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Style Select: Guns In Fighting Games

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How do fighting games justify bringing a gun to a fistfight?

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  1. I'm just happy Noel Vermillion is on screen☺

  2. As a man once said
    "One, two, here's another.
    Take it.
    Take it, eat it."

  3. It would be fun for a "realistic" fighting game to include a joke character who's whole deal is that he has a gun. A real gun. Like each shot does 50-100% damage and is basically impossible to dodge or block or do anything about. Like round 1 second one, you're dead and there's very little you can do to delay that. Obviously it would have to be blocked out of competitive play, but not every character needs to be for competitive purposes.

  4. Finally, an episode about gun control that I can agree with

  5. can’t wait for dnf duel to fully comeback gunslinger is so fun

  6. 7:10 Hey look, christian proto-Happy Chaos! She even got 2 seconds of screentime!!!

    Yes, despite the cool-looking gun moves, Anonym (the nun) is essentially just Happy Chaos, AKA the character with probably the best keepaway/zoning in the game (very very obnoxious to deal with). She doesn't have the airtight blockstrings, however, but for 3 bars she gets a watered down version of Gill's resurrection

    Btw y'all should play ABK someday, it's a great ass game

  7. 2:15 I like the idea of the gunner character needing the concentration to aim steadily. It makes me wonder if, when fighting against a gunner character, damage to your lifebar doesn't actually represent damage to your health, but instead represents the gunner getting closer and closer to lining up that killer shot. When you get "hit" by the gun during the fight, it's a representation of stepping into the gunner's range or otherwise exposing yourself to the shot. I always thought it was weird that you could just face tank gunshots in fighting games, but I guess the "everyone is tougher in this setting" explanation makes sense, too.

  8. Injustice 2 really highlighted the problems with guns and even some problems with zoning in general in fighting games

  9. Another great one. Dang this is some good shit

  10. The clip for the "The Gun" is perfect fam. Underrated editing.

  11. Gonna wait for a Girls' Frontline Fighting game where 99% of the cast uses guns XD

  12. So does anyone else really want that goku with a gun as an image? No just me? Ok

  13. Y'know, if Granolah from the Dragon Ball Super manga were ever added to FighterZ, he would be a pretty cool gun character.

  14. Well at least you started this series with a bang

  15. I always hated how in figthing games it features guns with unlimitted ammo. there are only a few fighting games that features characters with guns with a reload system and ammo counter, wich I wish it was more inplemented in figthing games. These characters are always supposed to be experts in handling guns and yet their fighting style never involve any part of handling one, only the shooting part.

  16. 1:28 Martial arts and guns does have things in common, a lot of the way soldiers, special forces, etc. use military guns like the shooting pose, reloading, switching, etc. were developed by martial artist for the army, wich makes sense since martial arts are nothing more than body position for attacking, and it has a long history of influencing any other form of military combat previous to guns.

  17. I think the canonical logic that fighting game characters use martial arts instead of firearms is simply "these characters are so fast and/or strong that a normal gun doesn't pose a threat to them". If someone with basic to middling prowess in handling a pistol had to go up against canon Ryu, Ryu would probably wipe the floor with them, even if they were a decent shot.

    Also I don't agree that automatic/semiautomatic guns make martial arts obsolete, just more niche and not the main method of warfare. Krav Maga exists for a reason, and I imagine sometimes it is more optimal to kick, elbow, or pistol whip someone rather than shooting them point blank.

  18. It's fun to look at but people who think equilibrium is a really deep or relevant film are funny

  19. everything is martial art about gun lol that's the way of it, but very interesting video anyway !

  20. Happy Chaos is kind of an oddball in that he mixes Marksman and Gun Kata with the "guy who doesn't know what he's doing" fighter archetype.

    As a fighter, Happy Chaos is more interested in doing cool things and having fun than any sort of practical gun methodology; he could nuke everyone with magic, but that's boring. So he found a cool gun and a replica of it and decided to try to be Clint Eastwood. His bullet meter represents a limit he's trying to impose on himself to make it more fun, and his concentration meter represents focusing his magic to use the gun as a gun. It's also why he uses his gun with such a limp wrist and has hazy accuracy; he doesn't know what he's doing with his gun or his barehanded fighting style and it's more fun that way to him.

    This all flies out the window when he uses Deus Ex Machina, where he decides that being cool is more fun than challenging himself. All of his bullets, even the ones he manually loads, are made from his magic, and he literally just makes them in the gun. His Take Aim takes more concentration because he's forcing himself to use his gun like a trained professional instead of just winging it, and even then because he's self-taught his aim still isn't perfect unless he makes the effort to curse his target, and because a properly aimed shot is more badass than a limp shot it does more damage.

    Gun kata comes in the form of his accuracy suddenly maxing out on impact from any successful physical strike and his ability to draw his gun with one hand while hitting with his other hand or doing almost literally anything else. On hit, it's cool enough that he does it without really thinking and when inflicting curse or summoning a scapegoat, it's done in conjunction with natural magic use for him so it doesn't impede his accuracy beyond the norm.

  21. The coverage and the track selection 👍👍👍

  22. Noel's actually all of the above too xd
    Have you seen her specials lols
    Chain gun
    In her moveset lmao

  23. Feature dante from devil may cry series

  24. Why bring a gun to a fight when you can bring a robot?

  25. I feel like Stryker was a big pioneer of this

  26. Gun Kata is fun as hell and I'll never forgive a game called Warframe for absolutely ruining their game's version of it.

  27. I'm the kind of jerk who just posts a comment on the latest video instead of the video it's actually related to (although Stryker has a gun so close enough). You know how you fix canon-crushing Fatalities in Mortal Kombat? If a Fatality occurs where it makes no sense (I.E. Johnny versus Sonya), once it's done the camera pulls back to reveal that what just happened was nothing more than a friendly round of whatever the current Mortal Kombat is, with the characters from the round having been playing as themselves the whole time. Throw in an extra remark about the fatality from one or both of them and you're good to go, problem solved.

  28. Gun Kata hits that right spot of balance for any fighting game. It sells the coolness on top of the practicality in gameplay.

  29. I watched this, solely to see if the Virtua Cop character, Janet, in Fighters Megamix would be included.

  30. The beauty of fighting games allows us to explore how different styles and weapons can control space and neutralize threats, but more importantly allows us to do so in a way that ignores the consequences of fighting.

    Sure, a gun can kill you in one blow, but never forget that a single well placed punch can as well. Heck, in some cases, just sitting on someone while being bigger than them is a death sentence.

    I think as long as weapon or style can be employed in a 1 v 1 scenario, fighting games will always be ready to embrace and explore the possibilities that really can only exist in a fighting game, and that is part of what makes them so special.

  31. I really wish the Patreons vote for "Weird/Joke style"

  32. So American actions movies are the primary influence for guns in fighting games? That makes a lot of sense, US is a great place for gun owners and those who appreciate guns.

  33. 3:34
    Funny how he uses H.U.N.K.’s theme from RE4 for the “Arsenal Character” segment.
    When, in RE4, he only has a machine gun.

  34. I wish they could make a gun character with a bayonet fighting style you rarely see that shit in gun character.

  35. GOD I wish Noel was better in BBCF. One of my favorite Arc System Works characters ever, especially aesthetically, but she just isn't very good in that particular game for the amount of effort you have to put in.

  36. wesker in umvc3 should definitely be a marksman

  37. “I know Kung Fu”
    “Yeah? Well I know Gun Fu”

    Gun Kata is the best one out of all these

  38. Martial Arts means Killing art or war art..Guns are martial Arts

  39. Ah yes the one archetype that breaks the game dependent on the game. But its still from my knowledge the most easily play style that douse an opponents weakness and ignites them on fire

  40. Learning to use a handgun is actually a martial art

  41. While not a fighting game I love the way bloodborne handles guns. They’re not weapons, but tools used for parrying someone at range. A well timed shot won’t outright kill, but it will open them up for a killing blow. This opened my eyes to the way guns can be re-imagined as tools for ranged actions

  42. "With gun kata -shows a nun kicking and then shooting a tank-" Thanks, made my day.

  43. Yup. Guns killed martial arts. I'm honestly surprised anyone still studies them. They still look cool, though.

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