The Archetypes in Fighting Games. -

The Archetypes in Fighting Games.

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Fun little looksie at the general Archetypes in Fighting Games


  1. How was that Zoner/Grappler fighter at the end of the video? I could tell who he was. Great video BTW, short but on point.P.S: The only thing missing was the all-rounder(Shoto) but that's just characters that do a bit of everything but don't excel eother

  2. This is actually helpful. Im suprised not much people have found this yet.

  3. Great and informative video. My only suggestion might be to turn the background music down/turn your voice up a smidge, otherwise the video was very helpful!

  4. There's a big difference between the volume of your voice and other sfx/music, i'd recommend making your voice louder

  5. Solid vid! I agree with the lower background music comment

  6. As an introduction to the concept, its pretty nice

  7. I know how hard its editing but
    The music: 🔊🔊🔊
    The voice audio: 🔇

  8. underrated channel alert

    (if you can edit roughly well and have under 100 subs, automatically underrated)

  9. Balance/shoto’s and Puppet characters should have been in here

  10. Puppet, set play and mix-up characters are no where to be seen

  11. Feel free to not read this critic:

    fast characters (rush downs?) don't seems to have often high damages (like linne or ibuki or fox) that would be unfaire to hit harder than slower characters.

    Also that's weird to show mostly combo to speaks of archetypes, while once the combo as started zoner or rush down, it's roughly the same.

    and finaly that seems very weird to say that zoner is supossed to beat grappler when grappler are also made to destroy zoners once in the corner (and have enough life to freely approche). And i think it's common to fg to keep balance. Like often rush downs will have trouble against zoner since they have short range projectile.

    (also i disagree with other comments, audio is ok)

  12. Won a subscriber, should talk a bit louder in the videos tho

  13. Honestly with the rushdown example, you could’ve used literally anybody from fighterZ. I think a better example would’ve been to showcase Leo Whitefang.

  14. The music: 🔊🔊🔊

    The voice audio: 🔇

  15. ok Dahlsim is not really a zoner hes more of a keepaway than a zoner as keepaway is both rushdown and zoning, its a hybrid. reason why is cause his favorite area to be is half screen away not full screen away. Zoners main place they want to be is full screen. I mean there are many more things that separate them and I would be happy to explain more as many people confuse those two a lot

  16. Kid Goku is the Ideal character for rushdown
    Melee Fox: Am I a joke to you?

  17. I am looking forward to this channel's growth

  18. "Epitome" is pronounced "eh-pih-tuh-me."

  19. This was a great video, need more content like this. Fighting game analysis make me gitty. Time to binge watch

  20. This is a good video to sum things up very easily, but the end could have included "shoto's/balanced" characters when the video concluded the different archetypes.

  21. Good on you picking GT. Season 3 may have nerfed him, but he’s still incredibly strong. Do not sleep on GT Goku.

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