Street Fighter 6 - Victory Poses -

Street Fighter 6 – Victory Poses

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  1. I'm the only honest person here, these make me hard.

  2. スト2ファイターがオリジナルポーズ決めてくれるのアツいですねぇ

  3. My favorite victory pose of Juri is her mocking Chun-Li's victory pose.

  4. 4:40 not even cammy is immune to the impulse to pet a kitty. How cute.

  5. Why does Luke throw water on his victory scene?

  6. Lukes lame showboating is exactly how I would do it and I love it so much

  7. 0:14 I'm not even here for the sexy that just takes amazing muscle control and leg strength to hang off of your own legs like that

  8. Yo… why they got Mini Hawk on the ground like that? Hahah

  9. I knew who would be the most replayed and it's who I was waiting for too

  10. 1:36 Гайл – брат близнец Дюка Нюкема

  11. I'm french and i'm so glad to have a french character on Street Fighter 6 😊😊😊 Manon ❤❤ and she's awesome and very beautiful too 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤
    And they are Paris stage too L'Étoile Filante 😊😊🥰👏👏 just after London stage 5:04

  12. She's sitting on the jury, she's kinda sus sat on the opponent's point

  13. we all skipped the male parts, don't deny it

  14. Is nobody gonna talk about Guile having a balisong comb, or Dalsim with his elephant?

  15. What would make Dhalsim funny if they added a belching sfx when he breathes fire

  16. Juri's is disrespectful 😭 i wold be mad if a girl beat me then sat on me😭

  17. Because the most repeated part is Cammy's?????

  18. Зангиеф (Zangief) типа на русском должен был говорить? Хорошо? Большая победа? Мы не говорим Хорошоу.

  19. Zu wenig böse Charaktere nur Juri, wo ist M .Bison,Balrog,Vega,Seth wo ist shadowloo und Akuma fehlt auch


    𝙲𝙰𝙼𝙼𝚈'𝚂 𝙰𝚂𝚂 𝙱𝚄𝚃𝚃………💀☠️

  21. Quien apoyará a Gio Pantera el Youtuber mexicano?

  22. it’s kinda crazy how unfitting the japanese voices feel even though this was made in Japan lol

  23. I won't forgive you for not putting Cammy in her original costume brotha 😑

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