Super Powerful NPC Fights the Smart AI (with Active Ragdoll Physics) -

Super Powerful NPC Fights the Smart AI (with Active Ragdoll Physics)

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I created NPC Wars between NPCs and the Smart AI in Overgrowth.

We are spectating Smart AI teams face off each other. It’s AI Battles, with Active Ragdoll Physics, and we spectate the fight between AI and NPCs. NPC Wars with Smart AI is a physics based simulation created in Overgrowth. Be sure to subscribe for more Overgrowth Sandbox NPC Wars/AI Battles/NPC Fighting videos.


Euphoria in Overgrowth (character mod) by Mr. Skeletal and Akazi:
Euphoria dude has had it mod by Daro:
DaroJohn’s WACKY new attack animations mod by Daro & Yanwang Ken:
Drika Hotspot Mod by Fason7 and Gyrth:
American City mod by Markuss (uploaded by edo):

Simple Shapes mod by Fason7, F1ute, Bag_Piper:
Dynamic Animation And Combat Overrides mod by Fason7:
Spooky Valley Of Doom mod by Zed Amadeus:

Main channel, NPC Universe;

Super Powerful NPC Fights the Smart AI (with Active Ragdoll Physics)

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  1. how to install over growth,i cant find it in steam

  2. How can Made it, because I wants to Made it for my happiness self

  3. 9:26 Mans did a front flip into the nastiest punch known to man

  4. "overgrowth GIGACHAD isn't real he can't hurt you"
    The overgrowth Gigachad:

  5. How do you make npcs fight I don’t wanna do any of this story mode stuff. I already downloaded all the addons in the description. I just wanna play this game like it’s totally accurate battle simulator


  7. 4:48 red got a taste of his own medicine by getting thrown by blue

  8. They smart if run from him, they know that he's superpower

  9. can u do a tutorial of how to do that super powerfull npc and the Smart AI or a download link of both?

  10. 5:18 the cyan guys are like: Let's beat up the yellow guy instead of the red giant hulk

  11. nobody:
    mobile fighting game ads with ragdoll physics:

  12. 6:47 yellow tought he was over with that double barrage but then saw red at eyes and felt the true terror

  13. What’s the game name also pls tell me it’s allowed on iphone

  14. I like how smart ai enemies are still fighting him even though it sounds like they are breaking every bone in their body

  15. That blue guy with the yellow eyes legit tried to do an anime spirit on him

  16. Random guys fist: quickly coming near someones face
    Someone: 🤓 Errr actually the force your fist is coming at my face with the current windspeed blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah so with all those calculations done, that should only give me a mild concussion, throw me off this 100 meter high building which with a lot more calculations you can figure out would kill me

    spoiler 🤓 died

  17. Bro isn't built different, hes Constructed Alternatively

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