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Which Street Fighter V characters come out at the very top, and which are bound to lose you a game? We got some of our STREET FIGHTER PROS to discuss the Best 5 and Worst 5 characters in Street Fighter 5. Do YOU agree? Let us know down below!

Special thanks to Marine for guest starring in this video! Check out her Twitter here:

B-Roll Sources:
Luke Gameplay Trailer –
Poison Gameplay Trailer –
Dhalsim Trailer –
Zeku Reveal Trailer –
Fujimura (Chun Li) VS StormKubo (Abigail) –
Zangief Trailer –
Blanka Gameplay Trailer –
Urien Trailer –
Lucia Gameplay Trailer –
Nash Reveal Trailer –
New Patch Combo Movie Ver.202203 –

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  1. Luke in worst for the thumbnail was the best part very funny

  2. From the competitive/pro gameplay i've seen the S tier characters would be the following Guile, Ryu, Juri, Chun-li and Dhalsim honourable mention would be Rose or Zeku

    My personal S tiers are Zeku, Guile, Rashid, Cammy and Chun-li or Juri Honourable mention Ryu as his balancing is an issue. My Personal D tiers are Abigail, Birdie, Blanka/Necalli more or less the same character, Ed and Falke i dislike personally with a passion, F.A.N.G is literally a joke a practical meme fighter Dan in comparison is Godlike/way more viable and Honourable mention would be G i just don't see the appeal but as he's essentially Q i can give him a pass.

  3. Cody and Juri should be top 5 this season. Dhalsim/Chun/Zeku are like ehhhh….

  4. Joel perez use ryu trailer street fighter 6

  5. lol for tie breakers y’all should run a match n the winner gets the spot 🤣

  6. The fact that urien was even a subject for bottom 5 is crazy to me

  7. Bruh they said chun was A tier last season and when she got nerfed, they put her in top 5 XD

  8. Feng is so bad they forgot to put him in bottom 5

  9. I was taking this seriously until Urien was put in dookie tier. Y’all smoking.

  10. Give me the name of the person that made the thumbnail right fucking now

  11. The check is in the mail Marine. Thanks for the downplay

  12. This game seems like almost every character has some sauce. Punk is smart to counter pick people. Also the Luke hype seems a little overblown.

  13. First off let me just say not 10 seconds into the video and already Marine is my favorite person ever to say she hates Urien players 👏👏👏👏👏 thank you.
    And second as far as this list goes from top 5 best and worst, I would for the most part with the ladder of some. Such as the top 5 best I would agree about Luke,Poison,Dhalsim & Zeku but for the 5th I would give it to Rashid, this motherf*** has 2 Vtriggers that are really good and that stupid wall bounce Vskill is annoying to deal with (Like seriously how could people be hating on El Feurte when this guy exist). Chun-li is still like top 10 imo but Rashid will be top 5 for me.
    And for the top 5 worst I would agreed for Zangief but he's more like the best in the worst list, when there are players like Itabashi and Kichipa that could play Zangief real good then he's not that all bad (he still is bad tho). the others like Blanka,Urien,Nash, and Birdie imo should be on list.

  14. Lucia is not bottom 5. Punk is downplaying. She's a secret top tier

  15. ok i closed everything when the hoe talked. gg. have a good day.

  16. Marine is the best. Get her in more vids asap.

  17. I'm just glad Dan stayed out of bottom 5 haha. Hope Marine comes back, she was a lot of fun.

  18. More Dokkan Battle OST’s in the background is lit

  19. I'm grinding for another fighter should I just go for Luke I'm a counter player who likes to deal easy massive DPS I'm a Ken, Kage

  20. Marine clearly doesn’t play the game Urien d tier. You’re a fool

  21. If youre gonna put nash and lucia in bottom 5 for not having neutral, how you gonna leave out the stubbiest character in the game, Oro?

    Also, i do not get everyone's love affair with Zeku. Online Zekus get crushed. There are no tournament zekus because he actually sucks

  22. Punk is hyper knowledgeable. Great points and rundowns
    Kudos bro

  23. Punk is stoned off his nut, but he's still right about everything.

  24. Before this, I didn't know who Marine was, but if she hates urien players, I already like her

  25. Seth is bottom…my mans need some help lol…you gotta play so perfect to win with him

  26. That's a nice Slowpoke Marine has in the background there.

  27. Punk…..zeku players don’t talk cuz they are NINJAS. Of course they gonna stay quiet and humble so they get that bread and keep eating.

  28. If Zangief gets disrespected in one more of these videos! I'm body slamming everybody involved. Marine included! And Punk getting slammed twice, maybe even 3 times.

  29. TSNMLito22885 Fighting Games Passion says:

    Im shocked Vega isnt mentioned nowadays as bottom 5. His kit must have changed a whole lot

  30. Hate how they did Gief. Been playing this guy for all 34 years of my life…they said TRASH HIM

  31. Us Zeku players must remain in the shadows! We must never teach the secret Art of the Shin Bushinryu 😂

  32. marine is awesome I don't know about urien bottom 5 I may hate urien but he not that bad kinda he still got those good buttons ex tackle even though -2on block also true no ex headbutt reversal still his vtriggers are good but it a big change so I understand the switch his defense is bad .

  33. When I thought Nash more or less stayed the same, everyone said I was being salty about it. Now I'm not even sure if I WAS salty about it anymore..

  34. You guys have to continue this tier list it was great

  35. Of course there was going to be grappler hate in this video, if you don't won't grapplers in the game then tell the developer not to put them in, then you can just have rushdown and zoner characters. I always hear the same crap every time about grappler characters, well then there is your solution. Now you can have your zoner v zoner, rushdown v rushdown or rushdown v zoner game, that would be very exciting to see sarcasm intensifies

  36. Y’all worried about being PC. Girl is whack. Urien is A tier and we all know it. What a joke. Panda enjoy the knights in the comment section.

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