The Archetypes in Fighting Games. -

The Archetypes in Fighting Games.

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Fun little looksie at the general Archetypes in Fighting Games


  1. Nigga said king is best grappler in history ok bud 🧢

  2. Guilty Gear accent core have a very oppressive grappler. He can force projectile spamming noobs to resort on rushdown with his floor headbutt move.

  3. Thank you for this video. It's very informative!

  4. 5:15 Holy shit, that hast to be the most stylish projectile spam ive ever witnessed.

  5. Other great grapplers in fighting game history:
    -Potemkin in the original GGXXAC, before +R. He was broken. In +R he's still strong however.
    -Taka-Arashi in VF5FS, tied with Akira as best character in the game.
    -Zangief in Alpha 2, grappler with insane burst damage CCs and great jump-in moves.
    -Hugo in early SFxT, he was so good that people complained about him until he got nerfed into the ground.
    -Darun Mister in Fighting EX Layer, grappler with rushdown capabilities that can overwhelm much of the cast.

  6. what song did you use for the zoner portion of the video?

  7. This video got recommend to my brother, who 2 days ago talk me about it.

  8. What's the music during the rushdown segment?

  9. Damn you snuck a hot melee take in that end ven diagram hahaha i agree with you tho. 60/40

  10. Millia Rage: Exists
    "I think that GT Goku is an ideal rush down character"
    Millia Rage: Exists

  11. dude not to be negative or anything but the video would be better if you speak up

    anyways good content with nice editing!

  12. I’ve lowkey always wanted someone to make this specific video 😂

  13. Fighting games are a marvelous underrated videogame genre

  14. Should have divided limb and projectile zoner into different sub section since they have somewhat different properties the most notable one being limb zoner can extend their hotbox but also their hurtbox while it's different for projectile one

  15. Great video whats the name of song you used in the end? I look in the comments nobody asked this yet

  16. Hey I think you failed the say Susanoo from bbtag for rushdown and Hades izanami from bbcf but I think those two should have been mentioned but they weren't in my opinion doesn't mean s***

  17. And then there's the most powerful archetype of them all.


  18. Great video, and why the way DBFighterZ has a whole roster of rushdowns

  19. I never get tired of archetype videos. Cool that you used FF and Hearthstone as leading examples to introduce beginners to the terminology

  20. I wouldn't consider Marth a rushdown character. He just can not approach well because all of his attacks have so much lag, he leans forward during lag, and his hit boxes last only a few frames. Missing an approach leads to comboed time

    But I get the intended idea. Almost

  21. There's the female character barely clothed made to distract 10-15 year old boys

  22. I misread this title as Fighting Game Atrocities.
    …Potential video idea? 🤔

  23. That Pokémon black & white music at the end is magnificent 🤘🏾

  24. Peacock: I'm the best zoner ever

    Freddy Krueger: am I a joke to you?

  25. So you are telling me, that Marth is the perfect character? Good to know.

  26. "I believe that king is the best grappler in any fighting game"

    Broly from FighterZ: WHAT

  27. that fantasy whatever the fuck game looks awful ngl

  28. Since you used the fantasy strike example, I have a question that I've never found an adequate answer for. What "archtype" is Onimaru? I know there are other examples of characters with medium range normals like sin from ggxrd or basically all the samurai showdown characters, but I've never found anyone who had an adequate "archtype" for these types of characters.

  29. You mentioned fantasy strike. Auto like. It helps me understand more in fighting games.

  30. The feeling when you're not actually a new player but just played single player for most of your life and didn't knew most of theese

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