Street Fighter 6 Is Amazing -

Street Fighter 6 Is Amazing

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This is the greatest street fighter of All Time


  1. anybody remember saints row costumes characters

  2. I can’t watch this video without laughing my ass off so hard

  3. "Zan-gee-ef, wins!"

    I swear his name is pronounced differently… Is it just me, or???

  4. its weird how much street fighter characters look like they would belong in the world of One piece

  5. I wanna make impa from the Zelda games but I’m not sure how the sizing scale works in this game

  6. No way they got the ARK character customization

  7. Ngl Charlie will destroy LTG in seconds if he keeps practicing

  8. Capcom’s done it, I can’t believe charlie had fun

  9. "Have you seen the clock? It was hanging on this wall"

    1:06 "…No?"

  10. this game is way better than Street Fighter V at launch

  11. bro looks like he swallowed the lid to a grill whole

  12. Charlie basically recreated progeria in the ST6 universe

  13. Zangief was so fun for a month before everyone knew his tricks. Now its a sad slaughter

  14. The Cammy at 9 min is one of my friends. He said being in this video is the best and worst thing ever.

  15. i looooooove this game, it's so much fun!

  16. Can confirm the modern zangief exploit still hasn't been patched

  17. "So wrinkly I like that" I'm hitting the pool today

  18. Yea we totally need more content of street fighter 6 abominations

  19. Watching this vid hade me try out Gief and he’s so much fun. I played in online for pretty much an entire night, had a 10 game win streak going. And in my tired state I screamed “you got Giefed” whenever I landed a grab or read. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a fighting game.

  20. i kinda like how the hands are really expressive when punching because of how big it is 90/10

  21. charlie was having so much fun i think he didn't even noticed the enemy named n*ggaballs

  22. the idea of this fuckîng abomination just beating tf outta everybody on that square for literally no reason is just fuckîng hilarious 😭

  23. Does SF6 on Xbox have the same game game mechanics as SFIV on 360? I just bought 4 and i think its hard to play. All I can do is hit X-A at the same time to suplex and weak punches.

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