SVGR - Arcade Fighting Games Part 1 -

SVGR – Arcade Fighting Games Part 1

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Episode 90: Arcade Fighting Games

I have always loved fighting games, and the best fighting games were always in the arcades. Most people know of the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games that made the genre famous. On this episode we take a look at some of not so well known arcade fighters.


  1. I always felt like Garou should have been on the FATAL FURY COLLECTION 2 disc for PS2

  2. Nice video. One question I really wanna know the answer though: do you like day and night cycle in fighting games?

  3. Hi everyone, I hope anyone can help me, from around 1988 to 1992 there was an arcade I don't recall the name but I recall vaguely the game I recall my cousin that was older really obsessed with it, I try to recall but I can´t If anyone knows If this Arcade was real would be really nice to know, I recall, this it had 3 playable characters and was a fighting game was not a beat 'em up, but a real fighting game, one of the characters was a black man with a bandana, a long-haired a bit overweighted man and a guy in denim that look very close to Van Damme in jeans like in that movie Lionheart, I recall some of the scenes between fights like the promoter of the guy that looks like Van Damme wearing a tux and top hat and had a mustache, or the black character had one with his girlfriend, I hope someone could help me to learn the name of this game that has been hunting me and my cousin for around 20 years.

  4. They have a compilation of Last Blade 1 & 2 for import PS2.

    Galaxy Fight and Waku Waku 7 are also together in a compilation on PS2. The only relation between the two games is a character called "Bonus Kun" a punching bag inspired by Ryu from Street Fighter. I owned almost all of the games on Sega Saturn and later emulation and import PS2 compilations.

    There is a sequel to Matrimelee on PS2 called Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnō Kaihō. It's ok but they added a few new characters and you lose the ROTD characters. I wish they ported the MVS version as a bonus but somehow they were left out. bummer

  5. Since you're a big wrestling fan, have you played "Saturday Night Slam Masters" or "3 Count Bout" before?

    Check them out if you haven't, pretty cool arcade wrestling / fighter (particularly the former).

  6. Hey man, love the channel, keep up the good work, it's awesome stuff, it even inspires me to make more content for my channel!

  7. I see your subscription count climbing, keep up the great work dude!

  8. please do more of these type of videos. it doesn't have to be just on fighting games either.

  9. I always watch your vids right away when they appear in mah sub box :3

  10. 2D fighting games interest me so much but I can never learn the characters and just end up butting mashing. Smash brothers and soul caliber 3 are the only fighting games I can say I'm pretty good at

  11. Anyone with an interest in even half of these would do well to get a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast as a bunch of these are on those systems. In a lot of cases they got really good, if not perfect arcade ports.Though you'll need a way of playing imports to have access to them all, through either an NTSC-J Console, or with the Action Replay Cart for the Saturn and boot disc for the Dreamcast.

    Really good selection of fighters, though I'd also add Groove on Fight as a good introduction to the Power Instinct series. Also Golden Axe the Duel is a decent Samurai Shodown style fighter, though similarly to Double Dragon had people questioning why they made it as a fighter and not a sidescroller.

  12. you played the US version of matrimelee…which dropped the songs and music videos in the background. you should change the bios. those songs are freaking funny.

  13. I actually played guru mark of the wolves too much and I love it how can it not be famous?????

  14. dude thanks for doing this im in the process of opening an old school arcade business strickly arcade fighting games u opened up my variety

  15. It's alright your vids are awesome keep up the good work.

  16. Garou is pronounced Gah-Row and I believe it means wolf

  17. Thanks for this brutally awesome video! I have all of them on M.A.M.E.!

  18. i really enjoy your videos. very honest while trying to be as positive as possible. have you reviewed wrestlefest sir?

  19. Love your vids man. Don't understand the view count. But hey all in good time right. You can tell you live for this stuff. Keep em coming.

  20. please can some one tell what this fighting game is called we're you're fighting in the street in front of a crowd and they flash reder and reder the more you beat them up and when you finish them of a paramedic vehicle takes them away please someone id this game for me i use to play it in the arcade as a kid in the early 90s

  21. why does your theme sound like Paula Abduls song straight up? lol

  22. and you said that one game is called nature melee? O.o Trying to find it and and cannot figure out its name.

  23. So basically, "not so well known" fighting games are ALL Neo Geo games? I mean I can accept that, but I believe there are obscure and even lesser known fighting games from other companies than SNK. All I'm saying is, SNK fighting games aaaaaaannndd???

  24. All these snk games were pretty well known where i live, mainly thanks to neo geo emulator cds that included all the games (roms) everyone had a copy and played them like crazy since it's the only thing that our shitty pcs could run.

  25. At 00:15 there's a shot of a cow kneeing a pig in the snout in a ring on a farm, what the hell game is that from?

  26. Very nicely done, edited and put together! Shows a lot of passion for what you review and the games you appreciate.

  27. 11:51 I was annoyed just watching this part, I can't imagine actually playing it and having this bullshit happen. Good lord

  28. 11:51 I was annoyed just watching this part, I can't imagine actually playing it and having this bullshit happen. Good lord

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