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Sword Expert Reacts to Realistic Sword Fighting Game | Hellish Quart

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We got Matt Easton, a Historical European Martial Arts expert and owner of the fencing club Schola Gladiatoria, to react to Hellish Quart. Telling us his sword-fighting expert opinion on how realistic the game really is.

From sabres to longswords and rapiers, this HEMA inspired 17th-century duelling game is all about precise hits, quick movements and wits. With all this in mind our sword fighting expert reacts to how realistic Hellish Quart is.

Thanks to Matt for lending his expertise and if you want to see more, here is a link to his channel:


  1. Imagine his reaction if he learned that apparently, only two guys made this game.

  2. The world's biggest SuperDry model Matt Easton here, for Schola Gladiatoria BUT… CONTEXT ::insert innuendo here:: SABERS
    Really no one better to talk about saber fighting than this amazing man.

  3. this reminds me of sword of the samurai from the ps2

  4. You're not a master until you can beat three other masters and a drunkard

  5. 3:20
    Oh, that flinch is actually a deliberate design. Apparently, players can feign or "cancel" their attacks by pressing one of the attack buttons and then moving back. Since the guards are automatic, players can trick the opposing character to guard in an opposite direction for an opening. So like in other fighting games, there are also mind games in this one.

    Oh boy, those janky movements are actually bugs, and the devs are working on it. Unlike in a lot fighting games, the swords and characters are actual ragdoll physics objects in the game world, which are affected by a lot of things like gravity and intertia, so the animations get thrown off alot.

  6. Does a "sword expert" automatically make a person an expert in fencing? Maybe this expert is a fighter of some club on historical medieval combat? Did he participate in bugurts? It doesn't seem to be, so it's not entirely clear how this brilliant person can talk about how you can and how you can not beat with a sword.

  7. This is this games only and last saving grace to push it out to audiences

  8. "Is one of these guys drunk?" Well they are both Slavic so of course they are drunk.

  9. Okay this is freakin' awesome. Also, thank you Mr. Easton.

  10. Played the demo/beta and it had potential. Reminded me a bit of bushido blade but not nearly on the same level.

    Hopefully this grows because its a cool concept.

  11. It looks great, but It has very poor animation blending. It looks figity. You should be constrained more and not hop between different attacks kinda like red dead 2.

  12. This game simply sells you on the realism. Even without the expert speaking, the flow of this game is surprisingly real!

  13. is there an android game for this? or an emulator?

  14. remember him from poled weapons. Like Poleaxe.

  15. All these awesome YouTube history channels in one place. Dream come true.

  16. Doing sabre is not being a sword expert 🙄

  17. Any member of the kaubbo is a real sword warriors

  18. Take note: when you get an actual "sword expert" who knows what he's talking about and can provide CONTEXT, you can tell because he's got racks of swords behind him. Almost like it's his livelihood or something.

  19. How's the learning curve in this game? Looks like fun.

  20. This game looks fun though. I’m really loving how we are getting into sword play the way we are.

  21. Its not a Polish sabre, its a Ukrainian sabre.

  22. you know this reaction is better than those react videos, were the experts scream when there a scene in a game

  23. 4:38 that is indeed how it goes. Lots of the historical records of double hits were young, hotheaded duelists who both went all offense no defense, running one another through.

  24. QUART like quarter not like shopping CART

    Parry #4; blade up and to the inside, wrist supinated. The point is higher than the hand. Covers the inside high line.

  25. This game is the ultimate spiritual successor to Square Enix's Bushido Blade games.

  26. The people who made the game must be proud


  28. i'd like to talk about the thumbnail, are you taking a high block? It doesn't look right. Your sword angle will deflect an overhead blow right down to your head, and your sword is not held above the head either. It will come down hard, slide and slice the top half of your cranium.

  29. 4:46 the game has a new character who IS drunk and a priest, looks fun as hell

  30. So glad to see Matt Easton in here 🙂

  31. personal headcannon is the glitched fighter led directly to the creation of drunken father Z

  32. Hellish Cart, the incredible fencing game!

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