TERRORDROME 2 Reign Of The Legends Trailer (2018) New Horror Fighting Game - lightslingergame.com

TERRORDROME 2 Reign Of The Legends Trailer (2018) New Horror Fighting Game

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TERRORDROME 2 Reign Of The Legends Trailer (2018) New Horror Fighting Game

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  1. Trailer looks like it was made in SFM. Game looks like it was only made for the ps2 and it also looks like it has a budget of only 10k i don't think this can get 100k on kickstarter

  2. NetherRealm should pick this up and use the mk engine

  3. And…. why people would wanted to waste their money for this….?

  4. This game sucks,, they should have kept the slasher movie monsters,,,

  5. I thought it was gonna have movie 80s, 90s, and 00s movie killers, not some silly ol monsters that young kids adore.

  6. If it's going by the name "terrordrone 2" then I absolutely dont want it to ever be a thing because it is definitely not terrordrone 2. Fuck this game

  7. Why the clown look like my guy from Hunter Hunter xD

  8. From the makers of other shitty games comes a new fighting game called failed game developers vs alcoholism and critics with common sense. Seriously jiggling keys is a more creative and appealing than A&F catalogue monsters. Hacks.

  9. Wheres the game? It must have been delayed or cancelled

  10. "to remain true to the horror genre and their fans" I dont think getting rid of every character from the last game and bringing in lame ones like Frankenstein would help.

  11. lol "white lady"??? i think i'm dating one.. XD
    and Frankenstein?? seriously?? is that what they're gonna call him now?

  12. I like the characters in the first one better

  13. My first thoughts were “I feel embarrassed for whoever worked on this, no way it got funded” check the page $9425 of $128,000 that’s a big YIKES

  14. Sorry if it did have more iconic horror villains, this would definitely be a game to lookout for but it just doesn't have enough.

  15. This lowkey gonna suck mainly because all these off brand names and characters just sucks

  16. I'm still waiting on the first one to go to console

  17. Ubiera sido mejor movies horror vs crepypastas

  18. Terrordrome 2: We Used Uncopyrighted Icons so we can market this!

  19. And why did they change slender to never thats a ripoff name

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