The 9 Best Guest Characters in Fighting Games -

The 9 Best Guest Characters in Fighting Games

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There have been a ton of great guest characters that have graced the fighting genre over the years, but which ones stand out over the others? Find out within.

Soulcalibur VI Review:

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  1. Cloud was the biggest surprise and here is a few we need now:
    Top 5:
    Banjo Kazooie

  2. If you like playing Yoda in soul calibur then you must also like picking Oddjob in Golden Eye.

  3. My favourite guest characters would be

    Ryu hayabysa in dead or alive 5 Xbox edition

    Predator in mkx

    Cloud in smash 4

    And ezio in soulcalibur

  4. Geralt over most of these characters is a no

  5. I know it's not out yet, but Simon Belmont in smash bruhs ultimate

  6. Wait did he say ezio as in ezio from assassin creed if so can anyone tell me what game is he in

  7. Yoda (and darth Vader) was the worst guest character in soul calibur. His inclusion did not fit into the style of the game, let alone the era soul calibur 4 Takes place in.

  8. Simon Belmont in Smash Ultimate. Either him or Nidhogg in Divekick

  9. Cloud in smash is arguably the most meaningful in smash history. You could say sonic.. but ehhhh like they said, they have done it before.

  10. Great choice for number one, I never would have guessed that Link was a crossover character in a Soul Calibur game. Now I want to play soul calibur two, although, I would tie link in soul calibur 2 with TMNT in Injustice 2 and Yoda in Soul Calibur 4

  11. 2B for Soul Calibur 6 is now my favorite guest character in any fighting game. I never would have imagined…. well ok I did. But I didn’t think it would actually happen in Soul Calibur.

  12. I liked link in the soul caliber on the GameCube

  13. Link in Soul Caliber 2 was a big deal when it first occurred as it was rare for videogame characters to cross over in ANY genre. (Not saying crossovers didn't happen beforehand, but just saying it was rare.)
    Also part of Link's character is that he goes to battle with a sword (except for that one time where he was crossbow training…lol) which fits perfectly into a game that features fighters with swords or sword-like weaponry. (Unlike Spawn and Heihachi.)

  14. link in soul calibur II made it the best version of that game despite the graphical limitation, star fox in starlink made it the best version of that game despite the graphical limitation…. it's clear that when nintendo play its characters right it can be a force to be reckon with.

  15. Jason in MKX, Rayman in Brawlhalla, Yoda, and Gon in Tekken

  16. Honestly, you can just name every third party smash character

  17. funny thing is some people still dont know metal gear and final fantasy both started out on nintendo

  18. "Super Smash Flash on Newgrounds" hahahahahaha, that killed me, xd

  19. kratos in mk and link in soulcalibur and cloud in sub were my favorite

  20. Mickey Mouse In Kingdom Hearts!! He was OP!!

  21. I was worried when yall put geralt and not link lol. Link GOATly

  22. Put Kenshiro and Raoh in Mortal Kombat
    Put Iori Yagami in Tekken

  23. You forgot Terminator in Mortal Kombat 11 🙂

  24. Injustice 2: Raiden
    MKX: Predator
    MK11: Terminator
    SSBB: Snake
    SSB4: Cloud
    SSBU: Snake

  25. Smash and Soulcalibur are the king of the guest stars.

  26. I glad you put Smash on here. I don't care what they say, to me, Smash Bros IS a fighting game. You have characters punching, kicking and hitting each other with swords and beams which; no doubt, IS fighting.

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