Street Fighter 6 combos be like... -

Street Fighter 6 combos be like…

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Prob not gonna play Juri, but damn this is cool

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  1. Duuuude! Was that Yakuza Like a Dragon Music I heard?! Well other than the ptsd it gives me of my team getting wiped by that tag team, I am quite happy to hear that!

  2. Menat in sf5 though

  3. You can do better on Killer Instinct. A 20 years old game.

  4. SFV Technical Requirements: Toaster
    SFVI Technical Requirements: Seven Microwaves and one Bagel Oven.

  5. You could have shown Ryu's actual longest combos and still would have made your point… Nobody wants to put effort into anything anymore lol.

  6. There's no damage scaling in this game right?

  7. "For the context of this video, I don't give two shits about it"

  8. I always found those combos where you repeat the same attack 5 times boring as hell.

  9. bro's playing on a 3ds 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. I picked SF6 up yesterday, it is my first SF ever, I wanna go back to my simple combos from guilty gear, this game scares me now :c

  11. finally someone who has to play with thier graphics down, we should be friends

  12. Vicious tells Ryu to "Show them what they came to see" but in all honesty you can show them a combo they'd never expect to see because it's obscure, crazy, and/or unique.

  13. Na boa, SF é muito ruim. Nem existem combos de fato, apenas pequenas combinações de 3 botões no máximo, diferente de TEKKEN ou Mortal Kombat

  14. A very cool combo. If you’re willing to absolutely bottom out your resources

  15. Being a noob and playing online if you fuck up at the start chances are half of your health bar will be gone

  16. and to deal the same ammount of damage with zangief its like 2 camand grabs.

    god i love zangief

  17. Looks like someone is playing with an Intel CPU.

  18. Its street fighter neutral with anime combos, truly the perfect fighting game
    (ok but actually i didnt play SF because of the rly short combos i might get jnto SF6)

  19. I still think it's kinda sad Juri needs to do all that for damage Ryu can do more with DR dash HK, HP, DR cancel, HK, HP, DR Cancel, HK, HP, H.Shoryuken, level 3.

  20. as someone that does play juri
    i always wanna but i don't wanna use up all of my drive at once lmaooo

  21. All those hits just to do less damage than a normal level 3 confirm

  22. *dies to a player who uses new controls instead of classic*

  23. The cool thing fighting games do, is that you do less damage as the combo goes on so it doesnt instantly kill you. If a player has a huge combo

  24. i love that im not the only one pairing goros themes with juri

  25. Imagine Gill's combo potential translated to sf6.
    Or Oro . . .

  26. In fact are both shit games also for his combos.

  27. Looks like I must have my tall muscle female created Street Fighter character have all of Juri's movements

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