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Style Select: Guns In Fighting Games

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How do fighting games justify bringing a gun to a fistfight?

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  1. Ok now the muricans are pleased, let's jump to actual martial arts :p

  2. I can get down with this style of analysis. I've definitely seen myself gravitate toward the full arsenal type of gun user in fighting games, but I still find the other styles of gunplay cool too.

  3. wtf no bulleta mention…
    best arsenal character ever made

  4. Super excited about this series dude. Super cool stuff.

  5. While Bushido Blade was somewhat brushed aside, it is an interesting case in that all the weapons were much more deadly than you'd see in conventional fighting games. Katze's gun wasn't "unfair" because it was capable of near instant one-hit kills, because other weapons were similarly capable. Katze's gun was "unfair" because of its range, which was roughly balanced by Katze being far less capable if an opponent did manage to get into their own strike range. His playable form in the first game was also locked behind a potentially brutal experience.

  6. Martial arts get a poor shake here. Traditional military martial arts have always been about efficiently using a weapon, backed up by decisive grappling. Modern military martial arts ("combatives") are no different. And although gun kata is a fictional concept, the use of firearms, grappling, and even melee weapons in concert is very real.

    There's also very limited evidence to suggest that martial arts were ever about philosophy or artistry. This appears to come from a combination of various nationalistic or provincialistic agendas, or from western colonial orientalist perspectives. Most martial arts that fall out of common use simply perish, which is fine, because very few are both unique and maintain effectiveness.

    To make real life fighting work for you, there are only really four ingredients: Unarmed striking, grappling, melee weapon technique, and projectile weapon technique. Applying quality fundamentals and getting/staying fit are all that's required — forget advanced techniques at first. If you can strike, grapple, and use common weapon types, you're more technically skilled than most and won't get distracted trying something dumb.

  7. 🙄Can some body please post a list of the fighting games shown on this vid, I would like to look for them and try them out, So far I only recognize Tekken, Street Fighter, and Soul Claibur and I thik one of the Persona fighters. What was the rest? Thanks in advanced.

  8. He doesn't realize that the musical artist Biggest Punisher developed a martial art around guns called judo…

    ju don't know I got a gun

  9. This was an awesome analysis! Keep up the good work

  10. I was kind of hoping to see Sharon from the Street Fighter EX series in this list. Her gun is relegated to her super, when she typically fights melee, though in Fighting EX Layer, her gun then has ammo. It really makes the gun-as-a-super-only style somewhat unique to her, though I guess she would also fall under marksman for this in-game trait.

  11. this is going to be such a fun series!!

  12. I remember in an SF game Ryu dodged a bullet from a fairly close range. Honestly I'd be okay with guns in sf

  13. this reminds me that we need more cowboys in video games.

  14. There should be a gunslinger character in Killer Instinct

  15. Looks like I've got some homework to do, let's see if Equilibrium is on Netflix.

  16. On a semi-related note, a Symphogear fighting game would be real nice.

  17. Me in KOF 2002-
    Whip: pulls out gun
    Me: I should be able to block th- HOLY SH*** I LOST

  18. i know the "arsenal character" really refers more to an arsenal of firearms and explosives but i think Whip counts as one in a sense, especially in her early appearances. she has the aforementioned whip but she also carries a combat knife, boots with hidden toe blades, the gun (in some games the whip turns INTO the gun), and in later games she gets explosive earrings like her buddy leona! i don't know whether this would fit better in another trope i'm not really considering, but i figured if you showed her once i get to gush about her cool weapon mastery stuff

  19. JJBA HFTF Hol Horse, Hoingo, probs the Best Gunman Zoners, you get both a lingering hitbox and speedy instance of a gun and also showcasing that a gunslinger isn't that good at fighting.

  20. So basically, Bayonetta's fighting style (at least in Smash) is gun kata.

  21. your video could really use some improvements on production values. get HD footages and a better mic, that would X10 your viewcount

  22. I main ALOT of gun characters….
    Happy chaos in ggst, joker in smash, erron black in MK, plan on maining ranger and/or hitman, play a ton of eltnum in uniclr and a few more……the gun doesn't make or break it for me at the character select screen….but I can DEFINITELY say it's the biggest fucking cherry on top. Great vid man. Keep it up!

  23. Thanks for the movie recommendation. Time to watch Equilibrium.

  24. Happy Chaos pretty much totalled any sense of flow when using guns, you can just sit at the back and refill your bars and spam the auto aim bs. Probably a better character in concept.

  25. Just going to riff here. Guns should not be openly available, a person should develop kyūdō through a Yumi or crossbow or paint gun. Guns are an extension of Ninjutsu or "anything goes" shadow combat. Ninjas and Rangers are similar, especially Snipers. In the future, guns suddenly become obsolete because of a simple static pop shield (Dune). Ryu's fireball is an interesting "very slow" gun used to control space I like the CAPCOM one better than Square Enix Chi Blast. Reality of defending yourself is real.

  26. Always think of Honkai impact when i hear Gun-Kata. Damn, that tuna is salty

  27. Who said they can never bring guns to a knife fight or a fist fight, I mean certainly no one does, hell but Star Wars Force Combat is slowly but surely adding characters who can fight with their blasters, like the Dark Trooper for example!!!

  28. Style Select is such a good name for this series. Looking forward to more!

  29. Loved to see the paralel between samurais and cowboys being pointed out, and loved to see my man John Woo getting the praise he deserves for pratically inventing gun fu. Great video.

  30. Some Killer Instinct clips would go great with this (Arbiter, Kilgore..)

  31. This is a really great series. If you ever do a video of a samurais, I'd love to help, as being a former 4 year kendo practitioner.

  32. The re4 Mercenaries soundtracks was such a good choice for the music of this video! Earned a sub, Excellent job overall keep it up I’m here for it!

  33. I find it hilarious how Happy Chaos isn't even a gunslinger. He just found a cool gun one day and decided to roll with it instead of using his broken magic. He gets surprised when he manages to do a gun spin in his round win animation.

  34. Bullet Ballet is definitely one reason why Black Lagoon is one of my favourite anime/manga series lol

  35. Something I find interesting is Noel seems to fight with blanks in her guns as a lot of moves involve the guns firing but not go full screen, like they only hurt with the muzzle flash for a lot of shooting moves. So, melee ranged guns.

  36. Thank you for using the re4 mercenaries ost

    What a classic. Brings me back.

  37. 7:26 dude this summation is godlike. I love the idea that fighting game characters express the philosophy behind martial arts rather than their real world strengths and weaknesses

  38. you're vids are always so dope. big love on the shitty NRS animation ones haha. keep up the good work.

  39. Now I wished you had made a video about Venom from GGX serie as he kind of fit within the marksman but isn't a gunner at all.

  40. let's talk martial arts,

    Lesson 1:


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