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TERRORDROME 2 Reign Of The Legends Trailer (2018) New Horror Fighting Game

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TERRORDROME 2 Reign Of The Legends Trailer (2018) New Horror Fighting Game

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  1. I'm gonna pass on this game, simply because the called 'the monster' Frankenstein. It's so dumb it hurts.

  2. Can anyone please tell me what console do I need to play this game and where I can purchase the game

  3. I remember playing the first terrordrome and beating the story as michael myers and I was like, "Oh my god, Hurrican is making a new terrordrome and it will have Pennywise!"

    And I got this. Like I literally got T.H.I.S. Wow.

  4. Wtf ?! I really liked the first one, but this… this is another level ! I'm hyped now
    (Even tho i'll miss the classic characters)

  5. Terrordrome
    Rise of the
    Bogeyman is

  6. Narration: Have you ever wondered, what if all the legends were not fiction after all?

    Me: No, No buddy not at all. Tell you what Buddy, don't quit your day job.

  7. Hey I was wondering what happened to the biggest fighting game flop in history :'))

  8. it as Ben 2019 and its not Complete yet Why is that?

  9. Honestly wish they had the old horror movie villains, but I get that you need to get permission and that stuff to use an licensed killer, but bloody Mary sounds interesting

  10. That's awesome is van helsing might be In mortal Kombat 11 as guest character

  11. I assume Van Helsing will play similar to Ash in the first game

  12. why even call it terrordrome. that game was full of licensed horror movie killers and this has a dude called t.h.i.s 😂

  13. shame the kickstarted failed.
    if only more people knew about this

  14. I feel that bloody mary should be erzsebet bathory 🙂

  15. Was this an actual video game? I can't find it on ps4

  16. My requests for Terrordrome 2:
    Mummy (Imhotep)
    Swamp Creature (Creature From The Black Lagoon)
    Headless Horseman
    Grim Reaper (Death)
    The Devil (Satan)
    Jersey Devil
    Bigfoot/Yeti (If Sasquatch doesn't count as both)
    (More requests coming soon)

  17. This doesn't look as fun as the original terrordrome.

  18. I really like the first one it made me to watch all horror movies it has

  19. No slashers? A shame. Guess I could mod Terrordrome to have more characters

  20. 1 year later and no updates of any kind :/

  21. Shiiit . This graphics more better than a terrordrome 1

  22. November 01, 2019 what happen with this game??

  23. This is a nice spin to the first game but it would be much more popular and a better appeal if there were horror villains but I understand why you can’t because of copyright issues but hope is not lost this game could be a serious hit if you add right characters and some more famous myths like moth man and some fictional characters as well like some scp monsters and creepy pasta characters as well.

  24. That Van Helsing looks like Kurt Cobain.

  25. Without the film slashers this game is shit

  26. Slender Man should of been in this game. It would of been epic.

  27. Hopefully they'll add the headless horseman and the Jersey Devil😈

  28. no grey alien, no mothman , no sea creature , no exorcist girl, killer toys/????

  29. 0:52
    Single handedly has been collapsing our economy, polluting our planet and destroying human lives
    Its Capitalist Man!

  30. I wonder why this hasn't been acknowledged by big name game companies. Probably one among many….

  31. The character named t.h.i.s. killed me(no pun intended)

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