STREET FIGHTER 6 SHOULD NOT BE F2P! Most Fighting Games Aren't Ready! -

STREET FIGHTER 6 SHOULD NOT BE F2P! Most Fighting Games Aren’t Ready!

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Fighting games have small communities compared to most genres. A common idea people have to boost the player base is to introduce F2P. Street Fighter 6 is the next big entry into the series and I would like to discuss my thoughts on how making it free sounds amazing but wouldn’t be possible without creating a ton of issues.

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  1. You know something, if we can't trust these JP devs (or most of them) to properly implement a F2P model, why should we trust them with anything at all?

  2. Tekken Revolution should be a reminder why f2p is a terrible idea.

  3. We’re already experiencing the negatives of a F2P market now, it’s just without the free part. This stuff of DLC characters, costumes, and stages…that’s the F2P model. If SF5 release as a F2P game focused on online multiplayer it probably would’ve actually done better. I mean, right off the bat, because it’s free, you’re going to have more people playing the game than bought SF5 one release. Capcom would’ve had a far larger pool of people to sell DLC to. And the unfinished state SF5 released in probably wouldn’t have even been a issue if it was sold to the audience as a F2P multiplayer game instead of a $60 product that people expect a few basic things in that SF5 didn’t get until almost two years later.

    Being a F2P game that lives and dies by the quality of its online experience would probably also have these Japanese developers thinking a little more about online multiplayer connectivity beyond what works well in Japan.

  4. Not gonna lie…… you should have put Max's face hidden somewhere in the thumbnail.

  5. I’m wondering if that Mega Man Match game that was on the list of leaked games isn’t a (possibility F2P) platform fighter from Capcom.

  6. Agree 100% max F2P idea is so stupid LMAO just imagine the grind and the bunch of microtransactions

  7. I totally agree with this and I was leaving these same comments on his videos about F2P. I love Max and I watch him regularly. However, he's out of touch with this nonsense. Max has said "I don't have time to stick with one game" so he isn't like his viewers. Who can't just load up ANY game (Even dead ones) can get instant matches due to his audience. DoA6 Hair crap and how bad PSO2 with MTX on inventory, bank, character, and a sub to use the Auction house. OUt of hand, but Max never sees this crap because the next day, he's on another new game. I pray they don't listen to this F2P crap.

  8. As I see it people are clamoring for F2P mostly because they are dissatisfied with current pricing model (and usually they don't know how modern F2P actually works). Sure current model is not perfect, however it's the issue with prices, not the core of the model. SFV Champion Edition is probably one of the greatest value propositions in modern fighting games, you get almost everything up to season 5, and can unlock all of season 5 with the fightmoney that wyou will get just by watching tutorials and doping story. There should be more things like that in other fighting games. Going F2P is very dangerous, because even the greatest and fairest F2P games still employ every tactic possible to make you a paying customer. FOMO driven battle passes, daily challenges that force you to login every day, look at the store and beg you to buy in. Even if you are on board with paying they will make sure that you will eventually want to pay more. For example right now a character costs flat 5-6 dollars, you pay, you get it. In a hypothetical F2P fighting game any piece of content will never cost real money, it will cost some amount of premium in game currency, and you will never have exactly enough. Character will cost 400 fightdiamonds, but you can only buy 500 fightidiamonds, and the cheapest thing in game will cost 200 fightdiamonds, so you are enticed to spend more on another fightdiamonds bundle.

    I played quite a lot of F2P games, and as the times goes by I like them less and less. They lure you with proposition of great value, but by the end all of the unethical practices left a sour taste in my mouth. In F2P games if you don't buy content you are the content.

  9. I always thought the aim of fighting games was to get the life bar of the other character to zero, by using your knowledge and skills. It's the simplest idea ever. Some people LOVE this but for some it doesn't keep their attention longer than other few months. I'm not sure that skins/stages/towers/modes and other superficial add ons will change this.

  10. street fighter will never have free to play least of their fighting but in a mobile version game sure but that whole differnt story would be a card game or beat up or something like snk fighter all stars other then that it not worth it for capcom.

  11. honestly before they release another game they should fix their server issue first. it cant be that i own SF V for 2 days and disconnected from the game server for more than 60 times. and for everyone who will comment "well thats on your side surely" no its not i already checked that. ive followed every step online i could find to fix my issue that i have with the game server.

    its quite sad because the game (from what i can tell) is actually fun.

  12. Fuck how the devs make money. If the game dies, it dies. Maybe SFV should have died in its first year. There are so many f2p games out there that might not do it right but do it well enough that you don't care about spending anything but keep playing and it wouldn't be hard to make fighting games one of them. The reality is that the fighting games we get on release these days aren't that expensive to make. Strive had 15 characters? Actually think about it, fighting games already don't sell well, but they keep making them and keep putting out DLC even for the ones that no one is playing. If fighting games are gonna charge me $60 for what is really a multiplayer experience then at the very least I shouldn't have to worry about whether I'm playing on peak hours to get decent games.

  13. I think the Killer Instinct method works well.

  14. it depends on the deal imo, if SF6 will be the Best Fighting Game of All Time (which is a possibility) then it doesn't matter

  15. Of course it should be free to play.

    When SF2 was really popular, in the 90's it was cheap to get a game in it, you just needed a coin.

    Making it expensive just makes the player base small and gets the game away from mainstream.

    Few people play, few people care about it.

  16. everything about street fighter 5 had free to play aspect except for the fact that it wasnt free to play, how u gon say 6 shouldnt be

  17. I have friends who avoid playing fighting games cuz it's "too competitive " despite playing games like league and call of duty. Making a game f2p will definitely attract more players but why is everyone acting like it's going to save the FGC. Fighting games have always been niche even the ones with one button specials are, casuals don't enjoy these games unless they were already a fan or had exposure to the genre before hand

  18. I think a F2P trial mode could still work. Something like you only get 2 of the base characters per week (so this week is Ryu and ChunLi, next week maybe Blanka and Zangief), if you play online you only get matched with other F2P accounts and it is unranked with no rewards (no fight money or whatever SF6 uses). This way people on the fence can try it out without the risk of rampant smurfing.

  19. Finally a sane take on f2p. I don't know what Max is smoking lol but his pov seems to be as simple as "f2p = more players = more money".

    Hum yeah but there's a whole bunch of other things that also come with that. Including a system that cannot not be predatory. Just by nature the goal of f2p will always be to milk, deprive and nickle and dime players. To lock content and overcharge for small things. To make you gamble and grind, then give you the option to use real money to avoid the grinding and even pay2win.

    I'm not on board at all personally. Like even if they did everything perfectly that doesn't sound like something I even want. It just sounds like more Fortnite and play to earn NFTs.

  20. This is really good points against ftp that I didn’t think about
    I was thinking casuals who enter would be more would stay but the speed that capcom does things would def not be able to keep up with a lot of them

  21. Also f2p invites every shit head over to your community and they don’t care ruining the game. Then story mode will be either dropped or there won’t be any. And any missing features will be dismissed by saying it’s a f2p game excuse

  22. Fantasy: F2P SF6 RE engine, state of the art graphics, with a roster of 20 character at launch and 15 stages……….YAAAYYYYY!!

    Reality: Cheap ass looking MOBILE game quality with characters with auto combos 2 free characters + 2 stages, every character cost 5 dollars and every new stage 10, HAVE FUNNNN!!

    F Free to play.

  23. I love how he lightly mentioned story progression when they haven't been able to push past SF3 in lore since 1997. CAPCOM dont care about that anymore lol!! Gotta agree with Vesper on this one F2p sounds like a reallllly bad idea for SF6. Personally,i dont think CAPCOM has the budget,vision or love to put in the kind of work required to maintain that model.

  24. Fgs already update you with seasonal content and dlc every couple months I'm sure they can handle f2p

  25. A couple of things. No game should be F2P that's not mobile. I hate the model and its inherently built to hurt the consumer.

    Also Capcom has built a legacy of meritocracy and the FGC as…toxic and honestly bad as they've been in recent history the one bump I'll give the community is they believe in the spirit of competition vs. any other competitive community. The last thing anyone wants is for the game to become "Super Credit Card Fighter VI" The fight money seems like a generous enough compromise I guess but still

  26. vesper is so right. I bought SF5 champion edition and played for like 1.5 hours then I sold my ps4 and ps5 away

  27. I will revisit my comment on this sh*t take about free to play as a future for fgc when riot games took over fgc in the future….

  28. Made it up to 1:23 and already know where you are coming from 😄 sorry bro can't watch another "f2p doesn't work" video when in fact, it does, its been proven that it does, and the perfect scenario already exists across many genres. Fighting games included (KI? Seriously, became one of the most popular games doing it too)… way its going, companies stuck in their ways will lose out in one of the biggest opportunities when Riot drops their own f2p fg, and it will be too late at that point to rival them for new crowds.

    Are there greedy practices? Yes, there are. Can it be done wrong? Yes, it can. The one does not negate the other. Because the practice has been done right does not mean its always done right, because the practice can be done wong does not mean its always wrong, neither that the practice itself is wrong.

    You guys practically had a semi f2p sf already with sfv. Instead of just costumes we had to pay for season content too, which is even worse.

    It can be done, easily, and people are more than ready for it for years now. Its actually late even 8 would say.

    Now, do I trust Capcom will handle it correctly?

    Well, that's a different question now isn't it 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Max and people who agree with him have never faced a crisis with bots and cheating. Ask this TF2/Warzone player all about that.

  30. I think taking away the incentive to make DLC characters strong in order to sell is a good thing. How often do we see later season characters in Fighting games come out with way more tools compared to their base roster counterparts? It infuriates people who can't afford the character feeling disadvantaged and if the character is nerfed it upsets those who bought the character because of their initial strengths.

  31. There is some universe in which Capcom developed Street Fighter IV and it completely dominated the market, allowing Fighting Games to take over as the Dominant Genre in all of Video Games. Thusly, Capcom, NRS, and Arc System Works all make FTP games with hundreds of millions of players and make hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Master Chief was in Smash, Mario has a traditional 2D fighting Game on Switch. SF vs. MK launches in 2023 and not only this, a majority of casuals even learn not only combos, but practice their spacing, approach, setups, and frame traps. This universe however, is not our universe.

  32. Man! It’s so refreshing to hear your take on this instead of just following what everyone else says. Yes, we have seen the F2P model succeed, but it does not automatically mean our problems are solved or that we will receive a quality product. Even in the games that I like that are F2P there’s always something about it that just makes me wish I didn’t “feel like” I have to play it. Riot for example (I like their games) but some of their passes are designed to make you literally feel like you can only play that game. As far as monetization for skins in league I think their generally fairly priced, but grinding the pass is a nightmare. Why do you think everyone used to AFK farm tokens in TFT? Lmao It was such a problem for the people that actually wanted to play that mode that Riot finally implemented AFK checks. 😂😂😂 I agree with you. I feel like a lot of people over look the potential problems that you brought up. If there ends up being a good F2P fighting game that interests me than cool, but I don’t think it needs to be the standard.

  33. The other irritating part about this F2P talk is that people don't take into account the failed F2P games and only use the few successes as examples.

  34. At this stage I feel Capcom needs to make some major decisions about the future of the franchise. Some commenters have pointed out that the series has been quite barebones in terms of single player content and the problem with that is justifying a $60 price tag. SFIV did a decent job of making that case back in its time but things have changed. No one wants to pay $60 for an arcade mode with some story elements thrown in. SFV definitely did not feel like a $60 package, let alone one that also acted as a live service. On the other hand, like Vesper said, Capcom's FG team aren't big enough to handle the content expectations today's gaming audience has so free-to-play is a hard sell as well. Either Capcom needs to grow the team or they need to step up the value proposition of that initial $60.

  35. if they go f2p, it will be flooded my 3rd world who love f2p like india and sea region……imaagine the toxicity lolol…

  36. I'm not a pro player but as a semi casual player 😂 I don't see any benefits of making the game f2p. I think Capcom already showed how they would handle it with SFV so I'm strongly disagree with the idea of f2p fighting games.

  37. Bro, you are right with F2P the drip content release.
    Sega release PSO2NGS mmo, and boy the content drip it's like those water came from stalagmite on the dessert, like people are literally put their tongue out when release content.
    F2P can go into dumpster fire.

  38. I know the like/dislike extension I got is a prediction and doesn't say the actual like/dislike ratio but I really hope it's not as bad as I see it now. This take on Free to Play is way better than what I've heard from Max and other FGC dudes.

    I'm just glad most fighting game companies can't do free to play. People don't understand how infuriating is to pay money just to get a chance to get something on the game. That's what these games normally bring to the table. Daisuke's take on free to play fgs during the last roundtable makes so much sense: to hook players, they need to change mechanics and facilitate everything so whales can sit down, play the game with one hand, and throw money with the other. I can't imagine a single fighting game franchise crushing their classic moves/mechanics/etc for that. They would have to change so much gameplay wise

  39. F2P is too much tbh, what I think is the best solution is for the publishers to just grow a pair and make the games cost less cause unless you wait X years for an edition that has everything (or almost) you're gonna spend a lot of money.

  40. I don't think we have a scientifically useful number of examples, but what we have aren't GOOD examples. Fantasy Strike: Deader than steak. KI: sort of, and VERY limited. nothing but a demo, really. What else? idk.

  41. It shouldn't be f2p, but it also shouldn't be 60/70 on release ! Bought 5 on release, and it's probably one of my worst purchase ever.

  42. Whatever fighting games do, just avoid the DoA model like the plague. Full premium price and hundreds of dollars worth of dlc basically at launch. Made Dead or Alive dead on arrival…
    Wtf Brawlhalla looks like ass imo

  43. If KI can do it, SFVI can do it

  44. SFV should have been f2p, it was dogcrap on release and buying it on PS4 and PC without knowing better on launch day has completely ruined my trust in capcom's fighting division. It even felt like a f2p game with the lack of characters and extreme amount of grinding needed for fight money to get more. If 6 is the same way it 100% should be F2P. FULL PRICE GAME'S SHOULD NOT ALSO BE A "LIVE SERVICE" GAME or whatever they called their BS, they made a freetoplay game and sold it for $60

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