Street Fighter The Movie, the Worst Fighting Game? (ft. Maximilian) -

Street Fighter The Movie, the Worst Fighting Game? (ft. Maximilian)

Matt McMuscles
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  1. Fantastic video as usual….i didnt know this much about the ARCADE one….nonetheless i played it when it was new (and many years later, on mame, ofc) and nowadays i m a proud owner of the ps1 japanese version 😛

  2. Street Fighter 1 is a lot worse than this

  3. The legend of Chung li with Kristy Kruek you all forget that

  4. I love that every time Matt tries to say Bloodstorm in any video, it ends up turning into a The Simpsons reference

  5. i DONT THINK THE Arcade version was bad at all

  6. I remember being very dissapointed with the home port.I wanted it to be like the Arcade

  7. My best guess about the "colors" Capcom was impressed with is likely the hardware they used being compatible with their video sprite direction they had for this western appeal title. Thinking they probably saw IT's Golden Tee Golf and thought "These guys can digitize actors, let's contract them". I simply can't believe anyone looked at Time Killers and didn't just leave after seeing that. 😐

  8. I almost got this game for the Sega Saturn, but I chose Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition instead. It was a wise decision in retrospect.

  9. ya gotta respect fauxgief's dedication to manscape his chest hair accurately.

  10. Game actually not even that bad…..imo it's a solid 7/10

  11. It’s funny, I saw this movie as a kid but I didn’t find out about the game until I was a teen on emulator lol

  12. I dunno if it counts, but maybe, just maybe Pit Fighter on SNES could be worse than Criticom.

  13. SFTMTG for arcades I personally loved. Not it's not as polished as main line series games, but it's far better a fighting game than Street Combat & more Street Fighter than Street Fighter 2000.

  14. I love fighting games of this era.
    I was never great at any..except Time Killers for some reason.
    But I'm weird so that likely explains it. 😂

  15. The Saturn version was definitely missing moves from the Arcade version as they say. I was decent at the Arcade version & when my then girlfriend bought a Saturn & this game I was really disappointed

  16. Again I want to see deadliest warrior: ancient combat

  17. Love that max doesn't want to come back. A sign he should

  18. Mom can we get street fighter?
    We have street fighter at home.
    Street fighter at home:

  19. I just wonder how flattered (and amused) Ed Boon must have felt back then when he saw Street Fighter, the all time Champion of fighting games (on which Mortal Kombat was based on) attempting to copy MK and failing miserably.

  20. 0:13 “Quick! Change the channel!” Missed opportunity right there. 😂

  21. Only reason I enjoyed the arcade version was the insane combos. It definitely was not street fighter. 😂🤣

  22. Maximilian Dood needs to make another vid of this game. His videos of this game was PURE GOLD. So many laughs

  23. Ha, I still proudly own the Saturn version from close to its initial release…. I mean, sure, you have better (Street Fighter) options (and I mean MUCH BETTER), but I dunno… I think the Saturn version was just some dumb fun… I bisted this game out a couple yrs ago to show my buddy who hadn't heard of the home console version(s) and only the abysmally dubbed arcade version, and like I said before… just some good dumb fun with the game… honestly, I wouldn't mind them trying to go this route again just with modern tech and gameplay mechanics from more recent Street Fighter iterations… I know that'll never happen, but it could still turn out halfway decent… right? 😅😅😅

  24. The way you just slipped Bonestorm in there in such a way that I, for a brief moment, thought it was `00% a legitimate game, was genius.

  25. They pumped Blanca through out the movie with steroids and the only thing that grew was the nose haha!!!

  26. I cut my teeth on the console version. I think it actually plays pretty well. I enjoyed it. Lmao

  27. For some reason the "Let's not quibble over definitions" "A" bit made me crack up.

  28. Cocaine speed and 4 lokos 🤣 I've been there before 🤣💯

  29. I actually did play this in arcades back in '95–in Dubai of all places! Yeah, the arcades in Dubai were actually pretty good!

    And that was the only time I ever played it since it was such a batshit crazy game. Ended up staying far away from the home versions since I didn't enjoy the arcade one.

    If only I knew about SLAM MASTER I would have continued playing!

  30. Sagat had an eye laser because he has "the eye of the tiger" lol

  31. It's supremely ironic that for the game, Jean Claude van Damme was suddenly the best actor they had available. Not only was he an actal martial artist, unlike almost everyone else on the cast, the dude is the reason why Mortal Kombat exists, and probably why this version was even considered viable. Even more ironic is that Raul Julia, who stole the show in the movie, was probably the worst pick for this game, because you'd be asking a terminally ill cancer patient to do all these stunts, which almost feels abusive.

  32. 9:37 Wait, have I gone all this time not realising Kylie Minogue plays CAMMY!?

  33. personally im a huge fan of how frantic and drugged up the arcade verion is. i like when the outcome of a match can be determined by who has the least brain cells 🙂

  34. The Cammy win screen justifies the arcade game's entire existence.

  35. Me estás diciendo que puedo hacer que el gran Raúl Julia le patee el culo a van Damme en un juego y no es MUGEN?

  36. The Bison Troopers would actually be perfect for the Movie Battle, since you could spice up the 'story' but facing nameless henchmen instead of named characters who might have no reason to be involved. But uh, they didn't make it to the console version so…

  37. Had this in an arcade in town… right next to a Killer Instinct, and Primal Rage machine.

    Surprisingly it was both popular lol.

  38. I actually enjoyed this game. I had it for Saturn I think and while it wasn't as good as the main line SF games, it was ok for what it was

  39. There's also Dragonball evolution one of the worst games

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