Street Fighter 6 - Before You Buy -

Street Fighter 6 – Before You Buy

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Street Fighter 6 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S) is the latest from the classic Capcom fighting game franchise. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. Imo the opinion of so called. Pro players is irrelevant they aren't the ones that bring the company the money

  2. I did buy the game and i enjoy before u buy video now 😂

  3. Am I the only one that is upset that you buy a full game at retail price but it includes microtransactions? is this the new norm?

  4. Not gonna lie I saw some gameplay and I really wanna drop 100 for that ultimate pass financialy I'll be ruined for a few months.

  5. I usually don’t like fighting games but this one looks really good

  6. Im not a big fighting gamer anymore. Last one i played was xenoverse 2 in 2015. But i really love street fighter 6 im having so much fun this game was so worth purchasing. This is my first ever street fighter game and my main is manon.

  7. "sometimes Tekken" 😆😆😆😆😆

  8. I watched this video to learn about the monetization and there was zero mention of that. I want to know if Capcom is going to lock things in a shop and then charge me for premium currency while requiring hours upon hours of grinding to earn the in-game equivalent. Because that is how games with a premium currency typically work.

  9. I played street fighter 2 and street fighter 2 the new challengers i was horrible but i had fun

  10. As far as the online experience goes: it doesn't get better than this.
    The net code is so incredibly good, you hardly ever experience any latency.
    It feels like playing offline with a friend on your couch. It's that good

  11. This game look really dope. A free roam Street Fighter with the premise being fighting people in the streets around the world and a story to go with it. I'm already into it.

  12. I was already thinking about getting a next gen console during holiday season. I guess now I can finally see what the fuss is about with street fighter.

  13. SF6 was my first SF I owned, but I had followed the series, a bit loosely, since SF4. I'd always had a wavering interest that would come & go for the series. There were many times I almost found myself purchasing SF5 & many times deciding against it, putting it down. With replaying MK11 & MKX this year & really getting hooked on the MK universe/lore again, I've also really reignited my "fighting game drive" this year. It has made me get Tekken 7, Soulcalibur VI, Injustice 2 & now, SF6. Of all these non MK fighting games, SF6 definitely became my favorite even tho I have a history with all of the above. As someone who also loved the Konquest mode in MK Deception & Armageddon, the SF6 World Tour mode really has me hooked as well. For this being my first SF, the first impressions are really strong. Just need some time to adjust to the combat tho, but we all start somewhere.

  14. guys how do you rationalise spending $50 on this game, im a broke college student is that my problem 🥲

  15. The fact that the hits feel so heavy and the extremely effective visual cues for hits and blocks make this an instant masterpiece and so engaging. That I think is what makes it easier to get back into the game knowing exactly where we messed up. This game is just good.

  16. Dude beating up a old lady in World tour mode is funny as hell

  17. bro I would not take that level of disrespect he perfect ko'ed you

  18. They need to make street fighter 3D like Tekken 7 ( the ring- arena needs to be 3D like tekken)

  19. Capcom has to do a better job than this garbage of a game.

  20. The way modern fighting games lock out characters behind a pay wall completely sours me from buying the game. $40 for 4 character for an $80 game? Screw that. Capcom is one of the worst offenders of this.

  21. I'm so bad at Street Fighter! I'm getting my butt kicked over here! Cool game though!!

  22. I’ve never played SF so I’m here debating whether to buy or not

  23. Couldn't find Atlas Fallen anywhere in stores so I bought Street Fighter 6. Well see…

  24. Wait, I just got game. Did they reduce green bars??

  25. I get to make my own character? Say less. Im in.

  26. I hope Street Fighter: Rising (also known as street fighter 6: part 2) gets announced with another story mode, new game modes, and newcomers, coming 2025.

  27. Started working i think i might buy this with my money

  28. How do you login the game when you first it's not working

  29. developers make very lazy mistake again and again. I am new and only played World tour. Played with modern type, but then at the end game I learned using classic is only way to use combo. So literally I wasted entire quest playing time getting used to perfecting trash modern control. Classic actually is easier to play the game with, but now I keep pressing the wrong button. Also, if you want to see unique moves, you need to leave what you were doing and go to battle ground. And overall, tekken is far better in every way.

  30. This is easily the best gaming purchase ive made in years

  31. Imma have a missing person report for falcon the hero 😭

  32. can i play xbox acount in steam? if i buy the game to xbox and steam?
    pls help

  33. Plays great, aesthetics and art style is complete cringe.

  34. I don't really play Street Fighter anymore, I generally play MK, Injustice and Smash Bros but I thought I would give this game another shot after all of these years. I just found out there is a Free DEMO for PS5 which I started downloading during this video. I want to test out my old main Blanka, I mean as a kid that was a easy choice back in the day haha.

  35. If I want to go jive ass with a fighting game, I’ll track down a copy of Def jam Fight for NY. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  36. Wait do it right this time… I’ve never seen street fighter miss before

  37. What about the trophy grind? Any boosting suggested? I might pick this up.

  38. I’ve never played sat down and played street fighter to give it a real shot but I’ve heard that the games haven’t good the past decade so is this game a real improvement over 5?

  39. the only reason i am going to buy this is only because of A.K.I

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