The 7 Most Humiliating Finishing Moves in Fighting Games (Commenter Edition) -

The 7 Most Humiliating Finishing Moves in Fighting Games (Commenter Edition)

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We recently pondered some of the most embarrassing finishing moves in fighting games – among them flaming farts, exploding pies and furious cinema ushers. But the YouTube comments reveal plenty more humiliating moves the Outside Xbox audience has been subjected to. Here are seven more fighting game finishers that hurt your dignity as much as your spine. Subscribe for videos like this weekly!

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  1. Actually, I think Kuma's Super Combo in Street Fighter x Tekken might be even worse. He hits you only once to daze you and conveniently places his hind exactly where you're going to land, and then farts on you.

  2. Celica: heals you
    Minerva: diches you with a single hit

  3. tbh I feel like out of all the injustice super moves, the TMNT one from Injustice 2 is the worst simply because of how terrible they look

  4. So does every guy in the chat WANT to die to Cassandra? Remember, she could have just taken a really bad crap, and not wiped properly. Just sayin'.

  5. Everybody gangsta till Phoenix Wright starts prosecuting you

  6. "Or the spectacular Spider-Man"
    Shows Deadpool
    I see no problem with this.

  7. I would most definitely not turn down being on the receiving end of cassandra's finishing move

  8. Kuma in street fighter x tekken literally farts on his opponents and it is from ground zero.

  9. Kuma in street fighter x tekken literally farts on his opponents and it is from ground zero.

  10. Orchids don’t even know how that’s supposed to make sense

  11. He should’ve done the jokers

  12. "If you're the invincible iron man"
    * shows iron man *
    "or the incredible spiderman"
    * shows deadpool *

  13. If you are doing part 2, probably not, I got an embarrassing one: Rise’s Instant Kill, True Love Story in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, because she basically sings you to death. Either that or Adachi’s Yomi Drop, because he mocks you for even trying.

  14. you know what? There are worse ways to go than Cassandras ass

  15. How tf is Martian Manhunter on the list? Because he hits you? How is that embarrassing?

  16. I feel like cellica's astral finish is sorta like josuke's super in jojo's bizarre adventure: all star battle where they both heal you up before just obliterating you

  17. in the anime dont the lawyers have air powers of some shit

  18. They made a mistake talking about Primal Rage. Whenever anyone speaks of this legendary perfect fighting game, the first words always have to be "Primal Rage is awesome."

  19. That Kuma finish is embarrassing. . . but you guys forgot about his super art in Street Figher X Tekken, where you fall on his ass and he knocks you out with a visual fart! Doesn't get worse than that!

  20. Josuke in JJBA: All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven basically do the same as Celica, except he punches you 500 times.

  21. Most embarrassing would be Cassandra using her booty finisher on Dampierre

  22. In jjba: eoh, josuke has an ultimate that does the same thing as celica
    He heals the opponent to full health and then punch them so hard that they died
    He said he do that to be fair and square

  23. Ok where is the hunters claw kinship attack from monster hunter stories or any of the herbivore kinship attacks

  24. The celica one reminds me of Joske 4’s great heat attack from jojo’s bizarre adventure all star battle where he heals you to full health and then knocks you down to your health before he hit you and then some. Not a finisher though.

  25. Andy:"No wonder we haven't been to Mars… If this is what everyone is like…"

    Me: "Racist."

  26. Just realized Dampier looks like if a trader from Fable decided to fight instead of get mauled by a Balverine

  27. Seeing most of these, I was thinking "WTF?!? Seriously?!?" XD

  28. The Pheonix Wright one even though I hate this video, I can't argue with that move.

  29. Sophitia from Soul caliber has a move called heavenly arch where she straddles your face before slamming you down to the floor

  30. What does Cassandra from Soul Caliber even SAY when she finishes the attack?

  31. Wario’s final smash in smash ultimate where he literally beats you up and farts on you.

  32. How else recognized. John John/ Martin man hunter from justice league heroes

  33. Really? Nobody suggested Faust and his Stimulating Fists of Annihilation?

  34. I was disappointed you guys didn’t include Majin Buu from Dragon Ball FighterZ, who can use one special move where you have to watch your character get turned into a cookie, eaten and then (If they aren’t KO’d by the move) spat back out again. It’s an embarrassing way to go, and it deals a whole heck of a lot of damage

  35. what about naruto ninja storm 4? one team attack is everyone turning into naked guys, then you pass out from seeing that. also, another non team attack is making clones, turning them into naked women that get all over you, then get hit with a ball.

  36. Dampierre is Troy Baker's impression of Mark Hamill's Joker. How can you NOT love that?!

  37. If you want to see Doom applying Diplomatic Immunity in a Phoenix Wright case, I recommend checking out Maximilian Dood's UMVC3 Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist Assist Me video.

  38. When he said, "Welcome to Mars," my mind imagined the Martian Manhunter smashing the Mars rover between two large rocks.

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