Street Fighter's Mythical Unwinnable Matchup -

Street Fighter’s Mythical Unwinnable Matchup

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Well, this was weird.

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  1. Anyone else just hear “road warrior” over and over again? I kept trying to figure out why he’s not showing clips of this “road warrior” game that he’s clearly speaking of. Why Street Fighter?
    Ah. Its “street fighter WORLD WARRIOR” and the folks who invented the language just seem to have trouble speaking it. OFTEN. So frustrating…

  2. For those of you who don’t know, it was discovered that this 10-0 MU did exist in an SNES beta version of the game.

  3. there is a bug were one of zangiefs grabs( don't remember which one tho) can go full screen when you exequte it in a weird way .

  4. The only thing that comes close to this is Jubei Yamada against pretty much the entire roster of Garou Densetsu Special on the super famicom.
    There is a glitch that's specific to that version, in which you hold down A (fierce kick) and a special move will come out. When you use this glitch as Yamada, he will always use his command grab (The Dai Inazuma Buster). But you don't have to be in grab range to do this, in fact you can do at any point on the screen! So matches literally go like this: Hold A-> do the attack that knocks the opponent to the over lane (L or R I usually have it set to R) -> release A -> hold A during the coma nage (comand grab)-> release A -> repeat.
    There are other examples but you get the picture. Now I'm not too sure if it was fixed in the NTSC-U or PAL versions as it has been a while.

  5. Can we be so certain this anomaly wasn't the result of a console or PC port or some obscure bootleg as opposed to official cabinets? Could be some prototype cart for all we know.

  6. I think E. Honda wins 10 out of 10 rounds against Zangief though. Just spam the high power fast punch and Zangief cant jump over it and has no projectile and you can even move while doing so in later versions.

  7. Chen was probably too busy crying to see anything.

  8. It’s like when Mary lied about having an affair and giving birth to a baby boy. It’s one those lies that just got out of hand

  9. Maybe the round start SPD was on one of the home console versions and Chen mixed that up with the arcade version.

  10. I have an sbd that wins in any situation

  11. Can’t Honda do the hundred hand slap to keep Angie’s away?

  12. The version of that can move back and forth with 100 hands out is stupid hard for zangief. You can almost reactively back up enough to cause a jump in to fall short. If he stays grounded going toe to toe with 100 hand while taking head butts doesn't get him anywhere. And even if he gets close a safe sumo butt stomp gets you out of there or even hits and knocks gief down. Maybe it's just my watch up experience but in sfturbo if I don't use old Honda a good gief has a reasonably better chance. Though even the vanilla match-up sucks…ie world warrior match up. And that's devoid of every benefit I mentioned almost.

  13. i have world warrior on my snes. maybe i can help?

  14. I seem to recall seeing a video where zanguief would pile drive people from across the screen but that would require him to move back to put some distance between characters.

  15. You could piledrive their extended hurtbox after block even on Dhalsim's long limbs in the early Vanillas. This also worked on Snes:)

  16. Holy crap, humans have WAYYYY too much free time!

  17. I think the closest to a 10-0 is going to be Pet Shop vs Joseph in JoJos or maybe MK vs Falcon in Brawl but even those are like 9.8s at best (excluding MKs ability to literally always win via infinite cape which is an exploit that was banned). But in those cases, the problem is more that Pet Shop and MK are unbelievably overpowered and have the perfect tools to exploit the weaknesses of some of the worst character. In this instance pet shop has a 0-death off a very easy unblockable if he can get in, Joseph can’t keep people out. MK has every tool imaginable to beat Falcon down then gimp him for an early kill by hard punishing his bad recovery).

  18. I’ve never heard James talk about anything besides NES Tetris

  19. It's true I believe. I remember we figured this out on snes version. I have no idea about arcade. That's 4 guys playing this game for hours on end. I remember blanka was over powered.

  20. On the SNES.. Honda always wins against Zangief. Because Zangief can't jump high enough to get over the 1000 hands attack.
    You might get lucky from time to time to get a sweep in. But if the Honda player mashes high and fierce, its basically impossible. The only saving grace in sf2 on the snes is, that honda can't move forward like in turbo with that move.

  21. Amazing people hhaaahhaaa believe and worship this hhahaahaaaa

  22. Yo, this is just like Devil Jho eating his tail.

  23. maybe it was from a hacked version back in the days. i remember playing very odd versions of SF2 back then with special moves modified so they become totally bonkers (I remember a shoryuken that also did a wall of hadokens), or air throws from distance. Maybe Zanfief was able to grab from distance with his special throw.

  24. Ive seen a couple people do it on the SNES Version

  25. The only thing that makes sense to me is the game was probably an arcade cabinet of one of the "unofficial " knock off versions with broken moves. I can imagine of the didn't have a zangief infinite with a farther range throw.

  26. ヨシカゼカズマ / 義風一真 says:

    The very same first version of SF2 World Warrior had Sheng Long in it as well. I’m sure of that.

    Afterwards Sheng Long, like Yasakani and the other victims of mistransliteration, became exaggerations later on.

    However I’m making Sheng Long real in the future, titling the game Street Fighter 2: Super Grand Master. The same requirements are as follows.

    1) Play as Ryu until Sagat is defeated.

    2) Gather 20 Perfects upon beating Sagat.

    3) Play 10 perfect draws in a row with Dictator at the final stage, without dealing damage at all times.

    Upon the 11th round (3rd attempt, 3rd round), Sheng Long will fight you. 2 matches you get. A fight to the death. Winner of the last match wins the game. If you lose this match, the game will instantly count as “game over”.

    This will be a modded version of SF2: World Warrior, with Sheng Long being 4 levels above Gouki’s average, at max difficulty (8 stars), rendering Sheng Long at 12 stars. Also it’ll only reference the first ever version of Street Fighter 2 World Warrior.

  27. “…And someone will find it.”
    “Perhaps not today, nor tomorrow, nor in a decade, but it will be found.”


  28. Thank you 8-14 YOs For making them famous says:

    imagine believing james chen the pedo simp

  29. Could it have possibly been a kara spd that reaches far enough?

  30. I honestly can't believe people have seen that in such an early edition of the game. This was before we had any understanding of the game. I am not sure if people tried an insta SPD in the earliest versions of the game, and I am very sure that nobody used these inescapable freak combos, especially when communication was so limited. Also pro-play didn't exist so people did not spend as much dedication into games as they do now.

  31. A matchup so vile the game version it was in was redacted from history. That would make a really funny creepypasta tbh. "Zangief beats E. Honda so hard he locks away the SF2 beta"

  32. Completely contradicted yourself by saying if both players played at the top of the characters' abilities and there are no choices the player could make to win. There are many, many 10-0 matchups if you take out human error.

  33. I think the problem might be your definition of a 10-0 matchup.
    You posited it as "no matter what character 2 does, character 1 wins"
    My understanding of a 10-0 has always been 'out of 10 matches, character 1 wins an average of 0 – 0.5 times'
    Or, to put this another way, 10-0 is not 10000000-0.

  34. Honestly you could do worse than an unwinnable MU where you literally can’t do anything to attempt to win. Just go play some BBCT and look at matchups where you literally can do things to win and still literally can’t do anything to win =D

  35. 4:06 Respect the commitment brotha. It's the kind of thing a help would be the best tho, what could take days might be done in 1 or 2h.

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