The Best Controller For Fighting Games -

The Best Controller For Fighting Games

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I personally use a TI-Nspire CAS to play Alpha 2.


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  1. Ive been playing sf33s on keyboard for 2 years now, ive been too poor to buy a controller or an arcade stick so ill stick to my trusty friend the keyboard.

  2. PS3 is still has the best fighting controllers, the d-pad separation, key stability with the flat and responsive buttons on the right is hard to beat. Xbox one d-pads are unstable with quarter circle inputs and the right side keys have too much travel and profile while the buttons are to close to each other. Respect to those who use 4 separate keys for directional inputs, it's challenging and tedious to learn the quarter circles with keyboards.

  3. The things I dont understand, is:
    – why doesn't the arcade stick not have a button on top of it (something comfortable) (would make it more viable with more games other than SF lookalikes)
    – why is the button layout on the right side not mimicking 5 fingers of your hand, for maximum comfort, and why don't games and their fighting patterns dont do it as well

  4. I have an old PS3 V3 Hori (has 6 big buttons; nowadays they have 8)… PS4 works with it, fine; but the auto shutoff doesn't see it and the Playstation button on it doesn't work with the PS4. So I have to keep a regular controller near by and flick an analog stick every 30 mintues or so. So the PS4 doens't shut down. Have no clue if it'll work on a PS5, though.

    Thing is about 15 years old I guess… Changed the gate when I got it from a 4 to an 8. Still listed on Amazon as discontiued… think it was like 60 bucks or something. The gate was like 5 bucks. So yeah… cheap… but still going.

  5. I like Playstation pad for my fighting games. But since Capcom has implemented these new "shortcuts" in their games, it doesn't matter anymore, every single controller doesn't work properly anymore. Before that the simple idea of a hitbox was unthinkable. Now it's just necessary if you want that the game doesn't perform random specials every time.

  6. When I see people play on keyboard I ask them if they can email while they play

  7. In getting something like one of those "monstrosities"! 😂 mine is gonna have a lever WITH Mixbox style or WASD style buttons! Just taking a while to get all the parts to build it. Cuz I'm thinking I'll put it together myself, but I ain't got the tools to make custom cutouts in metal and plastic and such.

    I wanna use a ps4 board or something that will lemme put a touch pad on the stick as well. I find the training mode applications really useful. Instead of going in a menu to reset training mode, you simply click an area of the pad which corresponds to a screen area and switch sides with up + touch pad. Anyhoo, just saying, I'm with you on the arcade stick. I'll never play fighting games on anything else. But the advantages for HitBox and Mixbox style controls is UNDENIABLE. Movement is SOOOOO fluid and good once you get used to it, especially coming from a stick. I still find inputs to be easier on stick, but that's a me thing, pilot error, if you will. Still can't do 720° on the Mixbox, like at all, FOREVER.

    But really yeah, use whatever is most comfortable for you to play the game! The main thing is YOU'RE PLAYING! i play on stick because it's how I was trained. I go ALL THE WAY BACK to the stone age arcade, where controller options were whatever the d3vs put in the game cabinet. You either learned arcade stick, or waited for the home port. Then if you wait the game may NEVER come to ANY home console, or something out of your reach, like the classic Neo Geo AVS. Though it did come with 2 high grade sticks!.

  8. For those about to mod their Quanba drone, you’re gonna need an adapter for the stick. And the original lever doesn’t take other gates that I know of. But they definitely don’t let you use sanwa gates on them. And there’s some minor filing you’d have to do to get the sanwa buttons to fit. I’ve had mine for 3-4 years now and it’s still in working condition. Although sometimes my left input doesn’t read. Maybe it’s cause of a button or action I’m doing by mistake before I put my game in.

  9. Good luck getting cheap sticks in Europe. It's expensive af (60 euros) and replacement parts have to be imported which makes them even more expensive, you'll be spending easily 100+ euros. Hitbox/Mixbox is even worse, because they aren't even sold locally, you have to order from their own online store, so you're looking at 250+.

    This is actually one of the bigger reasons why fighting games never really took off in Europe. We have PCs. We have keyboards. But fighting games aren't designed for it. Mortal Kombat is the exception, where you can disable diagonals. But even then, if your keyboard has classic tall keys instead of flat low-profile keys, it means you can't swipe/roll your finger across the movement keys. Laptop users actually got an advantage there, lol. And of course there's the elephant in the room: you need a mechanical keyboard with true NKRO – while these do come cheap lately, finding one with true NKRO can be tricky, because manufacturers lie on the specs about it (often the keyboard just has anti-ghosting instead of NKRO).

    And then there's the tournament rules banning keyboards altogether… absolute brain amputee tier decisions everywhere along the way to playing a fighting game.

  10. If you ask all the cheaters they'll say a mix box or a hitbox

  11. Keyboard and joystick share the same position with the joystick slightly better and I m a keyboard ⌨️ player but a fact is a fact but joypad it sucks ! Well as I have more than 26 years of experience in fighting games on all machines including pc I can tell you that I know what I m talking about

  12. I broke 3 dualshocks 4 playing tekken, the dpad shit the bed, then face buttons go awry next. I'm playing on a keyboard since that and let me tell you, half circle motions are HARD AF for me. Maybe that's a personal thing, but I can do consistent half circles on dpad all day. On keyboard it's much much more difficult.

  13. Is it fair game when people use different controllers?

  14. for me it depends on the fighting game I play

  15. Hitbox, though stick may have better ergonomics for certain wrist issues.

  16. I have a hori fighting commander because I thought it was gonna be easier and better for me to play on it. And I can say it is fun and it looks cool, but throughout my life I was almost exclusively playing on pc and keyboard, so I went back to keyboard and it's much better and easier for me
    My friend also bought a fight stick and now he doesn't play on it, so remember everyone, play with whatever is comfortable for you

  17. I kinda hate how mechanical switches got a reputation for giving you any sort of advantage for pressing keys. It's satisfying when they go clickity click, it's just a form of fidget toy.

  18. I used mecha keyboard, and using mod for switch, like lubing, change the spring. I did fighting game using keyboard from emulator mame, till now i cant use gamepad and arcade stick. Using pbt keycap, more rough keycaps.

  19. I went from ps3 to xbox one and the buttons on xbox feel so much better when playing Tekken because they're round with no edges like the PS controller. It's very smooth as you can push a button inwards from the centre or at any angle and still get a solid input. Also your fingers don't slide/slip across the button as much. I want a ps5 but I wanna use my xbox one controller forever when it comes to first person shooters and Tekken

  20. "Just ignoring this monstrosity"
    Honestly the position of the buttons kinda looks like my tekken/soul calibur keyboard setup

  21. played tekken on dpad for like 8 years and i feel like i’m gonna get carpal tunnel syndrome when i grow older 😭💀

  22. am I the only one who uses the control stick of a controller

  23. I prefer a controller but specifically the xbox style of controllers since the dpad is connected and not all separate buttons like on playstation. It makes it way easier for me to do things like z inputs just by rolling my thumb over the dpad instead of hitting separate buttons especially with the xbox elite controllers circular dpad.

  24. Any analog stick on console controller users?

  25. I will just continue with the pad mainly cus…no mone

  26. What about using the stick on the controller?

  27. The Xbox series s or xbox one dpad is godlike is so sad Xbox doesn't have more fighting games

  28. The one you prefer, all have plus and minuses.

  29. I've been playing games with keyboard but now I'm trying to perfect my self with controller on my xbox but when it comes to kof I just can't play it with controller

  30. 7:31 personally disagree. especially when playing a fighting game like tekken, the space between buttons on a ds4 can very easily mess up inputs for me. xbox buttons are just way better in this regard

  31. got the hitbox, now just need the timemachine.

  32. Nothing can still beat a classic arcade stick the arcade stick is built for that

  33. Question (I don't know much about this stuff so): Wouldn't a good keyboard for example one with optical switches be more advantageous than a hitbox?
    I wanna get more in fighting games but I don't really know what controller to use, I've never really been fan of a D-Pad and I have a cheap fight stick at home that works well enough imo but I've seen all this talk about a hitbox. To me it looks like everything you can do on there could be replicated using a keyboard (or even improved as I said with optical switches and stuff) so would it be smart to swap over to keyboard for fighting games? My main thing for asking this is becasue a hitbox is pretty expensive and it only really serves one purpose and that's to play fighting games. It's far from my main video game type but I do wanna get better at them so.

  34. I've only recently gotten into Tekken and I'm finding movement on a keyboard to be quite simple, but at the same time the keys set for attacks are too small for me, so I misinput a lot. Definitely gonna invest in a mixbox and see how that goes

  35. Honestly mortal kombat on keyboard is useless for many….none of the games are keyboard friendly

  36. Man, the df input (down forward) is actually is frustrating, especially in ps5 dualsense.

    It's button are slimmer, meaning more gap between the button.

    Ps4 had more broad, close knit pad. Sucks this design choice was made for ps5 controller

  37. Me watching this video for SotN:👀

  38. I've made the switch from dpad->stick->hitbox, the hitbox is by far my favorite now that I am used to it. Dpad is just very inconsistent with directional inputs sometimes and the fightstick travel time just couldn't compete with the instantaneous clicks from the hitbox. I recommend everyone go give one a try it available!

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