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Style Select: Pro Wrestling In Fighting Games

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How do fighting games translate the combat entertainment of wrestling?

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  1. There is wrestling and then there is Potemkin with tank cannon for grapling purposes

  2. As a “not a wrestling guy” you should spend maybe an hour looking up Japanese pro wrestling. A LOT of what the fighting game guys do is based more on the Japanese style than WWE. The Japanese style tones back the more crazy stuff like chairs and 30 ft power bombs into a stack of tables. Instead they dive deep into what 2 people can accomplish with a very high level of skill and precision.

  3. "For as long as mankind has learned to use his hands, ever has he struggled to master-"

    My god did I think that was going somewhere else 😂

  4. I thought Asuka's fighting style was based on Aikido instead of Jiu-jitsu

  5. King is a love letter to pro wrestling. so many actual moves. so fun to hit. the moment i saw King do a shining wizard (some of my fav wrestlers use it) i fell in love

  6. I absolutely love pro wrestling and the fact that most grapplers in fighting games are pro wrestling archetypes anyway, makes me love fighting games EVEN more.

    (PS: King A.K.A. Jaguar Man is the best grappling boi in fighting games. Don't @ me. 🤣)

  7. I keep getting drawn in by the thought that pro wrestling as a legitimate martial art could be perfectly reasonable. Trained the right way, it's MMA with a heavy focus on slams and submissions. I believe in you Inoki and Sakuraba!

  8. I really hoped you were going to say "what is known in modern day as wrasslin'"

  9. Did you know that KING's mocap was done by a real life wrestler named Minoru Suzuki?

    Also, please don't remind me how I missed that KOFAS X WWE collab because I quit the game the day before they announced the collab.

  10. 7:42 "What if the Undertaker just had powers?"
    What are you trying to imply there, mister?

  11. Fun fact King was mocapped by japanese wrestler Minoru Suzuki in Tekken 3, which is the reason King wears a shirt rather than his wrestling attire as it was Suzuki's entrance attire in real life.

  12. It’s a match made in heaven, in video games the moves can be as violent and elaborate as possible and no one takes a bad bump and dies.

  13. One of my favorite fun facts about fighting games and pro wrestling is that King's motion capture in the Tekken series was done for a number of years by Japanese pro wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki, who is widely known as one of the toughest bastards in the entire pro wrestling industry.

  14. You kinda forgot that Pro-Wrestling also about a character too

    Yes the safety measures are there but you are going to eat actual injuries (Katsuyori Shibata shenanigans and crazy bump Kota Ibushi ate)

    Also, MMA adopt some of the Catch Wrestling style (holds) from Karl Gotch and so most of the MMA fighter has a general knowledge about wrestling

    Good video nonetheless!

  15. Drunken boxing (zui quan) definitely has my vote

  16. For someone that does not watch wrestling you did a great job but there is so much more to talk about. Styles like Lucha Libre could get their own style select imo

  17. My favorite wrestler character is King from Tekken, Incinaroar, and Alex from Streetfighter.

  18. I hope the ones that dont get voted in get a video some day. Though I also hope we get a video on beast fighting style somedat

  19. I feel like I should mention Bane from Injustice: Gods Among Us. He is more of a grappler; however, he does have some great wrestling moves in his arsenal. My personal favorite is the RKO.

  20. Fun video. Well done. I think it leaves out something very important: different styles of wrestlers.
    Not all wrestlers in fighting games are grapplers. Some are the kind of flashy flying machines like Ramon from KOF or El Blaze from Virtua Fighter, or R Mika from Street Fighter. They’re not full grapplers.

  21. Couldn't agree more. Wrestling isn't real, but it's not fake, either. They're some of, if not the, greatest athletes on the planet.

  22. Another fighting game that needs a wrestler character is Killer Instinct, and no, Thunder, Tusk(just because of one of his costumes), TJ Combo, Aganos, and General RAAM do NOT count
    I want a REAL wrestler

  23. The lack of Clark in this video hits different man….

  24. Great video! That moment you linked pro wrestling to games was impactful, really made me think

  25. You never approached the topic of Command Grabs. Why? Command Grabs are what started the Grappler FG character in the first place. In 3D games, I picked Bass (an otherwise unremarkable grappler design) because he did everything with grabs: from oki to frame advantage to hi counter damage. KOF15 has various character designs dependent on their types of Command Grabs: sleek Shermie has running grabs, heavyweight KOD has armored Grabs and military Clark has chain grabs. Your review is incomplete until you link Command Grabs to grapplers

  26. this video really shows how awesome wrestling can be ( at least in video games for me. also i want drunken fist next. that is awesome.

  27. Long time fan of both Fighting Games and Pro Wrestling here, a collection of notes.

    WWE banned the Piledriver after Owen broke Steve Austin's neck and took away what should have been his peak years. The Undertaker was allowed to keep doing it though, because
    1. he's the goddamn Undertaker, and was a similarly hot commodity at the time and
    2. the Tombstone has 'Taker controlling the drop by going to his knees, rather than the traditional sitout position for a Piledriver.

    But yes, there's a lot of maneuvers in Pro Wrestling that are extremely dangerous, and botches can see people paralyzed for life (Droz was left a quadraplegic as a result of a minor botch by D'Lo Brown; Tyson Kidd was very nearly killed in a freak accident when taking Samoa Joe's Muscle Buster). Remove the theater and mutual safety agreement from these moves, and you've got apocalyptic displays of strength that are just perfect for fighting games.

    To get in ahead of a myth, NO, the mat is not trampoline like: its canvas over wooden boards. Typically heavy canvas is used, and the boards will be of a wood chosen to give some 'snap' or bounce to them, but otherwise they're landing on a hard surface. There's a reason that part of training in Pro Wrestling drills students very heavily on how to fall and take the traditional 'flat back bump', spreading the impact across as much of their back as possible. Even then, spinal stenosis is a common condition that shortens careers in the business today, as all that damage builds up.

    As for 'chairshots', after the now infamous Chris Benoit incident, the unprotected chairshot to the head is largely extinct, and good riddance to it. Even a 'gimmicked' chair prepared for use (typically the backrest and poles would be partially sawed through, so it breaks and splits in a dramatic fashion after one or two hits) is going to do very real damage, and in the years following that horrible tragedy and the NFL expose, we've come to understand a lot more about just how serious concussions are, and how easily they can occur and compound.

    For a poignant reminder of just how much damage this beautiful and ridiculous theater of muscle does to its participants (a wonderful term SP, thank you!), look to Mick Foley. Best known as Mankind and Cactus Jack, a legend of WWE and the famously violent and wild ECW, and by far one of the most beloved figures in the history of the business, has a list of lingering and permanent injuries that has been likened to a survivor of an otherwise fatal car accident. Even after losing a lot of weight and being in some of the best shape of his life, he is unable to tie his own shoes because it is simply too physically painful for him to bend in any way to do so.

  28. The montage was SO GOOD. And I think you nailed it: Wrestling in video games is what our minds eye see pro wrestling as. Good stuff!

  29. BlueCrasher01 II bluecrasher_01 TWITCH VODs says:

    Kinda sad to see no Marduk, granted pro-wrestling isn't his primary style, but he does carry some of the principles in things like his mount/tackle strikes clearly hitting with his forearm instead of his fist etc…

  30. Drunken boxing created by Hwang Jang-Lee (Real teacher of Jackie Chan)

  31. I love the fact that pro wrestling is represented in fighting games.

  32. I wish you offered more critique on the many ways that fighting games break the rules of wrestling when repreothe style. I see so many illegal moves coming from faces (the good guys) in Street Fighter and Tekken

  33. The wrestlers from fighting games are LEGITIMATE SHOOTERS

    Pro Wrestling in fighting games was treated a legitimate fighting arts which means the wrestler "Shoots" on the opponent and are skilled fighters. They execute their moves to hurt their opponent not for entertainment purposes but for legitimate competition. When we call someone in pro wrestling a "Shooter", it means that the wrestler have an experience in real fighting (For example : MMA, Competitive Grappling) and can legitimately fight someone.

    If we take a look at Pro Wrestling, it contains a lot of moves from different martial arts and grappling arts that can be executed legitimately. Not to mention, Pro wrestling originally came from Catch Wrestling, a legitimate grappling arts that were hosted into carnivals. However, people did not like this "real" wrestling so they have came up with an idea by making it an acrobatic performance where wrestlers sells some fantastic high flying stunts to make it more exciting to people. They did not enjoy the "real" wrestling that was shown unto them so Catch Wrestling is forgotten and lost art because it evolves into "Entertainment Wrestling".

    However, if we turn Pro Wrestling "Real" just like in fighting games, the wrestlers must train to "Shoot" which means executing their moves legitimately to hurt someone instead being a "Seller". We can translate a lot of moves that was made for entertainment from Suplexes, Holds and Chokes. We can see a lot of Pro Wrestling moves that were done in MMA and went perfectly! Someone even managed to pull a Boston Crab and was lead to victory. We can turn Pro Wrestling into real fighting method and it can be still seen as Pro Wrestling.

  34. THANK you for explain the difference in “Fake” & “Staged”, “Pre-Determined”, & just add in “Scripted” (which is the other two combined really. Lol!
    As someone who doesn’t know much about wrestling…well done!

  35. You know what I wanna know?

    I wanna know what luchadors there are in fighting games besides El Fuerte.

  36. I just love how you transitioned us into the montage; was like for a brief moment, you were deep into the understanding of wrestling fans. …or at the very least, you really love the powerful spin fighting games place upon wrestling moves.

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