That game was super fast! -

That game was super fast!

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Kola was playing amazing after this.

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  1. The Joker character is broken. 😅 Easily the most powerful character in the game. I proved this by winning my local tournament and I don't even play the game. (Accept the training I did to win the tournament) But I should not be able to beat people that have been playing 1k more hours than me.

  2. This set was so hype, good stuff to Kola for bouncing back after this game

  3. Estuviste cerca de ganarle, pero fué un gran set, jajajaj 😀

  4. Good, hype set. No Sonic, no Steve. Just two real, slick, hype characters playing in classic Pokemon Stadium in a fast, stylish pace. Like the good old times.

  5. Este set ya compenso el precio del boleto!😅

  6. Edge Guard Counter is almost as scummy as it gets.

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