THE BEST controller for fighting games #shorts #gaming -

THE BEST controller for fighting games #shorts #gaming

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  1. Cant you just play genesis games with that?

  2. Wezcie mu umyjcie ta twarz , zachlał jako pierwszy na imprezie ?

  3. The legend of okamsen tears of the domtendo says:

    PlayStation is better than xbox

  4. What is the good in this vedio this vedio is rubbish 😂😂😂😂

  5. The truth is that Microsoft is going too far, my dad and I are doing everything possible to make it come out and I don't get a shit rda because it is seriously bothering me that I bought it and it does not let me start the section because the truth is we are in another version and they still do not solve the problem

  6. love Minecraft but the truth is that a youtuber inspires me as I see him play with his friends I play Minecraft and I leave after 10 minutes because the truth is I don't like playing alone it's annoying

  7. It bothers me that my friends play server and I'm not that annoyed that I can't play with them. Microsoft hopefully fixes it for the next update 1.20.13

  8. Street fighter games requiring full motion movements for special attacks instead of just up, down, left, right:

  9. haha i think that's a sega saturn controller, my brother bought one to play old sega games

  10. You can play Sonic Mania and Sonic Origins plus

  11. Sure he might be an adult

    But your honor it was funny tho

  12. Now we need a controller that will slam my left analog stick side to side to deal with the best gaming feature!
    Stares at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  13. Nope ur definitely not that guy 🗿

  14. really good controller, couldve worked better underwater tho

  15. That is the ugliest controller i’ve ever seen

  16. Qual nome desse controle, eu não acho ele vendendo

  17. Bro said the downside was "That it was wired"….. that's not a downside, that's an upside to fight pads like this!

    Wired controllers have zero latency vs bluetooth which has a milisecond delay upon input

  18. The Robloxian Beat Saberist and other stuff says:

    It looks like a f@@@ing SEGA Genesis controller except without any stiff controls.


  20. It's not a xbox controller, it's just a sega Saturn controller with a Xbox logo. Even the shoulder buttons belongs to the Saturn controller design. ts not a xbox controller, it's just a sega saturn controller with a Xbox logo. Even the shoulder buttons belongs to the saturn controller design.

  21. "And the triggers are on the right"

    But it looks like it has triggers on the top like normal as well… the 6 button look, OG Sega controller style, does look cool though

  22. SEGA:📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸🤨📸

  23. Will Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition gonna be available again on Xbox Series S?

  24. Saturn pad best bad for 2d games and fighting games!

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