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Style Select: Drunken Fist in Fighting Games

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Bottoms up! We’re exploring the art of Drunken Fist in fighting games!

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  1. Quick reminder of Bo rai cho is just a awful joke character that his name literally means DRUNK MAN in Spanish

  2. Just a heads up, the correct acronym is CPC, as in Communist Party of China. "CCP" is generally only used in the West in contexts negative to the party and use of it generally indicates that one is talking out of their ass. That is not to say that the party is not worthy of criticism, as they absolutely are especially in the context of martial arts. Getting the acronym wrong makes it hard to take what you are saying about the party seriously though, as you either don't know in which case you are unfit to comment or you are deliberately using the wrong acronym out of some sort of personal vendetta.

  3. Any reason you showed Elden Ring of all games on here? Had nothing to do with the topic. That screentime could have gone to more Absolver footage, imo.

  4. Fighting games need a petite young female Drunken Boxer for once, just sayin'…
    It's all old guys except for Lei Wulong, who is very clearly Jackie Chan.

  5. I'd like to suggest:
    Taekwondo (All legs)
    Muay Thai (art of 8 limbs)
    Lethwei (art of 9 limbs)
    Arnis/Kali/Escrima (Why does a culture w/o Hinduism have a Martial Art named after a Hindu Goddess?)
    Boxing (All Arms)
    P.S. I'm very fond of strike based martial arts, but indifferent to grappling & throwing.

  6. Oh my god, can my favourite channels not all get consumed by pearl clutching about evil CCP propaganda?

  7. Ah yes Healing, my favorite Capoeira move

  8. Great series. As a karate person I must recommend that being next. And specifically characters like Makoto that are “realistic karate people” not SHODO style fire ball throwing types

  9. Even if you can't find any examples of "real" Zuiquan, Emanuel Augustus proved the thesis of the style true.
    You can in fact zap away the opponent's energy and will to fight with creative evasion, you can also infuriate the judges and have crowds throw trash at them while booing when they refuse to give you the W in fights you thoroughly dominated.

  10. Hearing about the drunken monk beat 30 other monks reminded me of Cartman claiming to jump a skateboard over 30 homeless people. LOL

  11. Was already subbed, bell already on but now…… turning notifications to ALL. great work bro!

  12. You forgot Drunken Fist Master Flava Flav from Def Jam Fight for N.Y

  13. It's cool but I'm getting tired of all the disheveled old dudes. GIVE ME BODACIOUS BOOZE BABES

  14. Great video! I like off-beat, silly characters with some edge to them. Birdie's my main in SFV but I've always liked Dan. In my younger years I was a bodybuilder and I suspect that may have influenced my apathy to traditional muscular/tough characters. Then again, I intensely dislike the fabulousss wimpy boys of KOF.

  15. When will we have a Junkie fighting style where they dope up on painkillers mid battle

  16. Really enjoy these explorations on fighting style in fighting games. Looking forward to the next one.

  17. Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) is easily one of the most entertaining fighting styles that exists. It's really cool to watch, and it's truly unique by its moves and techniques.
    I'm gald that, in fighting games, it has some really cool representations. (I hope someday, someone actually provides a female drunken fist fighter too. It'd be actually interesting to see it.)

  18. You know whats interesting here is that a good majority of popular fighting games has a drunken master in it, all except Street Fighter.
    Which is weird considering the amount of different fighting styles there is in that game karate,ninjitsu,muay thai even some kung fu practitioners like Chun-li,Fei Long,Gen,Yang and Yun. But theres never been one that studies and masters drunken kung fu in them which is sad.
    Hopefully when SF6 does comes out soon we might get a drunken master but i'll probably doubt it.

  19. 4:30 funny enough, a boxer by the name of Emanuel Augustus (aka the drunken master…heh) uses the concepts of Zui Quan surprisingly well (considering he's never been trained in the style) with his use of deception and drunken like moves. with his unusual postures, he baits his opponents to make a mistake and attacks in unorthodox angles and it actually works for him, even so far as to almost beating Floyd mayweather jr.

  20. Shun Di is SUPER dangerous if he gets his drinks in.

    Brad and Lei are 100% the best though.

    Youre 100% right that Brad is way off compared to everyone else.

    Also if y'all aint watch it yet go watch Drunken Master

  21. Dislike due to skipping over Bo Rai Cho. I’ll see myself out now.

  22. man, the 8 Drunken Emortals sounds like the name of a new Wu Tang album. XD

    I always liked how they have drunken boxing usually done by some old dude that seems to always have a bottle in hand. It makes it feel like they really are drunk somehow. Shun di was my favorite drunken character. He was tricky to play, but I managed to get good with him.

  23. ah, mixed Kungfu cocktail. I see what you did there.

  24. The intro of this video is gold. And this drunken fist is truly one of the most hilarious and entertaining mcdojo kung flus ever. Lol.

  25. There's a video essay named "Jackie Chan's Kung Fu is "Fake" and That's Okay"
    Talking about the difference of performance, practicability and spirit of Kung Fu.

    Simply put, there are some idea in martial art are better understood today as being aware of breath control, knowing ergonomics, practice encounters. But majority of them have been developed as an artform, people practice it not for fighting, but for traditional reason.

  26. China need to stop being a Commie and cut ties with xi jin the Pooh #FreeHongKong
    Also jackie chan is a traitor for betraying hong kong, hong kong tries to ban him but chinese advocates trying protect him to entering the country. and becoming xi jin the pooh's slave.

  27. I love the element of Bo Rai Cho's name being a play off of the Spanish word "borracho" that means drunkard/drunk man.

  28. you didn't need that disclaimer china isn't some scary "red menace" its just a place filled with people and history.

    i have friend moving there later this year.

  29. hello i know im late but there is a "drunken fist" master in boxing . his name is emmanuel august . if you dont want to click on my link its cool . just look up " emmanuel augustes drunken fist boxing. The Drunken Master – Emanuel Augustus Insane Style Explained | Technique Breakdown – YouTube .One of the best boxers in the world Floyd Mayweather considers him one of his toughes fights

  30. I really like Lei Wu Long in Tekken, but he's way too technical for me. Monks in FFXIV just look so good, but I'm never having much fun in groups.

  31. Shun Di should be the highlight of this video. What a bummer!!!!

  32. Good video but I'm getting sick of channels I like shoehorning knee-jerk anticommunism into their videos

  33. there is a disturbing lack of asleep nayuki from efz in this video

  34. You know with you talking about capoeira next episode will have a ton pf Brazilians

  35. the only anime character who fights drunk that I know is Chu from Yu Yu Hakusho

  36. Goddammit! I didn't get the notification for this video!

  37. Glad we’re getting a capoeira video, had no clue why it was getting out-matched in voting

  38. I'm surprised Bloody Roar characters are never brought up when talking about fighting games in videos like this. There is a character in the series who fits the mold as an incredibly unique Drunken Fist style character and their name is Busuzima. I highly recommend checking the games and the character out to get what I mean.

  39. capoeira is a cool pick for the next style because it's very similar to drunken fist in some areas (low and flexible stances, playfulness, misdirection, surprise strikes, etc…)

  40. I doubt you'll see this comment, but I'd like to recommend Multiverus, mainly because the animations for the characters are great. Especially the ones for Tom and Jerry.

  41. Is Voldo a Zui Quan character?
    His description calls it "Self-Taught Contortionism", but his movements are very reminiscent of it.

  42. I play fighting game videos at 65% speed because I like the visual experience of moves much slower than what best suits the challenge of actual gameplay. But it's even funnier in a video about drunken fist style since it also makes the commentary sound kinda drunk. 😀

  43. Man Bo Rai Cho could have been a cool character but he's straight up fart and barf joke the character. I do love how his name is just drunk in Spanish lmao

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