The Art of Footsies - Fighting Game Fundamentals -

The Art of Footsies – Fighting Game Fundamentals

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  1. ————————————————- says:

    >Talks about mixups
    >Jack a dandy plays


  2. Man that circle back to kicking shins at the end gave me Core-A Gaming vibes haha. Great video!

  3. I love how they have used Lei's stance flowchart 00:38 …as a Lei main this does put a smile on my face lol.

  4. Can anyone find the vid where that green monster got hit by the samurai that was shown in this vid?

  5. KoF XV dropping recently and the series' unique hop/jump/s.hop/s.jump does something to footsies that even air dashing doesn't give. Obviously this video isn't a comprehensive guide to footsies, but it is also the only series that does what it does.

  6. Walk back walk forward stick out a light or stick out a medium. Repeat. Sweep.

  7. I thought this was going to be all about the game, Footsies. Great episde!
    Something that always stands out too me is how if you don't threaten with hitboxes at all, your opponetn can read that you aren't throwing any moves out and safely move forward. In TLA, you can advance against Rice who may be looking for an anti-air this way

  8. I heard natural game and I thought "oh right Faust is good at that"

  9. Guilty gear going for aggressive game play as i fight HC😭

  10. thats old game fundamentals
    todays game fundamentals is a credit cad and buying the most OP new character of the month

  11. Then dragon ball fighterz comes along with neutral skipping normals and specials its such a party game.

  12. Great and informative video!
    The editing especially was very clean

  13. Your editing and production value is really good. But here, IT'S AMAZING. Great intro to footsies and glad to see that you're clear that there's so much more to it than in your video. <3

  14. In the Philippines, we used to have this weird street game called "Ninja Fight" it almost shares the same idea of footsies, aside from it being literally about stepping on each other's feet. 😂

  15. Have to complement the script and editing polish in these videos. Amazing job

  16. Lucie’s Guard [8th Apostle of the Twelve] says:

    Everyone talks about footsies but noone talks about footie

  17. Dear god, I really suck at fighting games!
    I just like to go with my own ideas, instead.
    The only complex combo I can even do is like with ROBO FORTUNE:
    Everything else is just spacing and spamming lasers.
    I am… Just a mediocre ROBO FORTUNE main at best.

  18. Arial is a font, aerial means in the air…

  19. By the final summery then it's an overloaded term that describes too many game states to be clinically useful? I'm not very experienced in fighting games and I'd understood it as when neither side has committed to an attack yet.

  20. This was an amazingly well done video. Got to hit the subscribe

  21. Why the fuck is this so in depth. Just shoot the gun

  22. when i got into fighting games and i heard about footies i expected so many foot fetish jokes

  23. i think footwork in any sport which requires it is really really important. if you can be best and hardest hitter in the world but without footwork you aint setting up shit!

  24. I think Sakurai puts it really well in his Kazuya reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, when he shows the vastly different positional game between traditional and platform fighters. He displays a red line for the front of each fighter in Tekken 7, emphasizing the horizontal importance, then shows a clip of Ultimate with two characters, highlighted as red shapes on vastly different vertical AND horizontal positions, showing the importance of multiple dimensions in spacing.

  25. Tekken doesn't have 54 characters? 51, technically 50 because the bears are essentially the same character.

  26. There is no such thing as "lag" in fighting games; that's a smash thing. In fighting games, a move that leaves you disadvantageous at the end is called "minus on block".

  27. I am so used to Guilty Gear that playing other games and walking backwards makes me feel I am almost losing lol
    Also I never liked MVC because… it feels really chaotic and you have no clue what the heck is going to happen, strikers + aire craziness is not for me

  28. Missed Opportunity to mention the King of Fighters and its Shorthop Mechanic, since I believe it has just as big an impact of how footsies are played as Airdashes.

  29. Best fundamentals vid I’ve seen, def dropped a sub

  30. i feel left out on these fighting games videos, as my favorite series never gets mentioned. i have never had so much fun before and after dead or alive 2 ultimate. so many mind games with the counter system that keeping your cool was more important than your "skill" to rack wins. only game i ever had best of 200 matches. back when my brother and friends were also game for doing shit together instead of being boring old persons with no drive for anything

  31. Didn't Core-A-Gaming made this same video even featuring Footsies the game?

  32. I do this in the real fighting. Footsies wins real fights too 👊

  33. That's why the fighting games become so boring, everything is already figure out, and even if you manage to learn all gimmicks of your game to the perfection, you never stand up, because ever will be an asshole who wipe your ass in less of 10 seconds, frequently; Also the general fighting game pool is going more toward the spectator side than the actual player side, making the pool of any fighting game more and more stall.
    That's why single player modes are being more and more important with the time, but developers only care for the online/ranked mode as if was the only important thing in the game, maybe in the past when the Arcades still was something it made sense, since was more a social thing, and you are not supposed to be more than a hour in the cabinet per coin/token, making the all other players extend your playing time, but now the Arcades are actually dead and fighting games are almost all in consoles/PC, there is no reason to ONLY work in the online features.

  34. I must sing praise of the tutorial sequence where I-no is caught slippin’ and the greenscreen effect suddenly shatters as Zato proceeds with a supreme beatdown

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