Thank god Street Fighter 6 didn't do THIS... (Maximilian Dood Reaction) -

Thank god Street Fighter 6 didn’t do THIS… (Maximilian Dood Reaction)

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Chat and I watched Maxamilian Dood’s recent video on his hands-on impressions of Street Fighter 6! And together we learned a lot of interesting details about the gameplay and mechanics that honestly has me SO relieved

Original video by @Maximilian Dood:

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Nearly 6 years after its last entry, Capcom is working on its latest in one of their most popular series: Street Fighter 6 (SF6/SFVI)! Featuring familiar and new characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Luke, and Jamie, this game aims to revitalize the franchise with new mechanics and an explorable overworld. The game is set to launch in 2023 on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series S/X, and Steam (PC).

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  1. Follow the leader hahahaha. SF6 Mess…Come on COWARDS Capcom spill the beta, your get some honestly then.

  2. Third strike was calling all but I’m glad to Perry doesn’t work like that six is going to be way better

  3. If this isn't 3rd strike incarnate, then tf are we L👀KING AT?!

  4. It seems like throws can counter now. You can see "Punish Counter" on the side around 1:52 on Ryu's Back Throw. That throw does pretty good damage in SFV, but it just looks insane here.

    So if regular throws can counter, and seemingly have bonus damage… Imagining punishing an EX DP (where you get 1.44x damage) with a command grab. Zangief's Heavy SPD deals 220 damage in SFV, and if it could counter, it would do 317 damage in one go

  5. I can't wait to see what they do with Juri. I hope they retool her again to be closer to her SF4/SFxT iteration.
    sfv Juri was kinda cool, but she felt kinda clunky there. She felt the best in SFxT
    And if some characters are gonna get installs, I would hope she gets something similar to SF4 OG Feng Shui Engine.
    Doesn't have to be exactly the same, but I would just like to see they do her some justice, cause I liked her unique fireball system and OG Feng Shui Engine was the JUICE

  6. Third strike is and most likely will always be my favorite SF game in no small part to parrying. So this does not make me feel as good as I once did about SF6 when I hear the parry system won't be similar. Because parrys allow for such offensive and defensive freedom. I could JUMP in third strike without having people call me a scrub. And I will either miss that or just not play another SF game 😂🤣

  7. I'm really excited to see the "perfect" specials they showed off today on their Twitter. Apparently they're taking a page out of Luke's flash knuckle and giving more hit stun to well timed charge specials, which means more combo opportunity 💪

  8. This game looks amazing. You don’t have to dumb games down. Make them fun and cool to look at and people will come.

  9. props to max and proving me wrong.I expect him to shill the hell out of this game,but he pointed out the bad things also

  10. Im super excited to play Kimberly and Jamie but I really hope they bring Baelena back

  11. Third strike parry was great….I wish it was back… every sf game.

  12. I'm most hype for Kimberly honestly. For one, it's cool having more black women in fighting games, and she is the first Black (African-American) woman in SF.

    On another note, from what I've been hearing she's a Ninja similar to Guy, so I expect her playstyle to have some Guy inspiration within it. So if she does indeed end up being a quick Ninja archetype then I will love this character forever lol

  13. Sean. That's who I want to come back. Sean.

  14. Out of the non-leaked characters I want Dudley, Sagat, Poison, and Laura. Out of the leaked ones I’m interested in Rashid, Blanka, Chun, Juri, Buff Chick, Abel Chick, FANG chick, and Ken.

  15. Let sf players be sf content creator's. Level 1 supers are done with double fire ball motion and light punch. Since like forever in all capcom 1 on 1 games

  16. I’m always hype for ryu.

    From the leaks I’m very interested in the Mexican girl.

    In terms of coming back I would be happy with fei long or guy

  17. I want them to rework Elena.
    But please bring back Falke.

  18. Should be like 3rd strike, the auto parry is ok, but reward on a perfect parry is a risk reward since the timing should be strict

  19. Sean, Alex and dudley need to come back. The vibe fits them well. I would love to see what they do with Akuma and Bison

  20. I defs want to see what they do with Juri. Would LOVE to see her Feng Shui Engine give her infinite access to drive mechanics for a time, or some cool stuff like that.

    Defs would love to see Damnd as a playable char.

    Out of the characters out now, Chun is looking hella sick, ngl.

  21. I actually love your reactions to Max's reactions lol

  22. But they never made another game like 3rd strike….so bringing it back will be new to a whole bigger crowd when it come to parrying. But AUTO PARRY is what we DONT NEED, literally. That's similar to why SOUL CAL lost a lot of it's support because of the Reverse EDGE that literally took no skill to do , just one button when you did something unsafe or if you didint feel like blocking.

  23. I've been ride or die with Ryu since 1991. I personally need Capcom to redeem Sean from the garbage he was in 3rd strike. Honestly, I really just want more non white characters from other countries with unique martial arts skills.

  24. Its interesting being a Chun Li main

    SF2: Intermediate character
    Alpha: Beginner character
    3rd Strike: Learn parries and thats the hardest part
    SF4: Requires execution at a certain level
    SF5: Easy with high ceiling
    SF6: Now we're completely from scratch redoing this character, learn her all over again dingus

  25. Hoping blanka is top tier in this game

  26. One of the things I'm super excited for is the music, like they really might be doing the change the music every round thing like they did before.

  27. Maybe they should rename the mechanic away from parry so people don't how it works in this game with 3S parry. Call it drive defense or drive block or some other name.

  28. Man you just a 3rd strike parry hater lollll. I'm all for skill based tide turning reversals

  29. Chun was also one of gens students I think that's how they justify her having a stance

  30. Wow ryus perfect parry of Chun lis special cost bar but auto partying the rest of the special built bar. That I don't like, they're penalizing people for getting a perfect parry. They're forcing us to be bad smh

  31. I want Ken to be the edgelord everyone's expecting from the leaks, let him embrace the darkside and become a new Akuma to Ryu's Gouken impersonation.

  32. Sf6 looks really promising but it's hard to believe that I'll enjoy it.
    Like what's the point if I can't play as teleporting vampire samurai with cyborg mask and giant katana or anything on half level of badasness in comparison?

  33. 100% agree and personally my fav and most played competetively SF game is Third Strike and still agree. 3S parry has that mystique you just can't replicate, let 3S be 3S.

  34. Alex was my main in sf5, i hope he comes back

  35. Zangeif and hakan

    Special mention to el fuerte

    I miss watching peppaday play him

  36. When I saw the trailer, I was happy that it looked like they were going wild and just bringing back all the core mechanics from the last three generations for some absolute nuttiness. Hearing that they also all work differently from their OG versions just made it cooler. I am so genuinely hyped for a SF game, and that feels so weird after SF5.

    Now Capcom, if we can just get Karin back…

  37. Cody needs to return for me. He's gotta turn the beat back.

  38. I’m mainly curious about what Sakura will be like in this game since she’s my favourite SF character. Though thinking about it more, Cody could be interesting as well. 🤔

  39. Still a bit suspicious about the game. But at its looking better as more stuff comes out.

  40. Way too f**** early to be getting hyped over this damn game I mean bro really it doesn't come out to 2023 relax a little

  41. The characters are more dynamic now it seems

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