Street Fighter 6 Modern Controls #shorts -

Street Fighter 6 Modern Controls #shorts

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A quick look at a Modern Controls match in Street Fighter 6.

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  1. Modern aka “smash is my fav game in the fgc” controls lol

  2. Damn, I was hoping the modern controls doesn’t provide Ryu with one of his best footies tool, because that actually make Ryu somewhat viable by having mid screen poke tool and one button anti air dp. It’s obviously very inefficient but let’s hope that modern control does end up as a handicap tool and not a more optimal option

  3. Street fighter 6 looks like one of those games you see being played in the background of a movie

  4. I’m scared about the sonic boom spam with the one button to do a special thing

  5. It's good that this game allows everyone to have fun

  6. Okay so, chun li is gonna have 1 button specials? you guys know that that would mean guile is going back to his 3ds days right.

  7. I don't think the existence of these controls will bring more casuals into the game. I don't see them thinking "Oh! Now I can do a hadouken with just one button I will buy it."

  8. Modern controls are a major handicap if you know what you're doing even a little bit. Which I guess is good, it'll encourage people to learn how to use regular controls.

  9. I like how the music syncs up when Chun Li does her special move lol

    Glad modern controls are in this game. Looks fun.

  10. I'm glad the modern controls look usable, I tried them in UMVC3 and you can really do nothing at all

  11. lp lp lp lp lp lp parry parry lp lp lp lp lp… nice

  12. The simple Hold parry should be only in Modern controls.

    Classic controls should be normal parry high for mid/high moves and low for low hits and you cant hold you have to time it.

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