Street Fighter 6 - Victory Poses -

Street Fighter 6 – Victory Poses

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  1. Juri need to chill messing with Chun-Li like that😂

  2. Imagine being in the hood and someone asks "What set you claim?" and you pull out one of these: 4:47

  3. Really awesome bro
    I like alot the one of Dee Jay
    Keep going the killer work bro

  4. Blanka and Luke behave like chimpanzees.
    I think they might be brothers

  5. I can watch Juri's victory poses all day long they're just so funny and perfect at the same time.

  6. Manon is giving that YAASSS werk supermodel YAAASSSS KWEEN realness.

  7. Zangief's and Dee Jay's Perfect Victory animation are without a doubt the Best one's 😂💪

  8. No offense, but can you update the thumbnail to make the top-right photo… less horny-bait?

  9. 0:38, I know it’s a bit simple but I love that he has this one cause it’s like the official sumo win pose.

  10. Damn Juri really just did Chun-Li dirty and I can't stop watching it with one hand for some reason…

  11. Lily's perfect win animation in Japanese dub is so preciously cute.

  12. so we gotta see chun-li and cammy wearing their classic outfits but not the others 🙁

  13. Juri: Yatta~ 😈💜
    Chun Li: Hey! That's my line! 😠💢

  14. I couldn't help but notice the leaves/petals moving while DJ and Kimberly were celebrating. Really nice detail

  15. JP sounds like straight from a Jojo's character

  16. JP:"I'm no Rudeus!"
    MJF:"And You know it!!!"

  17. Suggestions: Evolution of SF select screens and versus screens. Evolution of SF victory screens and continue screens. Or separated if it's a long video.

  18. Am I the only one bothered by seeing the knocked down chars constantly getting stepped on?

  19. 0:20 – Juri

    2:29 – Chun Li

    4:52 – Cammy

    I love these 3 victory poses.
    I love how Juri just laughs psychotically like the fight was nothing it was another day at the office.
    Chun Li’s showing off her speed and mastered technique of her martial arts is always insane.
    Cammy leaping in the air to make a sort of final sneak-sweep-attack at the camera and the camera queue the captions from there while keeping her combative pose is badass. These 3 characters are the main ones I’ve been using I’m not super into SF but these 3 are fun

  20. I…can't belive Juri did the yatta victoty pose

  21. All poses are great but Luke I love how simple and effective is it.

  22. Marisa is the best wifu. I like that the game has a variety of types, appearances, characters;

  23. It's impressive how none of the new characters make me as hard as Chun Li or Cammy. Ryu is not new but it gets close, tho.

  24. So I haven't played this yet and am just curious, but why does Ken look like a homeless drifter?

  25. Im an Juri main and I can say I really enjoy her laughing win pose. It's so nice seeing her giggle not out of sadism but as a genuine laugh.

  26. 0:20 Juri, you just… plop right on him… right there… just like that…

  27. In this ST Juri remembering the harlequin and Ken the heman

  28. it’s a pity that they didn’t turn Akuma into street fighter

  29. Chun LI is such a perfect creation ❤……..every single part of her ….yeah that's it don't got nothing else to say

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