The 7 Most Humiliating Finishing Moves in Fighting Games (Commenter Edition) -

The 7 Most Humiliating Finishing Moves in Fighting Games (Commenter Edition)

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We recently pondered some of the most embarrassing finishing moves in fighting games – among them flaming farts, exploding pies and furious cinema ushers. But the YouTube comments reveal plenty more humiliating moves the Outside Xbox audience has been subjected to. Here are seven more fighting game finishers that hurt your dignity as much as your spine. Subscribe for videos like this weekly!

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  1. Sakura Ex3.. she literally points and laughs at you…that's it..and you lose 70 to 80 % of life

  2. When Chronos or Kronos in Bloody Roar Primal Fury 2 for gamecube transforms into a humanoid pheonix or a penguin and rides you like a surfboard around the perimter of the arena breaking walls along the way 😣 obviously far worse when he is a penguin lololol 😂😂😂 and such a troll cause he's mini and you can only hit him as a penguin with lows and power attacks overheads work pretty decent to sometimes. But yea sucks whem he rides ya around like a surfboard as a midgit emperor penguin. Sucks lololol

  3. What About Voldo From Soul Calibur 6? He Basically does something unspeakable to your Character

  4. Dampierre is like if Remus from Sanders Sides was in a fighting game.

  5. yeah I think chaos finisher is number 1 on this list tow dude

  6. NO mention of Rasputins embarrassing finisher in ‘World Heroes! where he, erm….anally violates you to death?!

  7. My boi Phoenix Wright will corner you into confessing a crime if you say he isn't supposed to be in Smash.

  8. This is at least a year old, but MK 10 Cassie Cage's X-ray

  9. i don't know why you're complaining about dampierre's looks. acts and resembles half your staff and generation 😀

  10. Someone know about more moves like panda one where he use the opponent as a ball?

  11. Primal rage was pretty cool back then lol

  12. No one is going to mention having to endure the crowd "cheering" when you won in primal rage? I get that it's monkeys, but couldn't they have at least 2 different "woo" clips so they could mix it up?

    Oof imagine trying to sleep and all you hear is "aaaAAAHH WOO WOO WOO aaAAAHH WOO WOO WOO"

  13. And an unbeatable collection of Scrabble words. Awesome, that literally made me LOL.

  14. "You like this kind of stuff?"
    Well, yeah! Why do you think I agreed to fight you in the first place?

  15. As somebody who has played most of the Ace Attorney games, I will tell you that Pheonix always finds a way.

  16. Yeah right, Nothing more embarrassing than being defeated by Dan.

  17. Super Smash Bros
    If your opponent is grabbing on a ledge, Luigi can use his down taunt while standing right above them and instantly knock them off the stage.

  18. Every finisher in thrill kill.
    Every one of them.

  19. That was the Martian's finishing move? I think not

  20. Cassandra: “you like this kind of stuff?”
    Yes, yes I do.

  21. Am I the only one who got really annoyed at the fact that he said blazblue wrong

  22. Phoenix Wright: Exists
    Everybody: We defeated crime and tyranny!

  23. Yeah, Smash is not really a fighting game, more an hybrid between fighting and platforming, but here's some humiliating moves that can kill you:

    Jiggly's rest
    Luigi's down taunt
    Wario's waft
    Dedede's dash attack

  24. That's not even the best part of Phoenix Wright being in MvC 3. The best part is after his story mode, in which, after this unimpressive lawyer who sneezes a lot defeated the world-eating Galactus, puts Galactus through the legal system and makes him plead guilty.

  25. i noticed jin kazama iconic move done by a joker🤣🤣🤣 4:30

  26. Not gonna mention bo-rai-cho? The dude literally lights you on fire with flatulence

  27. I think it's time to revitalize this list with a mention from MK11, Kitana's Deadly Kiss Brutality.

    The brutality itself converts her grab attack into an automatic finisher where she kisses her opponent's cheek, and then the opponent spontaneously explodes after a few seconds. However, the real humiliation comes from the fact a mercy must be performed first within the match. So not only did she finish you off with a kiss, she gave you a second chance to win the match before doing it!

  28. Omg don't tell me you called Maya "Phoenix sister", pls tell me I'm dreaming

  29. That's his bosses younger sister get it fucking right

  30. You clearly haven't played Super Smash Bros Ultimate, if you did you would mention Wario. And possibly Luigi. Wario already launches people with farts, and farts even harder for his Final Smash. Luigi, on the other hand, just uncontrollably flails around with the poltergust, then shoots you out like a pop gun.

  31. Gumshoe, arriving to pick his dog up: Hey pal, what have you been up to today!
    Phoenix, sweating: We definitely haven’t been doing anything that could endanger his life!

  32. Cassie cage from mortal combat 11

  33. i played primal rage back in the arcade in the 90s and it was fun

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