fighting games is, that it needs a lot of time input to get even a small level of satisfaction.

    Ps. : I'm getting into Street fighter 5 right now and practicing Balrog on a daily basis. Still I cant pull of a combo with more than 4 hits. That's frustrating, but I will be a Warlord one day😤

  22. a hitbox controller in my country is expensive as hell so I will just stick with the keyboard

  23. Dude fighting games are for total losers and you should feel bad!

  24. Bottom line: play what is comfortable to you. As someone who grew up playing console games and at the arcade, this shit is alien to me lol. I prefer pads and sticks. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, is where your skills will shine. I was a broke af kid who never had a PC until I was old enough to buy myself one. I hate using keyboards. I use controllers even on PC. Like the video stated, muscle memory makes all the difference. My brain is hard wired for playing on controllers and arcade sticks, since that's what I have the most experience or memory playing with.

  25. I play DBFZ with a keyboard, and I'm surprised how easier it is than controller. I hit quarter circles, forward dashes, raw supers, super jumps, crossups, moon jumps, etc. with it a lot more consistently. Only issue I have is using sparking is just not accessible at all.

    For me, who's more a casual and has been used keyboards my entire life, not having to learn controller muscle memory is a blessing.

  26. I’m waiting for my snack box v2 all buttons to come in the mail, please get here now!!!!

  27. I must be a degenerate because i have little issues with the PS4 anolg stick. I much prefer it over the d-pad.

  28. Wait, your supposed to be usind a D-Pad on controllers for inputs? I've just been using the stick for all of my motion inputs. Rolling the stick feels nore natural to me as it's a continuous, flowing motion. Plus, I'm still very new to Fighting games and I don't wanna money on a controller I may or may not use.

  29. What joystick do you recommend? I’ve been looking but know nothing when it comes to actually quality of the thing.

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